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1 day ago

Drove up to hike for a day trip from the Phx area. This was a beautiful hike, full of switchbacks & some beautiful views. Lots of small lizards along the way & variety of trees. The area is still recovering (and will be for a long time) from the 1977 Radio Fire - but don't let this deter you, the hike is so beautiful.

Parking was free at the base, about 25-30 spaces. I arrived around 8/8:15 a.m. and it was about half full on a Friday. Hiked the Fatman's loop to the Elden Lookout trailhead. Some areas are steep and I would agree with the 'hard' rating.

Views at the top are great, climb the radio tower if it's open (worth it!). Shared a few photos for views on the way up/ down. I would recommend hiking shoes/ tennies if you have them, on the way down there were a few loose rocks (but nothing you can't handle!).

I couldnt find the trail. :( Very disappointing. I even did research online before I went. Searched for blogs with tips on how to find it. i used GPS originally to find it. It told me I had arrived but there was no trail. I kept going down the fire road that the GPS takes you on. It is very rough and had lots of washouts. You will need to have a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trail if it was further up the road. I had to back down and turn around because there was no way my Camary was making it any further without getting stuck.

For clarity, this trail also includes Elden Springs trail. We began on Sunset, then took Little Bear to cut through to Elden Springs. A person can also begin on Elden Springs and end on Sunset. Either way. Little Bear trail is only accessed via these other trails.

The only reason it's not 5 stars is because finding the Sunset trail from the parking lot is pretty difficult, as there are a handful of "social" trails that go off in different directions.

It is beautiful! There are a variety of trees, foliage, burned trees, wildflowers, boulders, mountain views, etc. that make it picturesque. It's a little more sunny on the trail than shady, although you get to enjoy both :)

You will encounter mountain bikers, but the trail is still well suited for hikers, and not "rutted" by overuse.

First half of the hike was awesome, followed the directions from another post to get to the caves which were neat. Views at the top were great, practically a 360 of the city. We followed the loop to return, and must have taken a wrong turn at a fork because we ended up on a trail that parallels 89 for a bit. Walking near the road and in people's backyards were the only negatives to this hike. If we had stayed in the woods would have been lovely. Water/Gatorade/snacks highly recommended! Some shady spots depending on time of day

mountain biking
10 days ago

Great mtn bike singletrack.. easy and flows well

15 days ago

Great trail that is very well maintained. Winds through a few different tree types! Awesome views for a payoff. Pretty steep but nothing crazy.

We explored this trail while out from Michigan...WOW! Elevation was a surprise and it is a challenging and technical hike with rocks and roots (at least for us!) but worth every step, grab, and grunt! Coming back down easier of course but technical in a different way with some loose stone. We did the Overlook once and Fatman’s twice...a don’t miss set of trails and plenty more we didn’t get to all right there! Thanks Arizona!!

17 days ago

Starts off fairly flat then BAM the climb begins and never ends. Beautiful at the top. Would of been five stars but signing for loop a little confusing. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ridiculously hard to find trailhead

Beautiful hike and with climbing 2600 ft in 2 miles it’s a good effort. It is difficult but not as challenging as Camelback nor as technical as Flat Iron (both in the valley)! Don’t let some of the reviews scare you away!!

24 days ago

Beautiful trail! As others have said, the woodsy smell in the air is incredible. Beautiful aspens and rock formations - i got off trail and went up towards the cliffs and they were gorgeous! Never was able to find the mentioned petroglyphs though :( was really looking forward to that

Easy trail, not moderate like rated. This particular trail is being logged so keep that in mind. Nice quiet hike in the trees, no vista views. Not many people when we went...should explore other sections when it’s cooler.

1 month ago

Beautiful forested high mountain trail (above 9000’). Windflowers, some of the tallest and thickest aspens you might ever see (and I’ve hiked all over CO, too). Unfortunately we had to turn around due to increasing lighting, but will definitely come back!

awesome workout with incredible views

This trail is an amazing workout. You start out in pinon/juniper and then steadily climb up to ponderosa pines, firs, and lots of aspen trees at the top! It’s a tough hike but one of my favorites.

I’m a big guy sadly took me 5 hours to get to the top and 3 hours to get down. I went while it was raining but the view is amazing but coming down just dragged

It was a good hike, not too strenuous up the mountain. Missed the caves though. There should be a sign showing the trail to the caves.

hiking moderate and at the top great view of Mount Humphreys

1 month ago

I read that several people missed the caves. They are not marked. There is a fork in the trail as you near the peak where you can look over the saddle and see houses on the back side. The fork to the left takes you on the main trail on the loop to the highest point. The trail to the right takes you on a short run along the lower ridge toward the West. That is where the caves are. It is a dead end trail. It is a nice hike. The higher altitude makes it harder to get your wind. It’s a good workout.

1 month ago

Good workout ! Didn’t like the cinder gravel though

I actually really liked this trail even though we somehow missed the caves. I felt like the hikes were easy enough to follow but I always use the AllTrails App when I go out. We met a few friendly people along the way but it wasn’t too busy. The climb to the summit was a small challenge but you can feel it in your legs. I also saw a snake slithering across the path although it didn’t look like a rattler. It was a nice break from the hot Phoenix heat.

Closed as of 7/1/18.

Nice loop, we did it in just about 2 hours. A little bit of a climb but not much. This trail is better for biking than hiking. At some points the trail is only wide enough for one person, and we had to get off the trail about 10 times for bikers.

Terrible markings. We drove very far to see the caves and missed them entirely. I read all the reviews and did lots of research, yet we still went to the top instead of the caves somehow. Also harder than moderate.

nice long walk...good for all ages

Gorgeous home through the trees with a nice contrasting view of green trees and brown hills

One of few more challenging hikes in the Flagstaff area, Mount Elden trail is designed in a way that makes the mountain as brutal as possible to go up. What could have been done in a mile and a half or so, takes 2.5 miles to ascend. You'll likely notice the unnecessary switchbacks and lengthened trail around the side of the mountain that makes it feel like you're expending all this energy to go nowhere. I've done this hike several times and will do it again, but every time I do it I'm frustrated with the design of the trail. not a very good trail at all, but a decent hike nonetheless.

Have hiked it several times, a good hike . A good time .

Nice views on top and caves were on top too. Lots a shortcutting if you want to veer off the path.

2 months ago

The trail is well marked. The assent is moderate, but nothing too difficult. The old caves are pretty neat and is worth the hike. There are also panoramic views of Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks. This hike is well worth it and only took a couple of hours.

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