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Nice trail, high elevation does take some getting used to but as many note, absolutely beautiful, pictures do not do this one justice. will recommend to friends, and will do it again.

7 days ago

great little hike. the wind always blows here so I was never hot. Be sure to stay in the main big trail. There's a little trail to the left about half way up that leads straight up the mountain. is steep and doesn't save you very much time. The main trail is beautiful and very moderate. Don't kill yourself hiking the trail, just have a good time.

My friend and I did this hike a few days ago and it was BEAUTIFUL! We started at the East trailhead and hiked all the way up to the connection to the West trailhead. This is by far, one of my new favorite hikes! The weather was perfect and it was just gorgeous! There are several stretches where you have to go over or under fallen trees, but I think it just makes the hike more exciting! ;) The thing I found most difficult was the elevation. I was definitely out of breath as we were ascending. It’s absolutely worth it though! :)

18 days ago

I give it a 1 star only so I could report this trail is closed (6-23-2018) and was disappointed I couldn't hike it.

Done quite a few hikes in AZ and this one is my favorite. So beautiful! The river was running along side it once you get going down the trail. Refreshing and cool for a mid day hike. We had our dog (60 pound) and 2 kids (11 and 13). They all loved it. We took dips when we got too hot. I couldn’t get over how picturesque this hike was. The photos don’t do it justice. About half way you get to a big open field and it’s surreal. Very tall pines surrounding you, which make you feel so tiny. Kids loved doing echo at this part! We turned around at this part because it had been a long day and we had kids. I wish we could’ve seen the end but even the 3 miles we did were amazing. One terrible thing about the hike were the bees!!!! Oh my goodness the bees, horse flies and other flying bugs. We had bug spray on but it didn’t help a bit. They were terrible in the beginning part but started to calm down just a bit later on. I had to run most of the way back because I was being chased by a bee. Don’t let them stop you from doing this hike tho!
I would just be prepared for being annoyed.

Super fun trail. We camped at the LCR the first night, then near the summit the second night. Fun if done in a loop with the 3.5 mile crossover trail from east to west baldy or vice versa. Water was fairly abundant, even near the summit along the east Baldy trail we found a flowing stream. The map on here doesn’t guide you to the summit, near the top we found that this trail map was incorrect. Easy to figure out in the end though through trail signs. Highly recommend

Very nice trail! Not a lot of shade but enough to have a cool down when we needed one. Very nice beginner trail!

Beautiful trail!

Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

Pretty hike. Did have to scramble over some fallen trees and rocks at times, but great hike nonetheless.

Went 4/4/18 but there was still way too much snow at about 5 or 6 miles in. Beautiful hike nonetheless, I'll be back soon.

Beautiful creek side trail.

4 months ago

great weather, good climb with views, and met a few hikers also enjoying this trail. made it a 4.4 mile loop coming off of 11th st in Eager to Flattop and return.

4 months ago

This trail is part of the Squirrel Springs trail system and the trailhead is clearly marked along route 373. The trailhead features ample parking and restrooms. This is a relatively short trail which features some spectacular natural rock formations as well as a nearby stream affording hikers great photo opportunities. The trail does not gain in elevation much and is clearly marked, making hiking even in snow cover straightforward.

This trail has lots of scenic views and even contained what appeared to be a few bald eagle nests in some of the larger trees. To reach the trailhead simply drive south on 373 through Greer until the road ends. Parking and restrooms can be found at the beginning of the trail. The trail is not clearly marked and there are many alternate paths which can be taken during a hike. This makes the hike moderately difficult as finding a path through the brush can be tricky at times. This hike is very picturesque and the Little Colorado River meandering nearby affords ample opportunity for snapping some spectacular photos.

Beautiful trail. If you would like to enjoy vistas plan on about 8 hours for a round trip. The top can be under the snow even in May-June.

I love both the West Baldy and the East Baldy trails.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I used to hike this area a lot years ago during the fall grouse hunt. Very steep with lots of aspens. I have not been back in quite a while, and not since the Wallow fire at all. Great spot for fall colors with all the aspen trees it has.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Great trail! Not good for first timers. Very scenic no peaceful. Lots of people going in both directions.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Easy hike and amazing views. The trail goes along the Little Colorado River. We didn't go a the way to the top but it worth taking this trail. We had the dogs with us and they had the blast, they were pretty much in the river all the way back and forth. The trail was not busy at,all, we met few people on the way and one couple was camping like 2 miles into the hike. The weather was amazing too so we stopped by the river and just relaxed before heading back to the parking lot. we got in around 1pm, out by 5 pm and we did not hurry, took the time to admire the views and enjoy the weather.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I have never made it all the way and actually have no idea how far i have gone. I only know that my angel bride and I did the trail a few times in the mid to late 1990's with her daughter in tow so we always stopped after a few miles. We might have made it 5 miles but not sure. SInce Brenda became and angel I have done it again after 15 years a few times including taking her ashes to what I call Brenda's Meadow. A meadow on the right as you go up that is almost hidden. I saw wild turkeys running in it once. I don't know if I will ever make it further but treasure one of the most beautiful hikes on the planet earth.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The prettiest trail I've done in AZ so far, and also the hardest. Definitely felt the elevation gain and my feet have never felt as sore after finishing before, but totally worth it. It has grassy meadows, rocky climbs with outlooks, forested switchbacks, and a peak that sits above the treeline. As I neared the summit (have to have a permit granted by the tribe there), a thunderstorm rolled in, so my time up top was very short. Highlight would definitely be the clearing towards the top with the broken plane wing surrounded by lush, purple flowers and literally buzzing with hummingbirds. Absolutely gorgeous.

Monday, October 03, 2016

The trail was a wonderful combination of climbing combined with more easy and open trail. The fall colors were beautiful and some wildflowers. We didn't see much wildlife, but birds were available for viewing. The burned out portion was very stark and made us feel like we were in the Game of Thrones forest, with raven's calling in the distance! Even so, the hike was a challenge for someone who has not hiked in a while and I felt accomplished after it was complete!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

This trail rocks. Western side is more of a flat walk until the last 2-3 miles. Great trail alongside the Little Colorado.

Starting at the west trailhead parking lot will take you up towards the peak, where it branches off to the eastern trailhead. There is then a 3.5 mile crossover back to the western trail as you approach the east trailhead parking lot (if you are heading from east trail to west, this crossover trail goes up--bit strenuous), where you can make your way back to the west parking lot.

East trail is a bit more mountainous: more rocks, better views, cliffs.

West trail is 8 miles, east is 6 miles, crossover is 3.5 miles, and there's a ~2 mile trek back to the west trailhead after completing the crossover: making the whole west-east loop just shy of 20 miles.

Worth noting: you can backpack in on this trail to set up a camp in a pretty secluded little oasis on the west trail.

If you're one who fancies pictures and views instead of distance, just do ~half of the east trail (takes you to a nice view, 6-7 miles round trip: it's uphill) and maybe a mile or two of the west trail to check out the Little Colorado.

Monday, August 08, 2016

The West Baldy trail is one of my favorite trails in AZ. The trail goes through Alpine meadows that are gorgeous with their bloom of wildflowers and tall grass as you follow the beautiful small meandering Little Colorado for several miles. Along the way you enter into and out of patches of lushes spruce forests crossing little creeks on the trail. These fairly level trail goes for a few miles before leaving the meadows and river. Once you leave the river as the trail heads into a different direction, you get into more thick beautiful forest area for the remainder of the trail. After about a mile or so you start the clime up with switch backs along the way. There are several times that you have some incredible views seeing as far as the eye can see. I took the trail to the top where the East trail connects and returned the way I came.

The one draw back of the trail I felt was the end of the trail which is a very disappointing anti-climatic. After making a hard clime the last two miles or so I had expected more of a reward but there is literally noting to see at the trials junction at the top. You are surround by short stubby trees that are so dense you can't see through them, so there is no view. I would recommend instead of going to the top to stop at a large out crop of rocks that sits on the very saddle of the mountain. A good place to catch a view, have lunch, and prepare to re-trace your steps back down to the beautiful river and gorgeous meadows below.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Nice hike

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Great / Beautiful hike......

Nice hike to Big Lake Lookout. Only hiked about a mile past the lookout on the trail -- lots of deadfall and snags. I remember this being a beautiful, lushly forested trail about 10 years ago. Encouraging to see all the new growth Aspen and sad to see the devastation from the Wallow Fire.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Beautiful trail. First 3.5 miles with beautiful forest and meadow views. Minimal elevation gain at this point so good for whole families. Total 7 miles took about 2 hours. I'll definitely be back for the full hike and summit.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hiked in about 3.2 miles to a gorgeous creekside camping area, then did the Baldy Loop trails (west to east). Very different terrain on each side but spectacular views. The crossover trail that connects the two creek trails is deceptively short (3.5 mi) but encapsulates the breadth of the wilderness in a challenging end-of-the-day span. Weather was great (highs in 70s) and no rain, though it was threatening as we hiked out on Sunday.

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