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The weather and water were fantastic. Great trail.

Perfect for the whole family!

trail running
22 days ago

Tough climb for end of long run. Loose rocks on much of the trail.

Amazing loop hike! This place feels like out of AZ with so much greenery.

Beautiful hiking around the lake.

Easy and pretty

4 months ago

Second time I made the trip. Absolutely breathtaking views from the Rim.
Beautiful. If you stay on the blue diamond trail then it’s not very difficult. A few areas of the trail have trees blocking and require traversing but otherwise pretty easy.

Finished it pretty quickly. Easy trail and a nice hike.

4 months ago

Easy and BEAUTIFUL. Hardest part was the drive to the trailhead. Rough road but any SUV can do it. Great creek to follow. Goes through an old burn area that has revived so occasional amazing tree sculptures are great photo ops! Definitely worth the drive from Phoenix.

Moderate hike with great views of Woods Canyon Lake throughout the entire hike.

Beautiful in the fall. All the leaves were red and yellow. Pretty good incline halfway through

Beautiful trail! Last mile kicked my butt!

I dont know that I would bring my kids on this hike as parts of it were quite difficult and only part of the trail was marked with the blue diamonds. Otherwise its a beautiful location and was lots of fun!

6 months ago

Also accessible by taking the 260 to Christopher Creek and turning left opposite the market. Follow the 2 mile long dirt road to the trailhead. Parking lot has vaulted toilet and has trailhead for paths to the rim road (6 mile one way), the See Canyon trail and the See Spring trail.
Camping is not allowed on the trail, however several man made fire rings are dotted along the trail.
My wife and I did this hike today (early November) and the leaves were in full changing of color. Temperature was mid 60’s with light wind and a little overcast. This was a gorgeous and fairly easy trail!

Enjoyable autumn hike. Although there were quite a few people at the lake fishing, we didn’t see many people on Trail.

6 months ago

A little tiring towards the end but do-able and worth the views!

Started this hike as a happy accident and it was wonderful. There was only one other family on the trail but besides that it was just the two of us. Amazing views of the lake, forest, and animals such as elk, squirrels and chipmunks.

7 months ago

Great views with a creek. Cool little ways to cross the creek. A few areas it starts going uphill which was a little hard for short legs. Brought 5 & 6 year old. We made it 3/4 of way to the end. Leaves were changing which was cool and a few areas with big rocks and nice scenery.

Short mile up and back off the See Canyon trail. Beautiful and serene not another person in sight on a Saturday. Perfect way to relax by the water.

A nice well-trafficked trail around the lake. Parking can be an issue during the weekends. Dog-friendly.

Per AZ Game & Fish, April 1st through August 31st a portion of the trail is closed and rerouted due to bald eagle nesting (SW portion of the trail) which you can catch a glimpse of from the opposite side of the lake, bring your binoculars.

Lots of campgrounds in the area ensures some congestion during peak times/seasons. Camp store and boat/kayak rentals as well.

Loved this hike so much. Nature was all around and so inviting.

Pretty easy hike. If you follow the blue diamonds it's about a 5 1/2 mile hike around the lake. Very picturesque. We saw elk s soon as we got off the trail.

9 months ago

I took the advice of some other hikers and started on the west side. We saw the eagles about half mile in! And then for an added bonus saw some mule deer grazing in a meadow towards the end of the trail. I did the trail with 2 kids age 5 and 7, it was a stretch for them but the first portion is the difficult part and then it levels off to a glorified walk in the woods.

Very nice Trail which is well-marked, shady and beautiful. Parking is free and there is additional parking lot a few steps before the entrance.
Will do it again.

10 months ago

I chose to backpack in the canyon instead of on the top. We started at willow springs lake boat ramp and came out at the south end of chevelon canyon lake. This is one of AZs prettiest places. It's hard as hell and we logged almost 40 miles from end to end. The scenery is gorgeous. Water is available for about 95% of the trail. I say trail but mostly it was game trails we navigated. Lots of water crossings too! I would definitely do it again.

Very pleasant trail. I'm way out of shape, but this trail was fairly easy. Parking was free which is a huge plus, and doesn't cost anything to get onto the trail either.

trail running
10 months ago

Wide trial, part Old Rim Road, part bike trail. Lots of solitude but not a ton of shade. The lake was beautiful and a good destination to hike to and rest at. Missed a few turns so keep your eyes peeled.

Beautiful trail. We went clockwise and the first half is prettier. Stopped to check out the Bald Eagle observation monocular and spoke with the guy monitoring. Saw Mom feeding her eaglets. Awesome. Relaxing easy two hours ( would have been less but kept stopping). Lake was getting busier when we left yesterday at 9.30am.

11 months ago

Love this trail!!! Beautiful hike around a wonder lake!!! If you start on the trail west of the store there's also a trail to walk up with an Eagle's nest .

This is a fun trail to bike, sort of. The first mile and a half or so is hard to find because of nearby clear-cutting, and then once you are hugging the rim, it is clearly visible. But, once you are hugging the rim it is very overgrown and narrow with thorny-bushes, fairly impossible to ride. However, then you hit the paved portion and it becomes great fun, a lot of fast coasting less than ten feet from sure death! If you completely finish the paved section of Rim Lakes Vista, and then backtrack to where you cross Rim Road to connect to General Crook, you can add about 4 miles to the trip. The General Crook portion has nice scenery, in the forest, but the trail is so overgrown and unused, almost completely invisible at times, that riding it is not much fun. But, it runs right next to a nice dirt road, if you want to use that. All in all, fun and a decent workout, but not five stars.

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