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Nice hike!!!Turn right out of the parking lot cross the bridge to the dirt road on the left go up the hill and the trail is on the left,right across from the small campground!Great walk dog loved it!!

We really enjoyed this simple trail with views of Lake Powell. The hanging garden at the end is pretty interesting since it is in a desert. Stay to the right on the trail to see the garden.

Part of the path strays towards the lake and has great views, but if you are aiming for the garden, stay to the right.


3 days ago

We loved this hike. trail was tough only because it's up hill, but coming back was a breeze. took the half mile detour to (See Canyon Spring). spring was definitely cool to see with water coming out the side of mountain. the senery was beautiful with lots of shaded areas. it's May 20 weather was great (80 degrees). there's a couple signs along the way with arrows and distance on them. great touch to trail. this was one of our favorites in Payson

3 days ago

We had a great hike. was short and was finished in 1 1/2 hours and we stopped a bunch of times. trail is difficult to find most the time, but what makes that ok is your walking along the river and you can blaze your own way. passed about 8 families along the way and a group fishing in a large area with about 6 fish on their stringer. it's may 20 and temp was good.(80 degrees)

Excellent trail with awesome scenery. If you are looking for a good workout this is the trail for you. Defitnley on the hard side with a lot of steep climbs. Will go back for sure.

Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

Great hike! Boulders were fun but not terribly difficult. A little tougher than what I expected. Scenic views. Follow the white dots for the more challenging hike.

Want to feel like you’re walking through a canyon on a different planet? This is the hike for you. There’s definitely a lot of scrambling up and down rocks on this one, very fun if you’re up for an adventure!

7 days ago

Southern Louisiana flatlanders out for some hikes. We had already done Bryce Canyon, Zion’s ‘The Narrows’...this was next. I knew I was afraid of ‘ledges’/heights, and this made me realize how real that was.

42-year-old active mom with two 12-year-old girls. I couldn’t bring myself to traverse the huge drop at the end. I watched 8 adults ahead of me trying to figure it out and I kept getting more and more nervous. The Kids were begging me to go but I panicked. So - we turned back. The views were amazing. AMAZING. But - there’s just no way I could risk footing, or worse, no being able to scramble back up. Or sliding down/injury. It was a SERIOUS drop for a swamp mama.

Very easy and quick hike with some good scenery along the way. When you reach the hanging garden portion it's pretty interesting to see the contrast between the desert and the plant life.

9 days ago

Great trail. An easy hike, the weather was beautiful, and the creak was running.

Watch out for snakes we hit an area about 2 miles in where we came across a constrictor on the way out and a rattler on the way back right on the trail. Almost stepped on both they were camouflaged so well !! Love this hike for interval training.

10 days ago

Pretty OK hike. First half is more ‘difficult’ than ‘moderate’. I mean, it is 4.2 miles uphill, in parts with a lot of loose shale and dirt, and large rocks, etc. As others have posted, it is NOT 6.1 miles like the description says. By my watch, it was exactly 4.2 miles from parkins lot up to Rim Road 300, so 8.4 round trip. This matches the FS Trailhead sign you can see in my photos, which says Rim Road 300 4 miles. It is not a very scenic hike, lots of blowdown debris, definitely a flash flood area. But, it is very peaceful, quiet, except for the wind, just some lizards and squirrels, and lots of birds chirping. Took me 4 hours, only saw one person, in the last 100 yards, who was just going in to the water to fish.

Love this trail!!! It was nice and cool all day

Fun 5k run!

13 days ago

The wind whipping through the area was amazing. This short hike is good for a quick tour but isn't that rewarding overall.

14 days ago

Flat, boring trail with a nice hanging garden at the end. Super easy hike, would be good for kids. Not much good scenery until the end unless you wander off the trail.

loved it.so cute and quaint! not in mountains. its like a nature center and national forest type.

17 days ago

Nice day hike

Not well marked. Sometimes we did not even know where the trail was. Very limited water views. Disappointing.

water was cascading through

Outstanding love this hike

25 days ago

Great peaceful hike. Camped overnight... Just beautiful nature.

Pretty trail. Nice views. Kind of difficult to follow. Easy to get off the trail without knowing it. The trail was pretty flat for most of the way.

26 days ago

It is not real hiking. It’s more of strolling but beautiful sightseeing. See a lot of bunnies rabbits hummingbird ducks quails It was a bit confuse with the trails even I use the trail map but we can’t lost anywhere nice fragrance when I walk

4 Miles in and 4 miles out. The Creek was very pretty. Worth the drive!

Early hike! This is an easy trail (if you are not climbing the butte). My favorite part is where the stairs are at! Also the views of the butte.
Went with 3 kids and they enjoyed the hike

26 days ago

fantastic hike. Fantastic weather. Water was fresh and clean. Do it again in a heartbeat.

Beautiful Canyon hike! We didn't get out until noon and the canyon was very hot in the sun, but we were able to stay in the shade for roughly half the hike. There are several places where you have to find the best route through the canyon, and some climbing and jumping was required. Over-all, it was not too difficult, and the dip in the icy river at the bottom made for a perfect hike! We only came across two other hikers on the trail today, so our timing seemed perfect.

29 days ago

Easy hike by a beautiful creek. It was very serene to be surrounded by the sounds of the birds, the wind and the water.

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