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This is a favorite of mine, always chances for beautiful pictures. I will keep coming back to this one!

My FAVORITE trail! I try to get there at least for my birthday every year. Beautiful beautiful trail!

on Thompson Trail #629

1 month ago

Love this hike for an easy out and back. It’s mostly flat and follows the beautiful flowing river. It’s a very green area in the late summer with lots of wildflowers.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked this in the snow and in the fall colors. Both were beautiful hikes. I made it to the top lookout (just past the hoodoos) but have never continued on. It’s a somewhat easy hike. I’ve only been on weekdays and only seen a few other people which makes it nice and quiet.

Tranquil and Beautiful. Around every corner the landscape seems to change. You really get away from from civilization on this one!

1 month ago

This trail was much more then I expected. As it is Fall right now, the aspen trees are changing their colors to a golden yellow. Very cloudy out, and left before the rain started to fall. Very green pine trees, yellow grasses, and a little bit of the wildflowers left. Easy hike, very quiet as we saw very few people. We crossed the creek once. Mt. Baldy wilderness has many recreational opportunities. Definitely adding this area to our bucket list! Great place to hike!

Great hike! Nice rain, not that many folks know about this wonderful place.

We loved this hike. We basically had the entire hike to ourselves on a Sunday morning. Well maintained, spruce, Aspen at every turn, we will return. Not sure if the distance shown above is accurate, as the signs seem to contradict these numbers, but it was a great hike. Highly recommended.

One of Arizona’s most beautifully, peaceful hikes for sure. The first four miles are relatively easy, after this point though, the stream fades off as you start the truer gain in elevation through switchbacks in the mountain. I took the West Baldy Trail and came back the same way and my watch clocked in closer to 15 miles RT.

Nice trail for most of the way up. Fallen trees on trail were a challenge. The view from the top is beautiful.

3 months ago

So amazing! Between the rock formations and the green surroundings, this is my new favorite trail. Highly recommend starting early to avoid storms. They rolled in by noon today. We made it back just in time!

3 months ago

Amazing greenery due to a month of rain. Hiked in rain and hail but had proper gear. #94 was not strenuous. It got sloppy with the rain but very worth seeing the view at 10,400 and the old growth pines.

Beautiful hike especially after a good monsoon. We followed the running creek enjoying the wildflowers and crazy looking mushrooms. Will wear long sleeves next time as I got stung by a bee like insect two separate times.

loved this trail. it was so relaxing walking next to the flowing water. the trail is not marked well so stay close to the water to stay on track.

so beautiful!

Absolutely amazing trail, loved it!

horseback riding
4 months ago

So green and beautiful but take an abundance of mosquito and fly spray.

4 months ago

Great trail with some of the best 360deg views around. Trail is well maintained. They have put up a fence around the lookout But still great views

Awesome trail. The only think I could say negative, is I got stung by a wasp or bee or something on my wrist. Hurt for a short time, Then all was good!

Loved this trail and it’s beauty! Easy to forget I was in Arizona in July! Beautiful views, wildflowers and meandered along a river. Do not hesitate to try this trail if you are wary of the “difficult” rating. We did 2.5 miles and back—easy for even a novice like me!

Just took my 5 yr old on this hike with the family. We caught a bunch of rain, but really enjoyed the hike.

An amazing day hike. Beautiful views and wildlife sighting. If you go in the summer, be prepared for weather shifts. We got stuck in a thunder storm on the way back out.

I started from the north end of the trail. there were a lot of cattle on and around the trail. that was fine, except it seemed like I was chasing them. the day started a bit cloudy. I turned back hoping to miss the rain, that didn't happen. if I were to hike this trail again, I would start on the south end.

loved this trail! Everything was so green and the stream was flowing strong. it is fairly easy but still a good workout. kids enjoyed it too. saw lots of butterflies and chipmunks.

A beautiful easy hike along a small river.

Nice trail, high elevation does take some getting used to but as many note, absolutely beautiful, pictures do not do this one justice. will recommend to friends, and will do it again.

5 months ago

great little hike. the wind always blows here so I was never hot. Be sure to stay in the main big trail. There's a little trail to the left about half way up that leads straight up the mountain. is steep and doesn't save you very much time. The main trail is beautiful and very moderate. Don't kill yourself hiking the trail, just have a good time.

Such beautiful scenery with a beautiful meandering creek. Lots of green. Wild strawberries! We ate along the way. And what were those blue trees? We went 10-11 miles round trip so not all the way, but good memories.
Stayed in Show Low the night before. Fantastic breakfast at Sweetheart Cafe before driving an hour to the trailhead. We were two families with plenty of kids on Fourth of July. Lightly trafficked trail that day. Finished the day with dinner and fireworks in Payson. Then a drive back to the valley. A wonderful day.

My friend and I did this hike a few days ago and it was BEAUTIFUL! We started at the East trailhead and hiked all the way up to the connection to the West trailhead. This is by far, one of my new favorite hikes! The weather was perfect and it was just gorgeous! There are several stretches where you have to go over or under fallen trees, but I think it just makes the hike more exciting! ;) The thing I found most difficult was the elevation. I was definitely out of breath as we were ascending. It’s absolutely worth it though! :)

Done quite a few hikes in AZ and this one is my favorite. So beautiful! The river was running along side it once you get going down the trail. Refreshing and cool for a mid day hike. We had our dog (60 pound) and 2 kids (11 and 13). They all loved it. We took dips when we got too hot. I couldn’t get over how picturesque this hike was. The photos don’t do it justice. About half way you get to a big open field and it’s surreal. Very tall pines surrounding you, which make you feel so tiny. Kids loved doing echo at this part! We turned around at this part because it had been a long day and we had kids. I wish we could’ve seen the end but even the 3 miles we did were amazing. One terrible thing about the hike were the bees!!!! Oh my goodness the bees, horse flies and other flying bugs. We had bug spray on but it didn’t help a bit. They were terrible in the beginning part but started to calm down just a bit later on. I had to run most of the way back because I was being chased by a bee. Don’t let them stop you from doing this hike tho!
I would just be prepared for being annoyed.

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