This is definitely a worth while drive, but be sure to allow plenty of time. It is slow going as there are endless switchbacks and sharp corners along the road. In fact, there are many places where you probably won't be going any faster than 20-30 miles an hour due to this. Very scenic, with access to lots of side roads and trails all over this national forest. I've done this drive many times, both directions. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, this is your road as it has lots of twistys!! If going south, you will start up in the high country around Alpine. Forest, lakes, streams, meadows and an elevation of around 9000'. And it will drop all the way down to Clifton which has you back in the desert. When you get close to Clifton, the highway actually goes right through the Morenci Copper mine there. You actually have to stop for Haul trucks that cross right over the main highway. It's pretty surreal. And the mine is HUGE. It is the largest open pit copper mine in North America, and the 3rd largest in the world. It is in stark contrast to the beauty this drive has at higher elevations, but is something to see regardless. This is a good way to see how dramatic the vegetation changes in AZ. From cactus to tall pines, or vice versa. Be aware of the weather in winter though, the upper reaches of this road can be treacherous after a winter storm. And there is literally no services for miles and miles!!