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Beautiful trail and nice weather!
Good to get the legs going. Humphrey’s Peak tomorrow!

Fairly easy trail, with beautiful views.

Julie is correct. The Pumpkin Trail is in good shape, but the Bulls Basin Trail hasn't been maintained for quite a while by the looks of it. I spoke with the gentleman at the fire lookout and it's not going to be maintained for the foreseeable future.

As it is located in a Wilderness Area the Forest Service cannot use chainsaws. So the many (75 ish) trees that you have to go over or under or between are going to be there for a long time.

awesome workout with incredible views

This trail is an amazing workout. You start out in pinon/juniper and then steadily climb up to ponderosa pines, firs, and lots of aspen trees at the top! It’s a tough hike but one of my favorites.

This hike is open now! I started at a quarter to 6 this morning and didn’t see a soul. I went up Abineau and down Bear Jaw. Since the trail just reopened they haven’t had time to clear up a few fallen trees. They are passable but take caution as you do. I’m glad I went the route I did but the views would’ve been better had I done it the reverse. I saw a ton of deer and even a 6 Point buck (I think that’s how you say it). Very neat! The drive in is fine on the dirt road (I have a low clearance vehicle) but gets dicey when you see the turn off to go onto 9123J. My gps wanted me to continue on 418 but there is a sign that clearly directs you to turn onto 9123J. There are some spots to park immediately on 9123J if you don’t feel like driving on the slightly hairier (big rocks and some puddles but nothing my car couldn’t clear) road but it’ll add about 1.5 miles (round trip). I loved the views here and was glad I went early as the monsoon clouds started rolling in as I was finishing around 9.

I’m a big guy sadly took me 5 hours to get to the top and 3 hours to get down. I went while it was raining but the view is amazing but coming down just dragged

It was a good hike, not too strenuous up the mountain. Missed the caves though. There should be a sign showing the trail to the caves.

hiking moderate and at the top great view of Mount Humphreys

14 days ago

I read that several people missed the caves. They are not marked. There is a fork in the trail as you near the peak where you can look over the saddle and see houses on the back side. The fork to the left takes you on the main trail on the loop to the highest point. The trail to the right takes you on a short run along the lower ridge toward the West. That is where the caves are. It is a dead end trail. It is a nice hike. The higher altitude makes it harder to get your wind. It’s a good workout.

trail running
17 days ago

Absolutely no shade, too sunny for a real run!

18 days ago

Good workout ! Didn’t like the cinder gravel though

I actually really liked this trail even though we somehow missed the caves. I felt like the hikes were easy enough to follow but I always use the AllTrails App when I go out. We met a few friendly people along the way but it wasn’t too busy. The climb to the summit was a small challenge but you can feel it in your legs. I also saw a snake slithering across the path although it didn’t look like a rattler. It was a nice break from the hot Phoenix heat.

Closed as of 7/1/18.

Nice loop, we did it in just about 2 hours. A little bit of a climb but not much. This trail is better for biking than hiking. At some points the trail is only wide enough for one person, and we had to get off the trail about 10 times for bikers.

This trail is closed as of 6/28/18 due to fire risks

Terrible markings. We drove very far to see the caves and missed them entirely. I read all the reviews and did lots of research, yet we still went to the top instead of the caves somehow. Also harder than moderate.

nice long walk...good for all ages

DO NOT TAKE THE BULL BASIN LOOP!!! pumpkin trail was an ass kicker with the elevation. The meadows and the tiny forest regrowth area were really pretty and then it gets super steep towards the top. The bull basin side of this trail that is posted on all trails is CLOSED. It is really unsafe with lots of fallen trees to climb over. We made the mistake of trying to follow the all trails map for this hike. If you do this hike you need to go up and down pumpkin trail and do not do the loop with bull the basin side.

The trail was closed

Beautiful setting and the trails were well maintained. Plenty of filtered shade on a warm day!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very easy and smooth in most parts for mountain biking, With a few rock garden challenges along the way. A nice addition if you want a longer ride with less traffic, off of Campbell Mesa Loop.

1 month ago

I prefer more challenging hikes, but settled for this because apparently the entire Coconino forest is closed. It was scenic and easy and aided in getting a little exercise for the day. Great for a family with children or someone looking for a nice trail run.

Gorgeous home through the trees with a nice contrasting view of green trees and brown hills

1 month ago

Great little loop to do with the family!! Very scenic and not technical at all! My youngest really liked the little fitness challenges along the way!

Beautiful trail through all the pine trees!!

1 month ago

My family enjoyed this hike and were very blessed with cloud cover.... Be prepared for hiking boots or high socks, as you will walk in ash for sometime and it can irritate the feet! To walk through the magma field is an amazing geographic experience! And a little creepy!

1 month ago

Super easy nice hike

Entrance to road is closed due to extreme fire risk

One of few more challenging hikes in the Flagstaff area, Mount Elden trail is designed in a way that makes the mountain as brutal as possible to go up. What could have been done in a mile and a half or so, takes 2.5 miles to ascend. You'll likely notice the unnecessary switchbacks and lengthened trail around the side of the mountain that makes it feel like you're expending all this energy to go nowhere. I've done this hike several times and will do it again, but every time I do it I'm frustrated with the design of the trail. not a very good trail at all, but a decent hike nonetheless.

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