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Loved this trail. Took us about 2.5 hours. Quiet, serene, and relatively flat. Highly recommend for all ages!

This was a only rocky, Annoying rocky dirt road. no skill required, no interesting features to climb over, it was a waste of time to drive on it if you are looking to do real off road trail driving.

Nice views. Would be beautiful if it was wet season.

Pretty descent hike. Overall I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult, the last part of the hike going from the base of the mountain up to the top plateau is somewhat strenuous but I would consider 75% of the trail to only be moderate not difficult. Scenery wise, it’s ok, typical desert scenery. I did like the fact that past the first mile I saw no one. To avoid wandering around trying to figure out what direction you need to go to find the trail use the satellite map on the all trails app. It didn’t occur to me to do this until after I had went the wrong direction for about a mile. After parking continue to walk down the road to the area where the portable restrooms are. They will be on your right. Continue to walk straight down the road toward spur cross trail - do not go left- you will pass 2 other trailheads on your right, just continue going straight. You will stay on this road/trail for awhile until you eventually see an old cow pen on your left. Their will be a river bed on your right. The trail to the right is the one you want to follow. If you end up going through a gated area with the cow pen on your left you went the wrong way. You will eventually see a large older sign that has several trails listed on it. At the sign go to the right. You will continue on this trail which was listed as cottonwood trail, you will not actually see a sign that says skull Mesa trail for a number of miles. You will eventually see it on your left. Pay attention to make sure you stay on skull Mesa trail. It is not well taken care of and only rockpiles keep you on track. From almost the start of the skull Mesa trail you will be going uphill. Eventually you will find yourself at the base of the mountain. The trail switchbacks up this mountain up to the top. Be mindful of weather reports. I disregarded them and ended up wading back across the flooded river beds that had been bone dry only hours earlier. After finally getting back to my truck the main road was flooded out and had a line of cars. I did find out from a very nice girl that morning star road was a bypass road and not flooded to the point that it was impassable. If you find yourself in the same situation try Morningstar road. It’s much better to pay attention to the weather and not get into the situation to begin with. I hope this long winded run on review helps.

This is an okay trail when dry but the ground is filled with burrs and isn't too dog foot friendly. Evening hikes are very buggy.

I’m sure it’s a great trail, but you cannot make it to the trailhead without a high clearance vehicle. High clearance + 4x4 would be ideal. This should be included in the description.

The trail is well-marked and gorgeous, but do NOT try to scale and summit Bell Rock. The trail leading to the south side is washed out, and leaves maybe 1-2 ft from the edge of the cliff circling back around to the north on the right side of the rock. Stay on the north side.

well marked trail with cairns along the way. saw cow, deer, chipmunk, roadrunner on the road near the mine and a coati. If you want to find Tony's cabin keep following the trail map straight along the creek. We followed cairns vering right and turned around because it was the wrong way. stay left in a large open area near an old corral and fence. my fitbit said 15 miles at the end but we did go off trail for a couple miles.

Gorgeous home through the trees with a nice contrasting view of green trees and brown hills

Trail was narrow and full of large rocks. There is a stables next door so the trail is full of road apples too. I would rate it moderately hard because of all the rocks. We only hiked into the reservoir because our party found it more difficult than fun.

Met a bear on the last .8 section to the parking lot. He was polite and waited until we passed

Just completed the East trail, very nice established trail, Beautiful Mountain View’s. Forest is becoming very dry and dead bark beetle infested trees are falling all the time. It was a very enjoyable hike indeed.

The most difficult part of this trail is finding it. The trailhead isn't marked, but it's about 1 mile North of the Sunset Point rest stop on 17N. Look for the windmill as others have mentioned. It's right off the freeway, so be careful pulling in and out. The gate was locked but we just squeezed through. This is really more of a walk than a hike, but there are some trickier areas of you go off-trail and explore the mine ruins a bit. Wear sturdy-soled shoes!

off road driving
10 days ago

Never know what you are going to find or what you are going to see. Great views up on top back into the valley and of Roosevelt Lake coming down the back. Done the trip several times and at different times of the year. Can run into lots of snow pack during. some winters.

It was an amazing off road experience. My girlfriend and I really had a blast on this trail. It has amazing scenery points. There were parts that were somewhat challenging, but nothing a Rubicon can’t handle. I definitely recommend it

This trail is located south of Lake Havasu City.

Beautiful! If you're not on this trail, you're totally missing out on awesome moonlight hikes, sunset views and early morning coffee sunrise!!! ❤️

Trail is actually closer to 4.25m, great hike though, some uphill climbing but not too difficult. I wouldn’t necessarily take kids though, pre-teen and above...

Done this 2x now as a backpacking practice run for the Grand Canyon.

Honestly, if you’re not backpacking and not doing it in the heat of the day - I’d imagine it would be pretty easy.

The river/rock crossings are kinda cool the first time you do them - but they get pretty old.

Essentially no sun protection.
Very little/super sketchy water holes.

But only a very few inclines.
You can go hours and hours without seeing anyone here.

A good practice run for folks who are trying to get their distances up. But, nothing to write home about.

13 days ago

Was out running a few errands with the wife and we just stopped on a whim and “walked” this hike. We weren’t dressed for hiking but you don’t really need to be for this hike. I did just fine in sandals. Great for a young family to go on with younger kids. Most can make the mile walk easily.

My first long hike in Arizona. Challenging, but not overwhelming for this 65 year old outdoor lover. Got very close to some deer and a large Bull snake. Great views!

One of few more challenging hikes in the Flagstaff area, Mount Elden trail is designed in a way that makes the mountain as brutal as possible to go up. What could have been done in a mile and a half or so, takes 2.5 miles to ascend. You'll likely notice the unnecessary switchbacks and lengthened trail around the side of the mountain that makes it feel like you're expending all this energy to go nowhere. I've done this hike several times and will do it again, but every time I do it I'm frustrated with the design of the trail. not a very good trail at all, but a decent hike nonetheless.

Have hiked it several times, a good hike . A good time .

This is a great trail for beginners.

15 days ago

Very lovely creek! We saw many cows in this area.

Check the weather and your water. We went to sliderock arch and back from the campground and logged 15.4 miles. I’m a bigger guy and went through 4L of water. Walking through the sand and over river rock added a solid difficulty to this long and grinding trail. You need to go around 4 miles to see the steeper canyon walls. Many cool things to see. If you don’t have the time or energy to do this trail, check out wire pass to buckskin gulch.

Nice views on top and caves were on top too. Lots a shortcutting if you want to veer off the path.

Great series of trails on and around a sandy butte. The trail arrangement is a bit confusing but since there’s almost no cover, you can see forever and won’t miss your trails. We hiked up one of the steep trails near the abandoned slate home and saw some great views of the Valley of the Sun. The trail seems popular with mountain bikers, runners and hikers. There’s no cover so bring water.

So beautiful! Trees/shade everywhere. Picnic tables, covered pagodas. As short or as long as you want it to be. Loved it. Will be back.

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