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one of my favorite hikes. easy to moderate then the last 500 feet is difficult.

I did this trail a few years ago and it is absolutly worth the difficulty. the Superstition Mountains are a wonder to behold. I would advise against doing this in summer. definitly a spring, fall or winter trail. bring lots of water and some binoculars.

Amazing time with family. Fun trail for kids 8 plus with hiking experience. Beautiful views we took tons of pictures.

sweet trail would do it again.

I may have been slightly not ready for this trail but did it anyways. Took the suggestion of going clockwise and happy with the choice. The big Up was kinda brutal but didn’t slow me down much. The views on this trail are incredible. The creek beds were all flowing thanks to the recent rain and fun to romp around in. I took my time and came in just under 5 hours. Only passed about 12 people going opposite direction. Came out measuring 9.4 miles as well. This was my longest hike yet and I think I managed alright. NO SHADE THO almost got me. It was only 79 degrees when I finished but I got a pretty nasty burn. Cant wait to do again when cooler out!

Good morning hike! Had the trail all to ourselves

on Wave Cave Trail

10 days ago

At the start of the trail, you will come to a fence which appears to discourage you from entering, but you actually have to walk through it. Otherwise you'll get lost and wind up on another trail and have to back track. See attached photo of the fence. You have to walk through it were the orange posts are.

Other than that, it's not too bad of hike. I would call it moderate.

May want to bring gloves as there were some points where you need to grab rocks for balance/footing.

10 days ago

This trail is on the tougher side of moderate for those less seasoned. The ascending climb to the cave can prove to be difficult but “surfing the wave” at the top is well worth it. At the fork, make a left not a right. If you find yourself having to crawl through brush, you went the wrong way!

The roost is hard to find but it is truly scenic and not too hard. The first time I went there I was with a large group who knew the location. The second time I went after a heavy rain and it was very foggy. The fog actually made it kind of eerie in a cool kind of way.

Sick hike , even made a turtle friend

12 days ago

Cons: It is extremely easy to lose the trail.

Pros: The trail offers a little bit of everything including beautiful views challenging climbs and cool breezes down the canyon.

Our group of 4 started out at 5:30 am in the dark with headlamps heading up Peralta Trail following a clockwise direction of this loop. Morning broke and revealed stunning views of Weaver's Needle and some hidden back country Superstition Wilderness gems. Stopped a few times for rest and drinks. Once you get near the half way point the trail becomes more overgrown with strands of spindly prickers and loose desert grass and the trail becomes more rocky as well. As the day wore on the sun became more intense. Saw two snakes, a small frog, a mule deer, and an uncountable amount of butterflies. The last half of the trail wears you out but the views are worth it.

Recommendations: bring plenty of water we each had 3 liters plus xtra bottles and we needed it all. Bring sun hat, sun screen, and i would advise chap stick.

I would do this hike again but next time I would just take a day pack to save the weight. ( we were fully loaded and training for a multi day back country trek in Zion ) Under our specific circumstances I would rate this hike as difficult.

Did this loop counterclockwise, but will do it clockwise if I do it again. Started at 8:00 and completed it in 3.5 hours, and was 95 degrees when I got back to the car. Beautiful views, only saw 4 other people out there, trail was well marked. Cairns show the way when there were wash crossings, and signs were at every trail intersection.

15 days ago

This was NOT a moderate hike. It's lovely at the cave, but so hard to get there. Like everyone said, easy to get lost.

15 days ago

Finally Hiked The Wave Cave!!! Loved it with GTAH AZ....Kicked my Butt, one of my top 5 favorite hikes!!! Amazing scenery riding the wave :)

22 days ago

Really fun trail. You definitely have to pay attention to where you are going, since the trail isn’t marked besides one sign in the beginning. It is definitely a harder moderate hike, challenging at the end but that’s when you know you are near the cave! The views are well worth it. Love this one!!

The beginning of the trail is not really marked. We got a little lost and had to look out for foot prints. Once you start hiking the incline it’s easy to follow.

1 month ago

Got to the trailhead at 6, reached the cave by around 7:40 with a couple breaks. We started from the second/further lot. Views were AMAZING at sunrise. Worth it to get there early because you are shaded almost the whole time coming up! Can be slipper coming down, steeper than expected. Cave is super cool. Trail is decently marked.

very difficult. need a good eye for trail finding as well. there are some markers up, but this is a very nice hike.

1 month ago

Not very well maintained trail. Wouldn’t take kids on this hike because of the heat.

I understand how gorgeous the cave and view are, but this is not a moderate hike unless I took a different trail! This is a very difficult hike on trails that are not marked and blend in easily with the desert...along with numerous areas of veer offs leaving you wondering which way to go! I had two guys show me how to use GPS on this site after I turned around in frustration. So, stupidly, I tried it again. I finally got to the Cave which is a beautiful wonder of nature, but it isn't worth almost dying over when you get lost coming down even using GPS! I was happy to have made it out alive! Please, be careful...this is not easy and not marked...you have to guess many times which way to go and tear through thorny bushes and cacti to get back on track. It is too easy to get lost! I unfortunately will not be putting myself in that situation again on Superstition. I will go hike a trail that is thoroughly marked and maintained! Sorry if this disappoints fans of the trail, but I want everyone to know what they are getting into!

1 month ago

Awesome hike! Would highly recommend it. The last little bit of hike before the wave is a bit challenging but well worth it.

Initially the trail had a gradual climb. after you half the distance of the hike, it's a moderate to steep climb when nearing the cave.
Remember to bring lots of water. It's an amazing hike. The view from the cave is beautiful.

Have done this hike twice since moving to Arizona 6 months ago. I love it! Great workout and beautiful scenery. Really isn't that hard. I see people of all ages and sizes hiking this loop

1 month ago

This is a fun trail. Make sure you go through the fence. This trail is a good work out. I went on a Tuesday around 6:00 am. I saw two other people on the trail. No matter where you are the views are beautiful and amazing!

The first thing to figure out with this trail is if you want a big up or big down. If you go clockwise you will get the big up first. If you go counterclockwise you get the big down last thing before you get back to your car.

The rest of this trail is really gradual and most of it is very easy going. I was even thinking this could be one of the better trails for trail running out there.

The flora and fauna for much of the route is in within riparian areas and is incredibly diverse. More than all that, this trail is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. This would be perfect for someone who has been building up endurance for a longer hike, but doesn't need 2000'+ elevation gains.

2 months ago

Love, love, love this trail. It's a must-do, essential for any passionate hiker in the Phoenix vicinity. ...or any surfers. :) Everyone needs a pic of themselves "riding the wave" at some point to use as desktop wallpaper.
The hike itself is fairly easy, though the last part up to the cave is the most challenging, hence the "moderate" rating. But it's absolutely something you can do, because YOU HAVE TO! Your reward isn't just the view, but the cool air in the cave. It's remarkably cooler. Be sure to bring a lot of water if it's warm out because there's no shade along the way.

An incredible hike for sure!
So much to see on your way up the Needle with plant of shady spots to take a mini break before continuing.
No Permit needed to go exploringout here, unless you're trying to squeeze in The Wave Cave, which you actually pass by on your way to The Peralta Trailhead.
Anyhow, bring some good sturdy shoes as the terrain can get quite rugged as you gain elevation.
The amazing needle view from Fremont Saddle is quite a reward after all that hiking!

Gotta love this Hike!
It starts out rather easy but about half way you do get a little bit of an incline through big rocks yet it's not crazy difficult to get up to the Cave.
On the day hiked it there was another family with about 6 kids ranging from 14 to maybe 7 years of age, so yeah, if kids can do so it, why cant you!?
Anyhow, the sights from the top are quite nice and definitely one cool cave to go see!

As a senior, this trail was difficult because it was narrow in many places, rocky and not much shade. However the views are worth it especially when you reach the saddle and continue out to the overview of Weavers Needle. A bonus, the way back is mostly downhill. I have completed this trek about 5 times and now at 79, it's out of the question due to the lack of shade!!!

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