8 days ago

I’m giving this trail 4 stars because it doesn’t take you to the Onyx Bridge or the Black Forest, but just around the washout.

Otherwise, this trail is a great way to see the Petrified Forest! There isn’t a trail after you get out into the open, so we were just wandering around by ourselves. We started at the same time two campers started, but we were only on the same path for about ten minutes. You can see the building you park at/hike down from the entire time, so you can’t really get lost. Once we pulled up AllTrails, we realized we were supposed to follow the washout around. We only did that side of the trail, looked around for Onyx Bridge for a few minutes (didn’t find it), then got back on the “trail” and walked past the washout into the Black Forest. We saw two tarantulas, so keep your eyes open.

I definitely would not rate this trail as hard. The hardest part was the climb back up to the parking lot because it is straight up. Everything else is flat and easy and open. We explored for about 4 hours, and when we were done, took a straight shot back toward the building.