The spring was outstanding. We had it all to ourself. The area has most everything one could want including seclusion, wildflowers, birding, swimming, petroglyphs, a footbridge, the spring, and several varieties of butterfly when we were there which was September 17th 2018. The drive was picturesque and fun even if it is a little white knuckle in places. I do not recommend bloody basin road if you have any questions about the performance capabilities of your vehicle. The road through seven springs is much easier on your heart rate and the road remains two wide through 90% of the ride. Also Bloody Basin has an incredibly harrowing downhill section that was terrifying on the way up and had no guardrails. The great thing about going out that way though, is that you end up driving through agua fria national monument to get out.

Lastly, the spring itself does not require you to cross the footbridge. it is quite easy to find if you are facing the bridge it is to your left just walk down to the bank and head down what looks like a deer path. One of the anchor points for the old bridge is a good marker for a path down to the reed tunnel.

What an adventure! Snakes, bunnies, birds of prey line the bridge to compete with the fisherman who are catching fish the size of my arm.

We were only disappointed by a miltary fly over and a lack of helicopter landings. This was our first alltrails experience and honestly it will be pretty tough to beat it.