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1 day ago

Finally Conquered this hike today 5/21/2018. Challenging hike with lots of switch backs. Wore a long sleeve and Klim bubble jacket with a beanie. It was very windy at the top. 9.2 miles is not accurate RT. It was more like 10.5+ miles. My legs are feeling the workout!

1 day ago

Beautiful area but hard to stay on the intended trail. After you descend down, you cross over the pipeline intersection and head towards the mountain. There are a lot of small off trails so I’m not certain I actually stayed on the intended trail or not. But.. it was beautiful and great views of Flagstaff. I’ll try it again soon!

Only saw a few people as I came down on a Saturday in May. Awesome views going up and at the top.

Nice trail, very windy’

The Purina plant and water treatment plant at the beginning are a little off-putting, as others mentioned. However, once you get in about ¼ of a mile this is a very pleasant and easy trail. My husband and I used this as a “recovery” hike between visiting Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon, as we stayed in Flagstaff. We appreciated the shade on much of the trail and it is well kept. However, it is very sandy in parts, so I wouldn’t recommend Chacos or other open-toed shoes.

2 days ago

Great views and great way to break away from technology!

trail running
3 days ago

pretty rough 3/4 mile at the start then it mellows out. Nice and not busy with wide path to run side by side!

4 days ago

Did this trail yesterday. It is definitely not 9.2 miles, we tracked it at 13.3 out and back. This time of year it is very windy past the tree line so be prepared. Download the map as that helped us not lose the trail. Great hike with awesome views and scenery!

Still snow at the top of Abineau. Hard to connect to the rest of the trail.

mountain biking
6 days ago

Best single track mountain biking in Flagstaff! Smooth, not too gnarly. Broken shade the nearly the entire way. It’s down and back but there are more trails past the upper parking lot so just keep on going if you feel like more climbing. Much more than 1000’ of elevation up there.

Great for my hardtail 29er but you have to dismount in a few places, especially as you get towards the top past the gate.

Watch out for hikers and bikers on the downhill. Can be crowded.

on Humphrey's Peak

6 days ago

Did this last Sunday 5/13/18. Trail was clear. No snow left.
As many others reported, it is easy to lose the trail at some points, but well signed the last mile up. Also, I don’t think it’s 9.2 miles, more like 10.5. It was a little windy at the top as one can expect. Nothing unmanageable. A wind jacket did it for me. For the most part it’s nicely shaded, until you past the tree line and start the saddle, then you are exposed for the last 1,000 ft or so.
Elevation gain is nice and smooth and views are stunning. Very friendly, helpful and respectful people on the trail!!!!

Great for trail running!

8 days ago

Nice trail slight incline/decline near the trailhead. Very relaxing and quiet very little man made noises. Near the end there are some caves to explore. Also watch for snakes came across a few on my last hike

9 days ago

My husband and I went this evening and it was beautiful. We enjoyed seeing the different types of trees and huge boulders. Everything was so unique. Can’t wait to finish the other trails around this one tomorrow!!

10 days ago

One time chance to hike an underground trail that is totally different. Fun trail but you NEED good lighting because it's pitch dark inside the cave. You can only see where you point your light. Cell phones lights are not recommended because they won't last long enough. You need your battery to last on the way in as well as your way back. Lose your battery power and you won't be able to see your hand in front of your face and you'll need someone to rescue you.

11 days ago

I took Christmas tree to Heart to Sunset. I will say views wise, I wish I did it in reverse but sunset to go up (or down) is a bit treacherous. Christmas tree is relatively flat and shaded in the am. Heart trail feels like desert walking and is much less shaded. There were sporadic flowers blooming though and they were beautiful. Heart Trail is 2 miles of uphill climb and switchbacks and the views are great! When you first arrive at Sunset Trail on the ridge line, you’re walking through aspens (that were budding when I was there). It was super windy on the ridge line but the views behind me were fantastic. Once you start the descent (the same trail used to go up to Mount Elden Lookout) the trail becomes slippery with loose rocks. The total mileage according to my Fitbit was 9.5 miles and it took me roughly 4 hours to hike.

12 days ago

Great hike, with fast strenuous elevation change throughout

ALERT. Some of the switchbacks are near game trails which are misleading and can cause one to go astray. Especially the one at 10840 has a straight ahead looking path - rule of thumb, if you have to clamber over excess rocks or timber fall, probably NOT the trail. Is generally clearly evident except for those caveat. Great views, not sure if it's three or four false summits but as long as you prepare yourself for them it's fine

12 days ago

Fun spot for a walk. You'll even get a cool view of Mount Humphreys at a point. Took me 1 hour 45 with occasional brisk walking and was about 6 miles. Hardly any elevation gain. The parking lot looks like its about to be lined or paved but I didn't have an issue finding parking. Saw 1 biker and 2 runners the entire time.

12 days ago

An excellent trail with absolutely unbeatable views. Strenuous hike especially if you aren't used to higher altitudes, but worth the trek. Would highly suggest ensuring warm layers for the top because snow was present even mid fall.

14 days ago

Strenuous trail for sure. Upper 2/3 of the trail had some snow, but we were able to do it just fine without spikes. Snow was melting quickly. Beautiful views from the top. You must mentally push through the 3 false summits before the actual summit.

16 days ago

Great hike! Some spots were difficult on following the trail, but over all excellent hike!

17 days ago

Great hike, very difficult at the top with snow. Went up 5/4/18 and still very much covered in snow

17 days ago

absolutely amazing, did a winter climb very very hard but worth it in the end

Amazing views of Flagstaff! Challenging walk but definitely worth it for the memories!

Ok trail but not well marked. much of it roads so more suited to biking. But, sadly, the Go Back to Phoenix stickers on trail signs reeks of Nazism.

I hiked Humphrey’s peak several years back with several friends. I really enjoyed the hike although a lightning storm curtailed our views at the top to only a few minutes - especially after hearing about a teenager killed the previous week by lightning near the summit.

On the way up we missed the last hairpin to the right and instead crossed a massive boulder field/rock slide. We obviously lost the trail at that point and just decided to hike towards the top. After 30-45 mins and some head scratching we came across a crash site of a US Army Airforce B-24 Bomber crash site. The plane crashed on Sept 15, 1944 during a training mission killing all 8 crew members. It was pretty surreal. Mostly metal is all that remains a nice US flag memorial was erected. After sometime at this site we continued the journey straight up the mountain and back onto the trail about 45 mins from the top.

Enjoy the hike.

A short hike with great views. I also went up the NW side the views from up there amazing. Little trail on rim looped around and back.

Unfortunately, Road was gated off and closed. Not available to off road. Beautiful area tho.

Really nice trail that can be run the whole way up! Still a lot of snow at the saddle so had to abandon the plan to loop this with the waterline trail.

29 days ago

it was our first time and we loved it. tons of cool boulders to look at and the views from the top are awesome. Our dog enjoyed climbing on rocks and there's some spots with good shade to take breaks if needed.

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