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This is a rough hike, but the reward of scenery is great from the summit of Mt. Wrightson. Do love the view of Mt. Hopkins which is directly across.

Always love this hike. Went yesterday though and some of the trails I have taken to the top are landslide victims so definitely stay to the left going up now

One of my all time favorite day hikes. Just finished my 4th time and although it's been 12 years since I've done it last, the beauty is still awe inspiring and the energy of the canyon spiritual. We started by catching the Hikers Express bus that was packed solid. Luckily it is easy to create distance quickly. We started our descent at 6:30am and arrived atop of south rim at 1:00pm. We are in pretty decent shape but I'd recommend people get in their training. The ascent will kick your butt!

Challenging, but worth it!

Great hike, we did it in one day but would probably break it up into 2 days next time. Really glad we came down the South Kaibab trail as the views were amazing especially at sunrise and there wasn't many others on the trail. Coming back up on Bright Angel was nice but the further up you get there are tons of people and after 15 miles the last thing you want to deal with are crowds. The stream still had water flowing for most of the hike so it helped to dip our hats in the water to stay cool as heat was a real factor. Plenty of water along the trail (your last chance was Indian Garden since others were out of service).

Great hike! Left out at sunrise around 5:30 am with 2 liters water made it to the village at 9:30am, consumed about 1/2 my water. Stayed overnite explored all the falls. Woke up bushed and slept in and didn't leave till 10:30am, big mistake, didn't make it out till 6:30pm, drank all 2 liters, still had 1 mile of switch backs up the canyon . Torture! Lesson learned always leave out at sunrise and don't hike the afternoon!!! You will die!
Or think you are dying!! Also bring 3 liters on your way out and up the canyon!!

unbelievable views. somewhat technical. INCREDIBLY EASY to get off trail. I don't think I met one person in the trail that wasn't lost. getting off the trail can be VERY dangerous with steep hills and loose footing. my advise is that if you think you're off the trail... you are! after the first saddle, stay left. that being said, I'm in descent shape and I got it done up and down in 3.5 hrs. with 1 liter of water. that's with getting lost twice and eating lunch at the top. could've used a little more water. but doing it in 3 hrs with 1 liter is certainly doable. I recommend going in the morning. the hike up is entirely shaded then.

Hiked out on Bright Angel yesterday. Hiked down on South Kaibab two days earlier. Camped at Bright Angel. We hired a guide and had mules carry down the camping gear. Weather was perfect. If you are in average physical condition and break it up into two hikes I really think almost anyone can do this hike with ease. What happens is that people think its a race and don't stop to enjoy the stunning beauty, rest and take photos. Also snacks and water are your friend. We started the hike at 5am from the campground and finished at 3pm and barely broke a sweat. Clearly we were going at a snails pace and made many stops (there was a person who needed a little extra time and patience in the group). I didn't mind it because it gave me time to soak in the views. But from all the reviews I was expecting this overwhelmingly hard hike. Why would anyone rush this trip unless they were trying to do it in one day to avoid packing in camping gear? If you really wanna see this stunning canyon and are concerned about being fit enough i suggest getting a guide, camping at the bottom, have the mules carry the gear, relax and ENJOY! It's really not that expensive.