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Camp Verde, Arizona Map

Really cool, fairly close-up view of the dwellings. It is $10.00 per person so depending on party size it might be more economical to just buy an annual National Parks Pass.

Great day trip. Hike is good for all ages. Bathrooms at every parking lot. Beautiful views!!! Who doesn’t love a short hike that leads to gorgeous waterfalls!?

Flat and very easy to see cliff dwellings.

Short trail around bottom of copper canyon. Lightly trafficked. Avoid in heat of the day.

08.08.18 Late review. Permit required. They have a list with names as long as you didnt purchase it the same day. Use a high clearance vehicle!! I do not recommend using a sedan, I rented a Nissan Rouge for this trip. Went last week during the rains / hail and hiked the entire trail. It was marvolus! Gorgeous fall after fall. Will definitely go again when it's not raining. Was afraid of flash flood.

Great for all ages, easy 1 mile hike if parked in the designated water parking lot. Must have and reserve pass ahead of time.

This place is amazing. The weather was perfect. My family of four went thru 6 water bottles and a bag full of snacks we drove up thru Payson, from fountain hills and it took us 3.5 hours to get to the parking lot. Here are some pointers for you. 1. get a permit 2. wear your suit 3. bring aqua socks 4. wear sunscreen 5. pack food(a meal and snacks) and water 6. plan for a whole day. We went on a Monday and it wasn't busy at all. The water holes along the way were great to hang at or cool off. We will go again.

Nice hike. Just the right amount of elevation gain. No water at the waterfall or in the washes even though it’s been raining daily here and up north. Views were nice.

Beautiful, clean hike. Definitely get your permit before you go.

Unbelievable how the castle was constructed. Also provides a fresh perspective on how good we have it with modern conveniences.

Beautiful trail and waterfall! Easy hike. Dirt road is 14 miles and takes at least an hour very bumpy recommend high clearance vehicle!

FYI: I was planning on hiking this trail over memorial weekend but just received an email that they are closing this area on Wed May 23, 2018 due to wild fires. Anyone who have bought a permit will be refunded. Will plan to go again when they reopen.

the hard part is the drive in, make sure you have no loose fillings in your mouth, it takes almost an hour to get in.
Although we went on a week day, the waterfall was very busy, so once we took some pictures we retreated back to the one of the many accessible natural pools we saw on the way. I just wish people were more considerate and stop littering such natural beauties with crap they no longe needed. SMOKING SHOULD ALSO BE BANNED!!!

This is a very neat historical structure. I didn’t find the 1.5 hour one way drive from Phoenix to be worth it though.

Amazing place to hike to and swim in the gorgeous clear water. The drive is about 14 miles down a dirt/rocky road. I advise people to use a suv/truck or something with 4x4 if you have. Be nice and let cars that can drive the road faster go by you. We have seen small cars go down this road and either get stuck, or damage their car with the rough road. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen cars make it, but just saying if your driving a Tesla down the road, then don’t be surprised if you see people pointing and laughing at you. You need a permit, $10 to park and hike. We have been when it’s crowded and not so crowded. Parking within the first 3 areas, are the best and after that it makes for a much longer hike. It is dog friendly and great place to hang a hammock up. The best part is the waterfall where you can jump off into the water or do like some people and slide down the middle into the pools. If your wondering if the water is cold, it is! It’s 70 degrees but wonderful when it’s hot out.

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4 months ago

This is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Easy hike, many cool stop offs to the creek off the main trail. Water was cold in September but eventually you get over it because you just cant not be in the water. My 10 year old son had an amazing time as did the rest of us adults. My brother and best friend jumped off the waterfall but Im not quite brave enough.

This was much more my speed as a beginner vs the longer hike to the upper falls via Flume trail and in my opinion just as pretty. The only negative comment I have is the amount of people trying to drive Hondas or Prius. It's about a 30-45min drive down a rough dirt road. They didn't let the Jeeps like us and 4x4s pass and we saw a few get stuck. Common courtesy let people with more suitable
off-road vehicles pass.

Went this last weekend with my husband and friend- was absolutely stunning! Easy hike and well worth it! So many swimming holes! We were in a Kia and the ride down was a little nerve racking but slow and steady and you’ll be ok!

How can anyone refuse the “awesomeness” of FC?! It’s such an amazing little hike that ends at a crisp, cool watering hole. The hiking trail was easy will little issue climbing over rocks and branches. The only downfall is we went on a weekend. Even with the permit requirement it was still like a miniaturized version of salt river. Instead of the normal peace and solitude that I prefer the end of the trail was full of 20 somethings partying. Be prepared for the 45 min bumpy drive in where we saw a couple people stuck from blown tires.

Do you need a pass or reservation to hike this trail?

Short easy walk but worth the stop, fantastic cliff dwellings.

So how bad are the roads exactly? I have a mini van, would I be able to make it?

absolutely breath taking!!

So great!! About a 13 mile drive on a dirt road with tons of rocks but kind of manageable with a compact car. The waterfalls were super pretty super easy hike and lots of fun.

Not a hike, obviously, but very cool - good family fun

Amazing place. Super easy. The google driving directions are wrong as it takes you to the Strawberry side. Road is from the Camp Verde side. Long dirt road and rough in areas but worth it.

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5 months ago

This is a fun trail to run. The switchbacks are very gradual and the trail is well maintained. Yes, you do have to drive past a shooting range to get here, but it is worth it. As another post said there are cattle trails, but I think the main trail is easy to stay on and you can’t get too far off course. I was running and didn’t make any wrong turns. If you are worried about losing the trail, go up the switch backs first. The trail in that direction is very clear. There are nice vistas and cool limestone cliffs along the way. Enjoy.

love the look if the castle

This is an amazing trail for beginners and kids! Beautiful waterfalls and the water is crystal clear!

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