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3 days ago

Do not go after 4:00. Be very careful bringing kids. It’s not an easy hike at the top. More like a climb to the cave. Takes about 2hours to get up if you are a non hiker.

4 days ago

Great trail, the view was spectacular

4 days ago

Awesome trail but definitely not easy! This is my first official hike, I don’t know how but I MADE IT TO THE TOP. A big shoutout to my group who encouraged me to do it!

Definitely hard trail. Steep at the end going up and down is rough with a lot of loose rocks. But the cave is amazing! Our family loved it!

off road driving
6 days ago

Awesome trail!!!

This hike is NOT MODERATE! Starts out flat but as you progress to the cave this incline gets steeper and stepper, rocky and rockier. I can’t call a 45 degree incline moderate. But it’s worth the effort, great cave and view.

6 days ago

This trail definitely borders on hard. The last 1/2 mile will challenge you with large rocks and a steady incline. The reward at the end is incredible. As noted by others, park in the first lot you see once you hit dirt. There is another trailhead past the first lot. You will need to walk through.a gate that should be marked with a wooden sign. We had to secure the sign with some extra wire as it had fallen down. Other hikers told us they missed the sign and spent an extra hour looking for the cave. This trail is dog friendly but is challenging for them as well.

Not my ideal type of hike, I went counter clockwise. The views were magnificent, trail was perfect. I prefer a hike up like the Peralta. At 2.5 miles I just turned around. Other than that it was absolutely beautiful, barely anyone on the trail only saw 5 people in a span of 3 hours.

Fun hike beautiful views some parts flat so you can pick up speed then some points trail is rough minimal elevation

12 days ago

This is a great hike. The trail is well marked, but it can be easy to lose in some areas if you are not paying attention. I went on 11/1 and there were a bunch of people on the trail around 8:30am. I would say this is a moderate hike. Nothing too intense, but will definitely work up a sweat! This is definitely a trail I would revisit.

13 days ago

I love a wild trail but this trail was non exisitent after the first 2 miles. After searching for 45 min I had to turn back. Had my tracker from AllTrails on and it did say I was on the trail but I was surrounded by desert plants that poke.

Great trail! Mostly well maintained and easy to follow. Lot’s of great views of Weaver’s Needle from every angle. Love the Superstitions!

Beautiful hike! Went off trail a few times but still made it. No heavy traffic during the week. Gorgeous views!

Probably one of the coolest caves in the area, very nice to relax in after the final pump to the top. Trail can get a little crowded at times so I’d recommend going early.

Great trail, it’s an adventure finding it but worth it. We ran into a rattlesnake while on the trail, no harm done but just keep your eyes and ears peeled, scrambling near the cave can be difficult to downclimb on the way out for sure

Very pretty hike with terrific views and spectacular rock formations! The climb is gradual but it was more technical than we had anticipated with a lot of rocky surfaces to pay attention to so you don’t roll an ankle (especially on way down). Once you hike over the ridge and get your first glimpse of Weaver’s Needle the view is breathtaking!

hard to follow. good trail finding skills a must. well worth it!

Nice hike and wonderful views all along but especially by the tree. Allow plenty of time to sit and enjoy the view as there are plenty of areas to sit. No cell coverage on the hike and so download the maps before heading out.

So much fun! It was a challenging hike. Mostly the cairns weren't too difficult to follow. It does get steep with loose rock toward the top of the ridge. With rain a few times this last week a few places on the way with deep enough water to dunk your head into.

on Wave Cave Trail

25 days ago

Trail is a bit challenging to find.

Great views.

This is more of moderate/difficult hike.

BEWARE of rattle snakes. Stay on the trail, mosdef.

26 days ago

Awesome hike in the desert! It took around 2 hours to complete the out & back trail.

This trail head beauty, challenges, rock and brush cover, and a gradual climb. Did not make it all the way to Fremont Saddle because of time constraints (and the husband pooping out), but the beauty of the Superstition Mountains makes it well worth the drive from Scottsdale. will definitely come back and try the Wavy Cave Trail which is before the Weavers Needle via Peralta trailhead.

off road driving
27 days ago

This was my first trip here. Keep the map in reach. Lots of trails to get off track on. Pretty rocky but no tricky obstacles. X3nation

Beautiful trail! Great views the entire way. Tons of flowing water views! Saw tarantula and snakes. Hardly anyone on the trail. Started at 6:30am and took a few hours to do the entire loop. I took lots of breaks for pics though so not sure how long this trail should really take. Great trail the entire time.

28 days ago

Fun little quick hike with some scrambling at the end near the cave. We were surprised how big the cave was. Beautiful area!

Great hike until the last few hundred feet, it becomes a little steep. Great views from top and very rewarding

We did this trail yesterday, starting at 6:56 a.m. I highly recommend starting early to stay out of heat and for the gorgeous sunrise you encounter on the drive out. Starting early also let us see 2 deer and 1 wild boar. The first decision is whether to go counter-clockwise (CCW) or clock-wise (CW). If you go CCW you will have a gentler ascent , but a rocky, steep decent. If you go CW you will climb steeply , but your desent will be gentler. Which ever works best for your body is what you should do. I think the moderate rating is accurate, mostly due to length, not due to tecnicality. For either direction, you will find the following helpful: long pants or zip-offs, good boots or trail shoes, poles, water, snacks, sunscreen. For the rest of this I will comment on the CCW direction as that is what we did. CCW, you have a gentle incline on ascent with a good trail, and great views. About 1/2 way through you get to the streams. Around the streams you encounter knee-high grass which often obscures the trail. I would not step blindly onto the path without using a pole to beat around checking for rattlers as they were out yesterday. We encountered one who alerted us of his discontent. Also KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH so it does not get bit and just out of courtesy to others. Someone mentioned that this trail gets boring. We did not find that at all. Again about 4 miles in, the topography changes and you get more streams and a greater variety of vegetation, but that only last a little while then the awesome mountain views are back. This is also the same area where the grass has overgrown the trail so you need to be on vigilant snake alert. The cactus and ocotillo were all so pretty and lush. You will want your long pants here or you WILL end up with lots of scratches from the plants crowding the trail. The descent is steep and rocky so poles and good shoes/boots will be very helpful on the slippery scree. Going CCW, just remember to bear left. The trail is relatively easy to follow Sometimes you have to walk through a stream bed or cross a stream more than once to pick up the trail, watch for carins, but if you don't see them, just explore around close to the last known trail and you will spot it. Don't go off on a trail you aren't sure about without considering the options and using a little common sense. I'm not sure how people got so lost as some stated. We did use the All Trails app to confirm we were still on track a few times, but overall didn't think following the trail was hard. I feel the trail is a bit longer than stated, but unfortunatley forgot my watch so did not track it. My GPS said we had gone 324 miles...so apparently I forgot to reset that! LOL. My phone said 12.4 miles, but I know that isn't right. My hiking sense and the time said it felt more like 9 miles. We weren't trying to set any speed records, stopped for snacks a couple times, and took lots of pictures and we were on the trail about 5 1/2 hours.

1 month ago

one of my favorite hikes. easy to moderate then the last 500 feet is difficult.

I did this trail a few years ago and it is absolutly worth the difficulty. the Superstition Mountains are a wonder to behold. I would advise against doing this in summer. definitly a spring, fall or winter trail. bring lots of water and some binoculars.

Amazing time with family. Fun trail for kids 8 plus with hiking experience. Beautiful views we took tons of pictures.

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