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Easy to get to and works for a variety of people.

The NPS rates this trail difficulty as a 3 out of 5, so prepare to be surprised if that is your only reference. There are some serious ledge climbs and scrambles along this trail, I would rate this as one of the more difficult hikes we did as a group in this area. If you have anyone in your group that is skittish around sharp drops and insist on staying 6 feet from the edge, this is not the trail for you.

The trail basically follows the canyon out to the Colorado river and reaching the river is an awesome reward for completing this challenging hike. The trail is fairly tame for the first third before getting to some sharp drops and falls. I noticed several pitons in the rocks along the way, ropes would make these sections infinitely easier but we did not have any with us. Several of the areas were elevation drops of 20 feet or more requiring traversing the ridges along the sides to get back to the wash floor. Near the end of the trail there are large boulders and rocks to scramble over to get to the river but if you've made it that far its hardly challenging.

Do your research ahead of time and look at some of the tracks here to decide if this is best for your party. We had a member of our group who is rather short for a stormtrooper and was anxious on the ledge descents which in turn made some of the other group members anxious. Never go beyond your collective comfort level. As with the other canyons in the area, be mindful of the weather, flash flooding would be a serious risk in the event of rain. No water station at the trailhead.

Roughly an hour loop including times I made a wrong turn and/or stopped for pictures. Got way too excited seeing a jackrabbit along the trail.

It was ok, to many people but easy.

Fun hike! Loved the views of the lake and getting to go right by the water. My pup enjoyed the break from the heat for a little water play time.

Easy peasy, I guess we didn’t even get to the gardens because we were standing on the peaks of sandstone with amazing views. I like long hikes with elevation change and challenging terrain,but this was beautiful views with minimal effort.

6 days ago

Amazing place and a pretty good hike.

I also agree that this hike is not hard!! It was wonderful and enjoyable for my family and my dogs! I suggest wear shoes with grip and follow the dots!

7 days ago

Mostly just a nature walk through a picnic area

Have to disagree w other user reviews. This trail doesn’t justify the difficult rating. The ascents/descents are short and mild, and footing is good. I took every detour I could find and only logged 5 miles. The trail is generally obvious, and markers & signposts are abundant and clear. All that aside, it’s a fun trail. Very pleasant 2 hr morning walk. Great views of the lake, dam, and dells.

12 days ago

Really fun trail! We made it almost too the end but we’re getting cold and tired and decided to take a break for lunch and then head back to warm up. Beautiful views! Totally recommend!

The views are nice and the trail is moderate to easy. The trailhead is not at the point that is marked in the map and the length is closer to 9 miles than 6.5.. Also the trail is poorly marked at many points. We enjoyed it in general and the small beaches were a delight.

trail not marked clearly with 5 near red rocks and part closed due to golf course expansion . How sad

Did some difficult, for me, ledge climbs. Well worth it! Beautiful!

paddle boarding in the Resivouir

18 days ago


it's a great place to scoop trash out of the water......half a dozen dirty diapers in the fire ring right next to the water. you're better off walking the road around the lake

24 days ago

Amazing biodiversity in the middle of the desert

26 days ago

It was an easy trail but really difficult to follow. When you begin you can follow the posts labeled “5” but as you get closer to the red rocks, the posts aren’t labeled anymore.

off road driving
27 days ago

We just finished a portion of the trail - it was really great with spectacular views! Definitely some deep rutted and moderate+ climbs and overall fun! Did not do the entire loop. Went to point 6 and turned around.

27 days ago

Great with the dogs, beautiful too

This trail has lots of scenic views and even contained what appeared to be a few bald eagle nests in some of the larger trees. To reach the trailhead simply drive south on 373 through Greer until the road ends. Parking and restrooms can be found at the beginning of the trail. The trail is not clearly marked and there are many alternate paths which can be taken during a hike. This makes the hike moderately difficult as finding a path through the brush can be tricky at times. This hike is very picturesque and the Little Colorado River meandering nearby affords ample opportunity for snapping some spectacular photos.

28 days ago

Went hiking on this trail with the whole and it was very enjoyable. Not much elevation gain so it is great for all hiking skill ranges. Lots of wildlife for my biologist daughter to see.

Great trail and very quiet. Agree that the rock scrambles can make it tough in spots. Beautiful views of the river at the end.

30 days ago

We parked by the humane society and did an entire circle. Total 7 miles. Was not easy - should be rated hard due to all of the rock climbing. Not an easy hike at all. A lot of difficult up and down rocks. Breath taking views - wonderful area just be prepared- lots of water to drink. Definitely rated incorrectly in All Trails.

This place is absolutely beautiful! It made the hike that much more enjoyable to look around and stop and see you are surrounded by such beauty!

Saw so many wonderful birds from dozens of hummingbirds to the precious little owl in the ladies's restroom (complete with directions to 'Do Not Disturb') to egrets and 2 stately pelicans who should sign up for synchronized swimming and diving at the Olympics! We tried to hustle a little to do the exercise thing, but there were SO many delightful distractions! Only complaint....no maps or bird ID charts in the box, so we wandered a bit.

They look great from the road, fun indentures to climb in, but the trails aren't very challenging, unless you create your own up the mountains, but the entire park seems to be littered with broken glass. I don't understand what is going on there, never seen anyplace in Metro-Phoenix that looked this way since moving here? A great easy trail for folks looking to just take a stroll or ride their bike or run around. Also a lot of bees towards the top of the mountains in various crevasses.

Great topography!

1 month ago

Hiked to flowing river rd from bridge. Very pretty but trail not maintained, which kinda made it more fun. Definitely not easy hike due to footing and lack of trail maintenance but can’t complain-I’m sure that whole canyon is a rushing river after monsoons and big rains-washing away any trail anyways. Great photo ops, babbling creek and rock climbing. Literally right off the highway- so easy access. Graffiti is limited to bridge-look to the west for giant cave-great for fire pit/camping and chill. Dogs loved it off the leash!

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