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Fountain Hills, Arizona Map

Beautiful, moderate, pet friendly trail. I recommend going at sunrise to get a stunning view of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Perfect trail for beginners with a scenic view

This was longer than the review; it came in around 4.7 miles from my calculations. I enjoyed this hike and it was a great workout! Definitely a challenging hike for me, especially the last 1/4 had steep, rocky switchbacks. The views were definitely worth the climb and I loved seeing the fountain. Very clean and well kept trail. Loose gravel and pretty rocky at parts, so just take it slow when needed so you don’t fall! Would definitely do it again!

24 days ago

Don’t know why this mileage is so far off.

Hard to find trailhead parking lot just outside the gated community of Eagles Nest. After a 1/2 mile walk through the gate to the trailhead, you begin the hike and still haven’t seen a sign that says Dixie Mine.

Trail is mostly dirt and easier than the jagged stone hikes on many of the Sonoran trails. While not a big total elevation change, the many up and down segments make it a more moderate hike. You eventually come to a sign that says Dixie Mine at the Sonoran Trail intersection.

After 2 miles on the scenic trail (2 1/2 in) you wonder, “Have I missed the mine?” You come to the remains of a dirt road and think the mine must be down this road.

After another 1/2 mile (now 3 miles from the parking area) we turned around thinking we’ve overshot the mine entrance based on the All Trails app mileage number and turned around.

Never saw the mine holes others talked about. Our hike totaled 6 miles. Enjoyed the scenery. Yup, there is no shade so bring plenty of water to last 2+ hours.

Sunrise is a great hike with light traffic. I access it using the Ringtail Trail that is further East of Lost Dog Wash Trail. The downside to this trail is that it’s really rocky which can be difficult to navigate for those not used to the desert terrain. Otherwise a great view at the top and have always met great fellow hikers on this trail. Definitely worth hiking, running and some even bike it, but it gets pretty tough the closer you get to the top.

trail running
1 month ago

The last mile up to the peak is a knee-burner, and the way back down is a quad bomber. This is a great trail for the occasional hard training session, but due to the somewhat bland scenery following the Jeep trail up to the top, it’s not my favorite. For an extra bonus hard run/hike, come at it from Gateway and go over Bell Pass first. You’ll feel it on your way back for sure, but it’ll certainly harden your body and mind for the next challenge.

Challenging enough for a good workout this morning, but I’d still consider this a moderate hike. The scenery and views were great. I’d agree with those that said it was closer to 4.6 miles (which took us a little over two hours). I’d suggest plenty of water, wearing a hat, and going in the morning or in the early evening. The sun was no joke (although the breeze was nice and kept things okay until the last 15 min of our hike). The lot was full when we got there and the overflow lot’s gate was broken. We illegally parked in a neighborhood and felt guilty, but weren’t sure what to do. Oh, I’d also suggest having good walking shoes, or even trail shoes as it is a little precarious at points. Last 1/4 mile to the peak is the most challenging and not for those without sure footing. Worth it though, would recommend.

Views are spectacular and the loop is well marked but once we were two miles out past the loop and towards the boulder field the trail was harder to find, over grown and washed out. Still an incredible hike and one I will do again. Did a total of 9 miles today. Bring lots of water when the temperature is high.

Great moderate trail to a beautiful view.

Nice moderate uphill hike, quite craggy. The final ¼ mile up to the peak is just as the signs indicate, narrow and steep, but not overly so. I'm a flip flop hiker and had no issues ascending or descending. Great shade spot on the peak for a quick break if extending this trail to Lost Dog Wash (nice easygoing extension). Also, keep an eye out for the larger lizards just a little before the first landing. Overall a nice hike.

It is actually beautiful. I went this am, late start. Turned around after a bit. On trail 45 min. Came back to my car & rear window smashed. Items stolen from car. Police said several cars were hit. At sunrise & another trailhead.

Really too bad

Beautiful canyon on the way in and really nice views from the top. I saw 5 other hikers on my hike that started at 5 PM on Friday afternoon. 75% of the way was shaded and a nice breeze was blowing which brought the temp down 10 degrees or so from 108 when I started out. The 1000' foot climb up is a lot easier than comparable hikes around the valley.

A wonderful, moderately difficult, non-technical hike so close to Scottsdale! We started at 5am and caught the sunrise on our way up - the views from the top are incredible. Highly recommended.

Love this trail and it''s not as traffic as other trails I go to.

Like this Trail, best to get an early start this time of year. A lot of the Trail is vertical inclines. Good workout!

Great loop - close to town. Nice daily hike to get off the road.

Nice terrain and inclines. Amazing views, worth it for sunrise. Got there at 4:55 on a Saturday to 1 other cars. Full parking lot by the time we left

Awesome trail! I went at 6pm and saw a total of 5 people there and back. Great scenery in all directions!

For being in town it was great. Went in early June morning and it was only 95 out. Although not a long hike you are in the desert and it can be very hot. The views were great and lots of saguaros to see. Also saw a rabbit.

3 months ago

Love to walk here daily when visiting. Enjoyable at sunset in summer.

Unless you already live in Fountain Hills don’t go to the effort of driving out to this hike. Was lame

Great trail. Moderately hard. Longer than 3.6 miles. Both people in my party clocked it at 4.6 miles round trip. Steep the last part to the peak. Would love to do this trail again. Highly recommend, nice views.

4 months ago

While a simple walk, we went at sunset just prior to the fountain spraying. The scenery was beautiful and the mountains made for a majestic backdrop. My son rode his scooter the whole way around the paved path. Just a really fun place to visit.

This is one of my all time favorite hikes. It’s beautiful and the views are amazing.

trail running
4 months ago

Great hike to start with to open up the lungs to prepare for more difficult hikes (if you’re visiting). Nice elevation gain;more of a steep incline toward the top to reach the summit. I would consider this a pretty rugged trail to run on.. It was challenging in a good way, moderate is an accurate description! We started late, about 9:30am, I think it was 79 when we started and mid 80s by the time we finished. It wasn’t unbearably hot. Nice breeze at the top and on the way back down.

What a cute little hike before the day gets hot! It’s kind of strange hiking through the middle of a neighborhood but the view at the highest point is pretty amazing. I actually ended up doing the trail backwards (ooops) but the trail was wide enough to accommodate. The area is well maintained and easily marked.

Sitting here at 5AM. Gate is not opening?! Does anyone know about when this officially opens? Why is it called the sunrise, so you can sit at the gate and wait for the sun to rise?

Great hike. Got a little to warm, we started too late. There is an awesome overlook about two thirds of the way up to take a quick rest before you summit. Crews were out working on the trail, it is exceptionally maintained. Thanks guys!

Great hike with beautiful views! Would definitely do this trail again!

Very nice hike with beautiful views!

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