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Flagstaff, Arizona Map

The road was re-opened recently so I packed up the pup and headed up to Lockett Meadow. Even though the leaves are now on the ground, the hike was still very pretty. Definitely a cold windy hike with a high of 31 degrees so I suggest putting on layers and something to keep your ears warm! Great hike to bring dogs on. Saw at least 6 dogs on the trail not including my own, please be mindful of others and keep dogs on a leash. You never know how someone else is dog is going to react to your's.

P.S The road up can be a bit dodgy due to how narrow the road is, be careful and drive slow!

3 days ago

Awesome hike with killer views! I hiked it this past weekend as part of my training plan for Mt. Aconcagua in January. I climbed it with ease with 40lbs pack weight and my altitude training mask setting at 12,000ft. My moving time was just over 4hrs. Will easily shave off 30min with knowledge of the route and better planning.

The trail is not difficult at all. The reviews make it sound much more difficult than it really is, which is probably due to the distance and wind people experienced.

Has a good mix of climbing- that is, forest trails, rock trail, and tundra.

This is not a technical trail. It’s a trek needing only minimal equipment.

Do bring:

1. Micro spikes (at minimum) crampons do nicely. -Throw the yak tracks in the trash.
2. Trekking poles
3. Be ready for heavy wind
4. Helmet is a nice touch if you’re climbing solo
5. Warmer gloves than you expect

I highly suggest climbers unfamiliar with layering to seek advice before attempting. The temperature swing from the saddle to the summit is substantial. During my hike there were 45kt (52mph) winds. I saw a few groups of people who were inappropriately dressed and definitely put themselves at risk for frostbite.

All in all, a great mountain to hike and train on. Will do again soon!

Very pretty trail, 1st part has around 450 foot elevation climb then it evens out. We went on a Sunday, not too crowded-very pleasant hike.

4 days ago

A flat wide urban trail. Great for walking a dog.

Nice easy trail for people and pups. Went while visiting some friends in the area as an easy afternoon hike and fit the bill perfectly.

Quick easy hike. Not as steep of an incline if you ascend from the north, or dump road trailhead. The caves were cool.

I got lucky with perfect conditions- the leaves were just starting to yellow and there was fresh snowfall. The road was also open- I've tried to go two times since and it's been closed so keep that in mind- if the road is closed, the 3 mile hike up past the gate to the trailhead is pretty steep. Once you're at the trailhead it's a nice easy hike most of the way. About 1/3 of the way in the trail opens up to a clearing that was, by far, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (and I've been fortunate to visit a lot of amazing places). The fresh snow on the yellow aspens, mixed in with some big evergreens- I actually shed a few tears. I haven't been back during "typical" conditions, but if it's anything like that first encounter this is definitely worth the trip. Also to note- this trail gets super busy- we went early on a Monday and there were still a ton of people.

5 days ago

Absolutely stunning. Wish I would’ve caught the colors of the aspens. But still beautiful.

Yes just a road, but offers great views of the National Monument that you will not get in the park. Also a great place to run since the road is not technical. Would have been nice to visit when the lookout station was open. There was a sign posted that said you can go up there if a ranger is in the station.

5 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Excellent choice for those who want to practice hiking longer trails but without too much elevation gain. Also great for those without 4WD because you can park at snowbowl!

5 days ago

Well maintained, well marked trail that's perfect for a quick hike after work or before breakfast on the weekends. There are a lot of cool trees and rocks along the trail so it'd be a fun hike for families.

on Campbell Mesa Loop

6 days ago

Brisk morning hike on this easy trail. Puppy dog enjoyed it too.

On 11/7/2018, I hiked from the Lockett Meadows Trailhead to the Weatherford Trail. Within 20 minutes after leaving Well #9, I hit a trail full of snow & ice all the way up up up to the Weatherford Trail Junction. I'm very happy that I brought my Katooha Nanospike crampons otherwise it would have been slippery-hell!!

It's 4.4 miles to the Weatherford Trail with a 2,340' elevation gain. Not counting 3 breaks, it took me 1 hour 45 minutes.

Great distance for travelers staying in Flagstaff! I went up on a Monday afternoon with not too many people along the way. The incline gradually gets steeper and steeper and the air thinner and thinner. Visiting from WA, this trail felt like a typical incline, though the elevation is always an adjustment. Views are amazing and getting up to the lookout tower is worth it! Though the gate to climb the tower was closed when I got there, it’s still an amazing view from the ground! Took me just under 3 hours with stopping along the way, I also clocked in at 5.7 miles RT.

11 days ago

Great trail.. took our time and enjoyed the views. Had a few nice climbs too! Took the trail right to left and it was easier than the other way.

This trail has it all. Views, elevation, good coverage, rocks, snow & ice. Bring poles and micro spikes. It’s gets very icy and technical after the trail splits at the saddle (11,4000) prior to final ascent to Humphrey’s peak. Not safe without proper gear. Beautiful 360 degree views from the top. Gorgeous sunsets from AZ Snowbowl parking lot of you time it right.

OMG pretty. lots of dogs on the trails. all cute

We hiked around 14 miles today beautiful scenery in early November some fall colors. If we went 3 weeks ago the fall colors would have been peak. The sign will say 1 mile once you get to Walnut canyon but we also went like 3+ miles like other hiker reviews. Not a lot of traffic so perfect hike to enjoy the outdoors. Once you are past 3 miles in the Walnut Canyon the trail is overgrown so make carrins, very cool caves to venture in. We started the hike late didn't go to the monument but we took some really cool detours.

I'm only giving this 4 stars till next year when I go back and see the aspens all golden yellow. I can't even imagine since this is already a beautiful hike. Be ready for an incline but totally doable. The pines and views are gorgeous. The yellow leaves all over the ground was like confetti. A wonderful change of season!

great steady climb and always meet fun hikers on the trail.

Great trail running trail

12 days ago

Hiked on 11/3 still lots of snow and ice but it’s pretty well packed, micro spikes are a must. I’m in pretty good shape and hike constantly, the elevation will kick your butt here, be prepared to go slower than you ever thought you’d need to, especially in the last mile. Last mile is very steep, the wind is serious and brings the chill well below freezing any time of day. Hike is worth every step, views from the top are to die for, Grand Canyon and Sedona can both be seen and it’s a 360 degree view of the world around you.

12 days ago

Amazing views but as of 11/2/18 there was too much snow to get to the peak without crampons or microspikes. We were were able to get to the 2nd false peak with just trekking poles and our regular hiking boots but as the temp dropped the snow began to turn too icy for us to continue. If you are going to try to make it to the top without proper equipment (which i do NOT recommend) then make sure you go within the next few days on a WARM day and get to the saddle by noon so that way the snow on the exposed portions of the trail on your way to the peak will be slushy enough for you to really dig in and make it to the top and back before the temp drops at 3/4pm and freezes over making it too dangerous to traverse.

Absolutely gorgeous! I just went on Saturday Oct 27th and there were still tons of yellow leaves! Totally worth hiking the entire trail to see the snow peaks as well. I brought my little dog and she did well on the hike too.

10/26/18 I completed this hike left trail head about 7:30 am and hit the summit around 12:00 pm what a hike their was a lot of snow thankfully I was properly equipped the most rewarding hike I’ve done to date if you can only get to the saddle you would still love the view

I had to dig deep in the mind to finish this one I’m not sure if I want to ever go back this close to November but I will try it in summer

amazing family hike perfect for small children.
I love the crisp cool air so close to the snowbowl.
one of my favorite places to go when it's a hot summer day in the valley.
trailhead is kinda hard to find.
it's right near the lower parking lot.

Good hike with some nice views. Easy to moderate. Saw a few tarantulas on the trail. Followed AllTrails map to caves and could not find them. No signage for caves anywhere along the trail.

Beautiful views and relatively flat. Kind of a lot of rocks on the trail but would do again!

Probably my favorite trail! So beautiful and amazing views all the way up! Challenging but doable and still very enjoyable! It’s actually 5 miles total, 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down. But totally worth it and would do it again!

19 days ago

The trail is not 0.8 miles total. The cave itself is a mile long, and you have to walk to the cave entrance from the parking lot, so my phone said 2.15 miles total after we did it. Come ready for climbing and lots of rocks. Bring multiple flashlights and and extra jacket because it’s cold in the cave. But it was pretty cool and different than most trails!

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