Looking for a great trail near Cottonwood, Arizona? AllTrails has 11 great hiking trails, trail running trails, dogs leash trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Red Rock State Park or Watson Woods Riparian Preserve, we've got you covered. Just looking to take a quick stroll? We've got 6 easy trails in Cottonwood ranging from 0.7 to 3.7 miles and from 3,300 to 3,477 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!


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Cottonwood, Arizona Map
trail running
5 days ago

I run here around the park and lagoons at dusk and in the morning and this is the best place to do so around town. Scenery is beautiful and I always see either eagles, herons, ducks beavers, otters. Have also seen deer here, bobcat, mountain lion and of course lots of skunks. Strongly recommend, even if you only come to walk your dog.

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Short easy hike to the marsh area. Has a deck extending just out over the weedbeds with benches to sit on. Very nice view of the marsh and Tuzigoot Monument across the marsh from the deck. There are some shady spots along the trail which give some relief in summer months.

21 days ago

We started this one around 07:45 am and decided to do the hike clockwise which I would highly recommend. From our starting point to the highest point of the hike was about two miles, if you do the hike counter clockwise it is a little over four miles to the summit. The hike worked out to a little over six point four miles and was very enjoyable. Doing the hike clockwise is well worth it even though the terrain is steep in places and it gets hot fast if you start later in the day. The descent was for the most part in the shade and easy to navigate (all trails) also made it easy to find the trails when we wondered off of them to that point there was only two locations along the hike were the trail got a little thin and required a little sorting out. Overall this hike is good hike for a beginner and intermediate hikers with lots of interesting rock formations. About three quarters of the way up there is a great little location just off the trail were you can sit on some cool rocks under a large shady tree and enjoy the view, in addition to all this the variations of plant life it was well worth it. Recommendations: would recommend starting early, the earlier the better, do the hike clockwise, bring lots of water, good hat, lots of sunscreen and a few snacks.

Beautiful trail. Ran into quite a few mountain bikers who were very friendly. I had to stop several times even going in the counterclockwise direction but I'm a beginner hiker. We made it to the big rock before the rocky climb. My hiking partner could have made it all the way without stopping. Beautiful views, great weather. Will try again for sure!

bird watching
27 days ago

What a beautiful sunset hike this was. Today I took the clockwise route for a couple of miles. Contrary to previous reviews, it seems to me that counterclockwise ascends more steeply at the beginning. The bottom line is, which ever route you take, the climbing is at the beginning and the stunning elevation views are at the back of the loop. On the clockwise direction you follow a stream if there has been recent rains or it’s early in the season; the disadvantage is it also hugs 89A more closely for a good portion of that 1st mile. The counterclockwise direction takes you immediately away from the highway. This was a mid June hike and any number of flowers- agave, too- are blooming at the higher elevations., even the prickly pear. Species seen: Scrub Jays, Black tailed Gnatcatcher’s, Vireo, Yellow Warbler, and even three Painted Redstarts!

1 month ago

Great hike beautiful views. Little annoying flies. Hike up was a bit warm. Overall a great hike. Under 3 hours started from the camp ground.

on the rim the whole way great views from almost everywhere

Beautiful! My 10 year old thought she was going to die on the up hill but my other kids loved it! So many gorgeous views!

1 month ago

loved this trail, like alot of over 5 mile trails in upstate AZ has alot of different geo and terrain. for the most part wide enough trails only reason it isnt 5 star there was one part that threw my wife and myself off it wasnt mark too well. we were able to see horn lizard and some good wild life. some great views in parts. my watch clocked it at over y miles

1 month ago

Beautiful trail but steep in places and lots of loose rocks. Not for very young children. Moderately strenuous.

Amazing trail! Beautiful views, and tons of wildflowers! A bit windy and chilly but definitely will be back! A+!

Gorgeous views. Definitely tired at the end but my dog and I made it fine. Be sure to pack enough water and snacks.

this trail isn't so bad if you don't mind that day at the park type walk, I went in expecting some offroad trails but the path was nice and paved.

2 months ago

Difficult if you are not used to the elevation. wear pants if you don't want the brush hitting you. very rewarding throughout and at the end.

Little tougher than I expected but nice bumpy ups and down the hills

3 months ago

This a very experience. I was the only one on this trail for the first 75% and it was a Sunday. This is the main perk of this trail that it is remote and you may only see some locals but not crowds of tourists like in Sedona. Beautiful views even with some snowy peaks at the distance. Flowers are blooming. The trail has very gentle incline. But don’t worry, slowly but surely you are getting up and up . That is before going down and down to the canyon. I missed the turn down to the canyon. Glad I had my trail map on this app. Its on your left side at about 3.2 miles. Trail down to the canyon is overgrown and not clearly visible at places but it even added to the adventure. Secluded waterfall with a lagoon at the trail end is worth the scramble thru spiky bushes and slippery rocks!

Trail was interesting with bird life and flowers but there’s not much to see in the marsh. Just enjoy the outdoors and see what comes up. There is an interesting contrast between the starkness of he surrounding hills and the wildlife in the marsh.

This is an easy walk and well marked but there’s a not a lot to see. If you just want some exercise from the campsite then it’s worth it but I wouldn’t drive a long distance to get here. We walked from Tuzigoot National Monument by following the Tavasci Marsh trail, which made it an interesting 2 hour walk. If you have a National Parks pass but not a State Park pass, then park at Tuzigoot and walk through.

This trail was super cool. Clockwise will be a lot of climbing at the beginning, counterclockwise is more gradual. Didn’t run into a single person. The trailhead is slightly hidden and it’s right off the road. If you weren’t looking for it you might miss it. Also saw quite a few deer at different points along the trail. My dog loved the trail too.

Did this trail with DH on March 22. The road is still blocked off about 1 mile before the TH. We parked by the gate and walked in. Hiked clockwise. Trail really muddy and wet for the first part (lots of melting snow). Then as we descended down the mountain, lots of snow. Sometimes 2-3 feet deep. Tricky at times, but do-able. My poles really helped. (BTW, this part is narrow and steep drop offs, but I did it and I have a healthy fear of heights). Climb back up was dry, but very tiring. We are 55 and 62 years old, in fair shape and we were exhausted by the end but the views all along are outstanding!! Total hike from our parked truck and back was almost 4 hours. Definitely a challenging hike, but rewarding. Tips: wear waterproof hiking boots; go slow and careful, take lots of water.

no shade
off trail
over grown
4 months ago

This hike would rate one star higher if this were not the Sedona area. The great bulk of the trail climbs through sparse low-growth forest and cacti up Mingus Mountain in the Black Hills mountain range, which is unimpressive, though it offers some nice views of Verde Valley. At about 3.2 miles in, the trail splits, with the AllTrails trail breaking off to the left. We walked past this split twice because the trail from the split to the end is unmaintained/non-existent (be prepared to be poked, barbed, stuck, and pricked ... A LOT), so look carefully after traversing past the wash at about 3.0 miles in (which requires a sharp left turn); if you instead go straight you follow the "official" Black Canyon Trail. After the split, the trail drops pretty steeply (and over loose rocks) for 0.5 miles until you reach the bottom of Black Canyon. Here the trail is, at best, sporadic, and progress requires bushwhacking and boulder hopping. On this trip, though, the water was flowing, and the "trail" (if one can call it that) ends at a beautiful water fall almost a mile up the creek (this mile took about an hour each way). This last mile would rate 5 stars if it had an actual trail.

This was a fun night hike done from the camper doorstep. I was continuing on after loop completion to do another small loop but the wet snow was soaking in and I started to get too cold so I turned around.

Mid February the trail was mostly brown, and after recent rains there were some muddy spots. Easy hike/walk with few rocky inclines. The ruins were interesting and the park rangers there were very nice. Side note: they DO have Apple Pay at the Tuzigoot ruins park office/gift shop.

Tavasci Marsh Trail looks like a great trail for Spring and Summer. In mid-January (when I went) there were no birds and scarce green. The start of the trail is pretty open but once it drops down to the Verde River altitude there are a number of trees planted alongside the trail, providing cool reprieve in summertime (but barren in January). The trail is largely a jeep road but becomes a single track for the short distance it enters the marsh (formed in the remains of an old path of the Verde River). The Tuzigoot Monument was closed due to the government shutdown. The Verde River Trail was relatively nicer in wintertime and I even saw two mule deer toward the end of my hike down it.

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