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Eagle nest were amazing

Great fishing as well

Great weather

What an awesome beautiful hike. We really enjoyed our time here. This hike is now one of my favorites. up there with West Fork and Butcher Jones. I highly recommend this trail. Very easy and only about 4 miles.

16 days ago

Pretty easy hike which most kids can do. We had our three year old and I had to carry her for some of it, but our older kids did fine. Getting to the spring was great and it was a nice cool hike in the pines.

This was a good trail with lots of views. We got to see the Bald Eagle’s best along with babies. My only advise would to bring lots of water and sun screen. Also in some areas water shoes would be nice to have.

My family and I loved this trail. The weather was
Beautiful and the trail was nice. It wasn’t very well marked, though, and the parking lot attendant told us it was 5 miles. I should have tracked it. We had an easy time finding the trail markers at times and then not so much at other times. I would also rate it as easy. It’s a pretty flat trail.

Beautiful area. Very green, due to lots of rain recently.

However, Trail is a misnomer. It is actually a Forest Service road. We could have driven it instead of hiking. Not what we were looking forward to.

Signage is non-existent. Had to completely relied on AllTrails. Very hot. Almost no shade whatever.

No signage at beginning of “trail”, just a walkthrough at the fence along the highway. Followed what is little more than a drainage til reach a fence. No way through. We went to left and hooked up with the road. Right through the gate and just followed the road. Very little water in the creek.

I’d not recommend this trail. Too many others up here that look better.

Beautiful area. Great weather. But signage terrible. About a half mile in, a sign says Willow Springs Lake, 3.0 miles to the right. That’s it. Other than a sign with a bike on it after a bit. Nothing further about Willow Lake. We continued to the right at the bike sign, on what appears to be the main trail (DO NOT GO THAT WAY. IT IS NOT THE LOOP TRAIL). Take the left at the bike trail sign. That is the loop trail.

We would up hike out the wrong trail for 3.5 mile and said screw this (actually it was much more colorful language).

Could not get cell or data coverage out there, so AllTrails could not be accessed.

Beautiful day for a hike nonetheless.

This is a pretty small lake, with water that maybe isn't the cleanest, but is still very beautiful, especially if you go super early. I got there before sunrise and no one was in the lot. By the time I hiked around the lake, on a weekday, it was filling up and there were many people fishing. Lots of trash, fishing lines, etc. Most of it lovely and beautiful area though. I probably wouldn't rush back and would prefer to explore other areas before heading back here. Hike was not hard at all, much closer to easy than moderate.

1 month ago

Totes awesome!! Great escape from summer heat. Afternoon hike, 68 degrees, rolling thunder in background. Occasional brief showers, but no big deal.

Good trail! Small waterfall, would be larger after rain or in spring when snow melts.

1 month ago

Beautiful lake, breathtaking views, wonderful hike. Be careful when taking your dogs, there are quite a few off leash dogs at this lake.

Nice looping hike along the lake. Busy place, but worth the drive.

Good loop around the lake. Easy for kids.

2 months ago

This is a really pretty short hike. At the end, you get to see the beginning of the Christopher Creek and a beautiful small waterfall! the whole way there is uphill, then on the way back you get the reward of going down! it's really nice that it is such a short Trail. A car that rides low will not be able to drive all the way to the trailhead. The road is super super rocky and rough. We did it in a minivan and were fine.

2 months ago

Nice easy hike. At the mouth of the spring we challenged our kids to keep their hands in the water as long as they good, it is quite cold.
As some may have previously stated, the toughest part of this trail is getting to it. Pretty rocky. With that said though, we took our Honda Odyssey Up it with six people and it was just fine. Just drive slow and careful.

2 months ago

Went on a Wednesday morning, arrived around 9:00 AM- did not pass one person on the trail! People were on the shore fishing, but didn’t see anyone on the actual hiking path. In shade most of the time. We left around 11:00 AM, right as it started to get pretty warm (85-90). Perfect day for me and my pup!

Think it was really 3.5 but better than 3. WE got there at 8am on a Saturday and it was pleasantly cool at 71 degrees and parked right at the store. The most noise at that time was coming from the baby cranes in the next on the north side of lake. It was quiet but the first half mile of the shore was completely filled with fisherman. Lots of families with little kids :). First 2 miles was flat, easy and not too entertaining (except for the baby cranes in the trees that we spotted). The last 1.7 miles was more interesting with some rocks, switch backs. Wildlife spotting was somewhat disappointing, the cranes, a few osprey and lotsa stellar jays. The last mile was horrific with noise as inconsiderate hikers descended upon the trail carrying loud music, off leash out of control dogs, etc. The lake looked clean and refreshing and we woulda' loved to have been on the lake in the early am before the crowds got there. When we left at 1130 it was a zoo - people double parking, etc. IT was 77 at 1130. Good little 3.7 mile (exacly on my Garmin) hike with little challenge but enough to get you out of the Valley.

Easy hike, great views, lots of shade

2 months ago

One of the most beautiful trails I’ve hiked

2 months ago

Beautiful, easy a great, quick way to get out of the valley of the sun!!

Fun and Beautiful Hike Today❣️Lots of Bald Eagles, people fishing, kayaking...easy trails with some rock hopping. No Fees. Washrooms on site.

I wish I could say I loved it but it ended up being an awful day. We started the trail enthusiastic because it had been a few weeks since our last hike. It started out well with a nice breeze to calm the strong sun. First mistake was taking a right at a fork which ended up being the wrong direction (trail not marked well to direct you). Once we finally made it to the lake I was disappointed in the proximity of the trail to the lake. With only rocky access to the water we continued on the trail, where you can’t really see the water, and we wandered off again due to poor markings. At this point I attempted to use the app which led us through a lot of brush... thankfully without a snake encounter! We finally found our way and trekked the last few miles of sand. In the end the trail ended up being 10.5 miles v the 7.8 which would normally be fine but an extra couple hours of being lost left us thirsty.

Beautiful area!

Excellent trail

The weather and water were fantastic. Great trail.

Perfect for the whole family!

Amazing loop hike! This place feels like out of AZ with so much greenery.

Beautiful hiking around the lake.

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