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Grand Canyon, Arizona Map

I'm 42 and in decent shape. I could stand to work out a bit more than I do but I was able to do this trip. My biggest fear was that my knees would be blown by the constant downhill. I've hiked Glacier Natl park and blown my knees at age 23. Bring poles. They saved me and made this an awesome trip.
I got to hike this with my brother in law 7 years younger, and some of his long time friends. It was a great trip.
Take your time. It's your hike.
We did this in the winter. Spent the night on the rim in the snow then hiked down the next day. Stayed a night then hiked out the following day.
We took bright Angel down then up South Kaibab. This was actually opposite of what I thought we would do. But really it doesn't matter. Each way was beautiful. I think bright angel is a must because of Indian Garden. It might need to change its name but that will come with time. Anyways, it's beautiful. I got to. Real away for a. It and have my own hike. At a time I felt like I was in lord of the rings (not really) because the terrain was crazy and the trail hung on to the side of the mountain.
Going down. Right angel in Late November we hiked down about 800 feet of switchback that was snow covered. Yak tracks were needed.
Our came backs were full at 3ltr. It was cold but we were prepared. We continued down and stopped at a couple covered breaks. I didn't use the bathrooms but they were there. Indian Garden is a great place. Reminded me of Waimea Valley in Oahu. A secluded place for life and culture. I will have to research more on this spot and the native Americans who inhabited this place.
After Indian Garden the trail left the stream for a bit to take us along steep cliffs before bringing us back to the stream as we followed it to the river.
Once we hit the river I was expecting to see a bridge, but that would follow after a couple more miles along the river. Along the river we saw the immense size of the canyon. Parts of this trail were soft sand till you hit the bridge.
Going over the bridge I felt confident. It swayed so slightly but there was no breeze.
We stayed at Bright Angel camp and it's right by a running stream which will lull you to sleep. I still wore ear plugs for other snorting hikers and took a sleeping aid as I have trouble sleeping. Before heading to bed, though, we stopped off at the local pub in Phantom Ranch. Yes, I had a beer in the canyon. I also flushed a toilet and took advantage of a pipe with drinking water.
I am amazed at how awesome the trail was built. They had to blast and build so much to make this trail.
The next day we hiked up past phantom ranch and got to a bench made out of stone. There I got to slowly take in the view. Awesome.
It rained on us again that night. It we got luck that we could pack up our tents dry in the morning.
We hiked up South Kaibab soon followed by Mules. I could only imagine that the postcard I wrote and sent from Phantom Ranch might get to the rim before I would. I was determined and the many breaks they took on the way up made me come out ahead.
South Kaibab was full of amazing views, scary drop offs, sooooo many switch backs and steps up. Then a crow started following us up. It was nice to get a companion for a bit of the trip even if he was eyeing our snacks.
I was surprised to have gone through my 3 liters of water downhill and almost 2.5 liters uphill.
I snacked and took care of how I landed on my feet and knees.
Take your time. Wear nice shoes/boots. Not too small. I've heard of people loosing toenails.
It was a great trip and too short. Bring a GoPro or similar. Leave the big camera for night shots in the car for rim night photography.
Bring poles. Bring yak tracks for snow in November.
Have a great trip.

I’ve seen nothing else like the Grand Canyon. There was no ‘bad views’ on this trail. The first 1.5 miles down you’re sifting through foot traffic. Going Thanksgiving weekend there were some ice patches. The decent down was almost too easy. Getting back up you definitely feel the altitude. The traffic lessens the further you go and the rest areas had bathrooms if you needed to make a pit stop. Overall, I would recommend! If the right season, I’d go again with a permit to backpack down towards the river. Next time!

I did this hike at the end of August and it was definitely worth the training. The views were so different throughout each part of the hike. I recommend stopping at the campground at the bottom to fill up on water and get some food before you go through “the box” after that. Crossing the bridge over the Colorado river was so awesome!! The hike is definitely long but I would say less than what this hike has it mapped as (probably closer to 23?). This hike is not easy, and definitely long but if you’ve trained for it, it will be one of the best hikes of your life!

Amazing hike. A group of us did it after thanksgiving. A little bit of ice when we started at 630a. Not enough to justify the extra weight of crampons. The canyon looks prettiest during morning light. I would have started earlier with headlamps to see the sunset from closer to Indian gardens. Took us about 7hrs to get back to our cars. The last three miles is by far the hardest part on tired legs!

Busy at the top, but the crowd thins as you descend. A great hike with great scenery.

Thought this was a moderate hike even with the weather we experienced. Went at the end of Nov. The top of the trail was snow covered while around Ooh Aah point, it was extremely muddy. Lots of opportunities to slip and fall. The weather conditions as we hiked would change from snow showers or windy or sunny and hot within minutes. Overall great hike, can't beat the views! Wish we had the time to go further to Skelton Point.

We enjoyed this hike to 3 mile and it was a good workout for our fitness level. We are both 63 and workout regularly,... several younger hikers told us we did well, very pleased we chose this trail.

October 2018- truly stunning views at ooh ah point and at the turn back point. We left early, and had unobstructed views. The fog was really rolling in on our way out. It was chilly when we went- wear layers. A couple dicey spots if you’re scared of heights. Overall we felt safe enough and it was 100% worth it! Took us about 2.5 hours

Backpacked this 3.5 days 3 nights. Plenty of side waterfalls and hikes that are down in the canyon. Highly recommend this hike Definitely going to do a variation of this again the next couple years,

12 days ago

is this 13.3 miles to river or total? I want to do this hike for my birthday Tuesday.

Wonderful trail that is both challenging and awe inspiring. Excellent choice for someone to take their first hike into the Grand Canyon.

Great trail, didn’t get all the way to the plateau but still it was a great experience with great views

Amazing views! Ooh Ahh point is incredible, the way back up can be challenging. This was my 1st hike in the canyon and I was not mentally prepared for the struggle coming back up

Great hike, train in excellent condition, lots of water and restrooms available. We did it in 5.5 hrs, started noon and returned back at 5:30. Bring headlamp, food and warm clothes if going late.

Great short hike into the canyon. Took me 3 hours round trip to Skeleton Point and back, with a couple short snack breaks. All down until you turn around and come back up. Lots of people, bathrooms at the midway point, and beautiful views.

14 days ago

Did this over Thanksgiving weekend, so you can imagine the amount of foot traffic there was. Regardless, incredible hike. Made it down to the rest house and it took about an hour to get back up from there. It’ll make you break a sweat, but nothing that’ll cause any crazy huffing and puffing. A couple of short breaks should be enough to get you through it. Lots of families with kids on the trail.

14 days ago

Walked about 2 miles out and back for unbelievable sunset views at Powell Point look out. It was less crowded than Hopi appeared and just as wonderful views.

15 days ago

Hiked in August 2017 in about 3 hours. It took one hour to hike down to the 3-mile rest house, 30 minutes to eat lunch, and 1.5 hours hike up. Highly congested at midday. With more time, we would have loved to hike to the river. Bring lots of water and dress appropriately.

Perfect short hike, filled of extraordinary sights on the descent but pretty challenging on the way back. Totally doable even for beginners, but you must take your time and be cautious, for obvious reasons. Enjoy!!!

Great views, but get on the trail early if you want to avoid the hordes of tourists when you hike back at the top. We took about two hours going down stopping for photos along the way and about one hour forty minutes going back up with short breaks (2 women, 40s, in reasonably good shape). Don’t underestimate the climb back up — you will be sweating. Hiked nov 2018, 40-50 degrees, partly cloudy.

Absolutely beautiful!
Hiked in Thanksgiving week. started at sunrise, 7am, back up by 3pm. Plenty of water available along the way, and restrooms.

Great for sunset

Great, short hike with memorable views. The google map directions took us straight to parking lot. No bathroom at parking lot, but there is at the picnic grounds at end of trail. As mentioned, most of the hike is through a beautiful forested area. The path is fairly even and flat. If you have small or rowdy children with you, you may want to skip the end of the hike and just enjoy the view from picnic grounds. The last bit of the trail is a mini version of Angel’s Landing in Zions NP. There aren’t any chains required along the trail and no crowds to compete with for footing, but there were steep drop offs on both sides. With that being said, our 4 kids (12,9,6 &3) though a little nervous, wanted to say they’d done it.

We went down to the bridge and back up. It took us from 10am to 6:30pm, but we sit behind desks all day. I would not recommend that off a whim. We are hurting. It was beautiful though and I couldn’t see doing the trails down without getting to the bridge for the view.

We did it on Nov 3rd in 19 hrs. It was awesome but hard. We did a mixture of slow running and hiking, had about 5500 kcal of food with us, and filled up 2l of water (We knew the North Rim’s water was shut off). Below freezing at the start of South Kaibab, but 15 min into running, jackets went off. Started at 3.30AM, arrived at about noon at the North Rim. Headed back around 1PM and made it back at 10.30PM to Bright Angel trailhead. Thank God for trekking poles on the way back-up. Will be back and try to do it next time in under 18 hrs. This run/hike is so beautiful, it is hard to describe...

Beautiful views along the rim! We followed the dirt trail about 95% of the time, which was awesome and actually a lot longer than we expected. Our recording showed 9 miles one way out to Hermit’s Rest! At times the trail ventures incredibly close to sheer drop-offs and can be quite narrow, so it’s not for the faint of heart. I believe the paved bike path is more of a direct route and not as close to the rim the entire way. We hardly saw anyone on the trail and had many views to ourselves. Would definitely do it again!

Gorgeous, took just over 4 hours. Calves were shredded for days afterward.

The best adventure I’ve ever been on!!! Started at 7:30 am was at north rim by 1 reached bright angel by 7:15 p.m
What a day!
11/17/18 life changing experience

Back to Erin’s comment above, thanks to your and other reviews, I studied the creek crossings via the satellite view option before hiking this trail yesterday and was able to hike thru without problems. Without having done that, yes, easy to lose the trail. The few tiny rock cairns are there but hard to follow. I agree with others that this is a very good GC hike, but be prepared for 11 hours as the Hermit is a bit rocky for comfortable running. Happy it’s off my bucket list. Next time I’ll enjoy this zone of the GC more with a backpack and couple nights in river or trail campgrounds.

We did this hike and loved it!!! You do not have to be an experienced hiker to complete this hike, but at the same time, this hike is not for the feint hearted, there are plenty of places where the trail gets narrow to one pass at a time. If you take your time and have good hiking boots, no problem.
I would not do this hike with little kids and flip flops. The hike opens (and closes) with a two series of steep switchbacks, after that it levels out as it goes out to the point.
Once at the point, you see that all the effort was worth it. The views are amazing and if you go out to the rocks on the point you get about a 300 degree view of the canyon in all of its splendor. You feel like it is surrounding you.
The return hike is tough, but plenty of places to rest and enough water will get you through it

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