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Loved it. Very easy to find.

17 hours ago

Loved it. I did it a year ago during summer times. I know crazy. But it wasn't that bad. There were a lot of trees and places to rest. Loved it and I hiked a 3 times after that. Or more I don't remember.

17 hours ago

. Amazing place. It took me 7 hours for the whole trip, up and down and also few little breaks. Started at 9am and got back at 4pm. Very nice and quiet place. There were just a billion mosquitoes that were trying to suck the blood out of me while hiking. Also by the time I got down my left leg was hurting and I also got a sun burn. Idk how, when I was under the trees all day and at the top was still freaking cold. But I loved it. Totally do it again. But next time I'll bring some spray to kill the damm mosquitoes.

I would recommend this trail to anyone! Best time to go is May or October. A permit is needed since it is on a reservation. The permits can be purchased Jan/Feb of each year. A limited amount of permits are sold each year and most are taken by guided outfits. The waterfalls were amazing and refreshing after a 11 mile hike in, passing 50ft Falls then camping at Havasupai Falls. Once you set up camp you can go further down to Mooney Falls and Beaver Creek Falls.

22 hours ago

I didn't think it was that Hard. Steep but not hard. I took it to Hidden Valley one day. That was much Harder I thought. Because, I kept losing the trail. But it's a great Shortcut to Midlife Crisis then down to Hidden Valley or back to Pima Canyon.

According to my Fitbit it was 12 miles in 5:54 hours. Drove up from Phoenix in the morning and started at the trail around 9am. Kept moving but took lots of short breaks to catch my breath. The unbelievable amount of gnats at the top made me turn around and walk straight back down (they were everywhere; in my hair and jacket and under my sunglasses - ick). The small rocks and dirt make the down a lot more difficult and slow than the up. I would hike to the saddle again but not the peak just due to the slipping and sliding coming back down.

Rocky, good decend. Minimally maintained, quiet, peaceful hike. Rest house was a good stopping point for us as the temps were going to be 110 plus. Started at 6:00am. The worse part is the 9 stop shuttle service to get to the trail head. No direct routes to the trailhead

Amazing trail with an amazing view at the plateau in the bottom ;)

1 day ago

Love this trail . We did not finish the loop and came back down Marshalls but it was great. Going again and going to complete the loop. For a beginner and planner this spot is ideal, and there is a nice picnic area at the trail head . Very little parking so an early arrival is best. You can stop on your way out at the cookie cabin and rainbow gift shop . Both pretty expensive, we did not eat there at 8 dollars a slice of pizza and 30 for a pie I waited to eat once I got back to town . I am a bit picky about my pizza since I am from the east coast . Nice thing about This loop is it's simple to find and staying in trail was easy. I think once we get some rain it will be nicer when the creek is full, since you follow the creek bed most of the way . Happy hiking

Having a 4wd vehicle is a must for the last 1/2 mile of the road and even then you should drive slow to avoid any sharp rocks.

Trail is super easy but there is a shimmy or scramble at the end to get to the roost. I wouldn't consider it difficult but there is no room for error. If you slip and fall off the edge it's a 50+ foot fall to the rocks below.

I didn't feel safe taking my fiancé across so instead we hiked to the the top and climbed down the rock wall directly to the right (facing the roost). Rocks are easy to grip and if you make a mistake it's just a few feet drop to a huge ledge. Much safer IMO.

In addition to the views of the roost the top and surrounding areas are awesome to explore as well. There is more to this area than just the roost!

Great Family Fun!