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3 hours ago

Nice hike!!!Turn right out of the parking lot cross the bridge to the dirt road on the left go up the hill and the trail is on the left,right across from the small campground!Great walk dog loved it!!

FYI: I was planning on hiking this trail over memorial weekend but just received an email that they are closing this area on Wed May 23, 2018 due to wild fires. Anyone who have bought a permit will be refunded. Will plan to go again when they reopen.

FYI: I was planning on hiking this trail over memorial weekend but just received an email that they are closing this area on Wed May 23, 2018 due to wild fires. Anyone who have bought a permit will be refunded. Will plan to go again when they reopen.

4 hours ago

This was a great and challenging hike. We decided to take the Chuck Wagon Trail the whole way to the back Devil's Bridge parking lot from the Dry Creek car parking lot. This added at least a mile but it was gentle terrain, both up an down, and avoided the sand and rocks of the Dry Creek Road (upon which we returned). In hindsight, if we'd have had the time we'd probably do the Chuck Wagon part in both directions. You can go on Chuck Wagon to about half way up Dry Creek and then take the road the rest of the way to the beginning of the Devil's Bridge Trail. Or you can continue on Chuck Wagon until one end of it exits at the parking lot.

The hike from the 4WD parking lot seemed longer than 0.7 miles (what they have posted). The beginning is a gentle upward incline but it gets steeper as you get farther along. The stone stairs are steep and there are 2 sets of them. But we did see some elderly people on this hike so if you're careful and take your time and are used to doing some walking, you can make it.

The views are gorgeous, as are most views from Sedona trails, in my opinion. The arch itself was fun to walk on and to take photos from. We went later in the afternoon so I only had to wait for 2 people ahead of me before I got my turn on the arch. We had our large dog with us and he had no trouble with the terrain or distance. However, even if it's not a hot day (as today was not), take plenty of water as the Devil's Bridge trail is fairly exposed and it can get windy too (Chuck Wagon Trail has more shade)

We really enjoyed this simple trail with views of Lake Powell. The hanging garden at the end is pretty interesting since it is in a desert. Stay to the right on the trail to see the garden.

Part of the path strays towards the lake and has great views, but if you are aiming for the garden, stay to the right.


This is well worth the walk over the hill! Short trek with a steep start but the overlook area has a lot of different ways to look down to this amazing view. There will be a lot of people, but just be a little patience since everyone is coming and going frequently. Enjoy!

The best view!

5 hours ago

Definitely not easy, as rated. It’s short but you are climbing up and down large rocks. Small waterfall at the end, refreshing water if you bring a swim suit. And yes parking cost $9, so bring exact cash.

great trail! a lot of variety, well marked, clear paths. Lots to see! The Quartz rocks are beautiful. A little bit of shade along the way. I started at Go John then took the Quartz trail to Slate trail and back to the parking areas, which took a little over an hour. a little bit of incline the first half, then the second half is mostly decline or flat. went on a Saturday and think I saw a total of 4 or 5 people on that trail. pushed back far enough from main roads that it really does feel desolate and peaceful. there is a $6 day pass fee, but definitely worth it!

Easy hike, with a great payoff at the end. Take the time to explore around inside the caldera, and see it from different vantage points. Trail is pretty exposed midday, but there are pines at the end - good place to have a snack and cool off.

8 hours ago

No waterfall.

Good desert hike, a bit more challenging than ‘easy’ if you’re a new hiker. You’re rewarded with nice views and a good workout (for the casual hiker). We saw many trail runners and MTBs on this one. Mostly hikers though. Note that signage is minimal-bring a map or gps. More than once we had to check our route against various unmarked side trails and lightly marked converging trails. Bring water.

9 hours ago

Did the standard out and back a while ago in July. Amazing sights, not tough at all. Stunning the deeper you get. Planning a through hike soon to see the rest.

Hiked this trail recently for my birthday. The weather is always fantastic on Mt. Lemmon this time a year and it was awesome to escape the heat. While this trail might be awesome for some, I wasn’t a huge fan. I don’t like trails that descend on the way out and ascend on the way back. Really wears me out! I may choose to do this trail from the trailhead on the other side so I can go UP first before I go down!

Definitely a trail to do in early am at low temperatures. The views are stunning on both sides of the hike. Do 106-105a-105.
It’s definitely more that a moderate hike!

Good steady climb mostly moderate grade the whole way up, great views from the summit. Perfect day hike or elevation training for humpreys etc. Well maintained trail.

was a great hike.. started at 11am weather wasn't to bad to handle once you get to the top it was much cooler and windy. wore the wrong shoes to hike but didn't have any issues. the view from the top was amazing. following the dots after Jacobs crossing it doesn't say if you're at basin or started hiking up to flatline. there was some climbing that had to be done which was fun! Took is about 2.5 hrs to get up there and about 2 hrs to get down.

Great length and level of difficulty for four kids 5-11

14 hours ago

Nice hike. I didn’t make it to the Arches, which is the full 3miles in, I believe. I stopped at the apex halfway, went a little down the backside (decent view 100 yards down) and returned. 45min to apex, about same back down. While it was quick, it was strenuous, but go at your own pace. Don’t let the difficulty scare you, I ran into octarians, septarians, etc... I was the youngest person on the trail (34yo).

It was a late morning hike, the sun is hot on the front side. Back side is well shaded and even green (in May).

I ran into a snake (not a rattler) mere steps off the trail. A lady I passed had spotted what she thought was a wild boar snorting around in the bush. Great views along the way, especially on the way back.

14 hours ago

This hike was sublime and completely worth it. It had some steep sections near the top but was not too difficult at all, though may be difficult for people who aren’t used to hiking/physical activity. The mile long road from the parking area was boring and dusty, and there were ATVs going by every other minute, but I think there was an offshoot trail called Chuckwagon that would bypass this. I would try that next time to avoid all the cars. The mile-ish hike up to the bridge was beautiful and the views were more and more spectacular as you climbed. People waited in line to take photos, but it wasn’t overly crowded at 5pm when we were up there.

15 hours ago

Finally Conquered this hike today 5/21/2018. Challenging hike with lots of switch backs. Wore a long sleeve and Klim bubble jacket with a beanie. It was very windy at the top. 9.2 miles is not accurate RT. It was more like 10.5+ miles. My legs are feeling the workout!

Nice hike, we were doing this hike as a second hike in the day. we had one in the morning and this one was scheduled for afternoon. We started late afternoon around 4pm. It took us less than 2 hours up and just above 1 hour back. Came back just at the sunset. It was actually good time of the day, because the majority of the time we were walking in the shade.

15 hours ago

We had a great hike. was short and was finished in 1 1/2 hours and we stopped a bunch of times. trail is difficult to find most the time, but what makes that ok is your walking along the river and you can blaze your own way. passed about 8 families along the way and a group fishing in a large area with about 6 fish on their stringer. it's may 20 and temp was good.(80 degrees)

Excellent trail with awesome scenery. If you are looking for a good workout this is the trail for you. Deffitnley on the hard side with a lot of steep climbs. Will go back for sure.

Fun trail with a great view at the end

Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

1 day ago

Beautiful area but hard to stay on the intended trail. After you descend down, you cross over the pipeline intersection and head towards the mountain. There are a lot of small off trails so I’m not certain I actually stayed on the intended trail or not. But.. it was beautiful and great views of Flagstaff. I’ll try it again soon!

Great hike. Awesome ending. Steady moderately easy hike.

Set out from the Courthouse Vista parking to Bellpark Pathway which connects to the courthouse butte trail. I went counter clockwise so that I could hit the front side of bell Rick and courthouse butte around 6:30 pm (hour before sunset). Great light. It took me about 2 hours in total but I was moving a decent clip. The backside of the butte isn’t too exciting but the whole trip is a great walk. Would be great with dogs.

Great hike with plenty of challenges and change in elevation. Good markings and trail easy to follow - highly recommended for a nice workout!

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