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loved this trail. it was so relaxing walking next to the flowing water. the trail is not marked well so stay close to the water to stay on track.

so beautiful!

Absolutely amazing trail, loved it!

horseback riding
12 days ago

So green and beautiful but take an abundance of mosquito and fly spray.

Awesome trail. The only think I could say negative, is I got stung by a wasp or bee or something on my wrist. Hurt for a short time, Then all was good!

Loved this trail and it’s beauty! Easy to forget I was in Arizona in July! Beautiful views, wildflowers and meandered along a river. Do not hesitate to try this trail if you are wary of the “difficult” rating. We did 2.5 miles and back—easy for even a novice like me!

18 days ago

While the trailhead is clearly marked, the trail is not. Enjoyed the birds and wildflowers.

Just took my 5 yr old on this hike with the family. We caught a bunch of rain, but really enjoyed the hike.

An amazing day hike. Beautiful views and wildlife sighting. If you go in the summer, be prepared for weather shifts. We got stuck in a thunder storm on the way back out.

27 days ago

Please note that the previous reviewer who stated it was closed came during the forest closure period to avoid forest fires. Almost all of the trails in the mountains were closed. Nice hike. Although it is nice to let others know when a trail is closed, by putting one star you may be discouraging others from visiting a perfectly nice trail. Never assume if you don't want to be disappointed - the local ranger station is always happy to let you know about trail and forest closures.

I started from the north end of the trail. there were a lot of cattle on and around the trail. that was fine, except it seemed like I was chasing them. the day started a bit cloudy. I turned back hoping to miss the rain, that didn't happen. if I were to hike this trail again, I would start on the south end.

loved this trail! Everything was so green and the stream was flowing strong. it is fairly easy but still a good workout. kids enjoyed it too. saw lots of butterflies and chipmunks.

A beautiful easy hike along a small river.

Nice trail, high elevation does take some getting used to but as many note, absolutely beautiful, pictures do not do this one justice. will recommend to friends, and will do it again.

Such beautiful scenery with a beautiful meandering creek. Lots of green. Wild strawberries! We ate along the way. And what were those blue trees? We went 10-11 miles round trip so not all the way, but good memories.
Stayed in Show Low the night before. Fantastic breakfast at Sweetheart Cafe before driving an hour to the trailhead. We were two families with plenty of kids on Fourth of July. Lightly trafficked trail that day. Finished the day with dinner and fireworks in Payson. Then a drive back to the valley. A wonderful day.

My friend and I did this hike a few days ago and it was BEAUTIFUL! We started at the East trailhead and hiked all the way up to the connection to the West trailhead. This is by far, one of my new favorite hikes! The weather was perfect and it was just gorgeous! There are several stretches where you have to go over or under fallen trees, but I think it just makes the hike more exciting! ;) The thing I found most difficult was the elevation. I was definitely out of breath as we were ascending. It’s absolutely worth it though! :)

1 month ago

I give it a 1 star only so I could report this trail is closed (6-23-2018) and was disappointed I couldn't hike it.

Done quite a few hikes in AZ and this one is my favorite. So beautiful! The river was running along side it once you get going down the trail. Refreshing and cool for a mid day hike. We had our dog (60 pound) and 2 kids (11 and 13). They all loved it. We took dips when we got too hot. I couldn’t get over how picturesque this hike was. The photos don’t do it justice. About half way you get to a big open field and it’s surreal. Very tall pines surrounding you, which make you feel so tiny. Kids loved doing echo at this part! We turned around at this part because it had been a long day and we had kids. I wish we could’ve seen the end but even the 3 miles we did were amazing. One terrible thing about the hike were the bees!!!! Oh my goodness the bees, horse flies and other flying bugs. We had bug spray on but it didn’t help a bit. They were terrible in the beginning part but started to calm down just a bit later on. I had to run most of the way back because I was being chased by a bee. Don’t let them stop you from doing this hike tho!
I would just be prepared for being annoyed.

Super fun trail. We camped at the LCR the first night, then near the summit the second night. Fun if done in a loop with the 3.5 mile crossover trail from east to west baldy or vice versa. Water was fairly abundant, even near the summit along the east Baldy trail we found a flowing stream. The map on here doesn’t guide you to the summit, near the top we found that this trail map was incorrect. Easy to figure out in the end though through trail signs. Highly recommend

Very nice trail! Not a lot of shade but enough to have a cool down when we needed one. Very nice beginner trail!

2 months ago

Just completed the East trail, very nice established trail, Beautiful Mountain View’s. Forest is becoming very dry and dead bark beetle infested trees are falling all the time. It was a very enjoyable hike indeed.

2 months ago

This is a good hike for an out-and-back or a loop using West Baldy Trail #94 down and the Baldy Connector Trail #96 back to the #95 trail head at Gabaldon.

We started at Gabaldon Horse Camp, at the #95 trail head. No water on this trail, pack accordingly.

With 25-30lb packs it took us 2:40 moving time, 4 hours elapsed (wandering, a constitutional or two, enjoying views), to go the 7.1 miles, 2,220' elevation gain.

We assembled some water from the very few patches of snow at the top, but if you're camping on top like we did I wouldn't count on finding snow.

Two in our party camped in hammocks lined with Tyvek, sleeping pads, warm bags and warm clothes. They said it was cold. I would recommend a tent.

About 3 miles down the West Baldy Trail #94 you find water again if you go that way.

Overall I would do it again, but skip camping at the top. There's no views to be had up there so it's just high altitude forest camping. Though I hear there are views on the reservation land at the tippy top, we didn't make that journey.

Next time we'll hike up #95, down #94 and camp down towards the meadow on #94 for a 11 mile hike, give or take.

Beautiful trail!

Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

One of the best trails in the White Mountains. Starts out easy through open meadows along the little colorado river but becomes moderately steep as it climbs a mountain through huge ancient fir trees before it tops out at a granite overlook with views for miles. There is aircraft wreckage on the 11200 feet mountain next to Mount Baldy.A good trail to see mexican wolves.

Pretty hike. Did have to scramble over some fallen trees and rocks at times, but great hike nonetheless.

Went 4/4/18 but there was still way too much snow at about 5 or 6 miles in. Beautiful hike nonetheless, I'll be back soon.

best of the white mountains i would rate it as difficult in the first four miles pretty steep but beautiful climbs a mountain through huge ancient fir trees then tops out at a granite vista with views of many miles

Beautiful creek side trail.

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