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the trail was amazing nice scenery and a good workout

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done. I went weekday early morning and it was still pretty busy.... around 12 it got intensely crowded.
The hike is so so worth the falls though, and I’d do it again any day. You just have to take care when crossing the river... as the trail isn’t marked too well in these areas! Got lost a couple of times but again, so totally worth it.

We usually do North Park but decided to do this one to have a challenge. We went Monday to cut down on the weekend crowd but at about in 9:30/10 am it was already really busy. The hike itself was nothing too hard. There are a ton of places to rest and most of the incline is fairly gradual... no real sharp vertical areas except at the very top. In all honesty I do not feel this trail is nearly as difficult as most of the reviews on here say, and the traffic through the area is bad enough i want to say the view isn't really worth it. I went all the way to the summit as a personal goal and im glad I did it once but.... I wont be taking this trial again for quite a while.

Took a little over 3 hours with spending time at the top, deff some tricky parts, not for The unadventurous!

Excellent trail and wonderful views along the whole route. If you’re looking for parking it is marked as Dry Creek trail at the main road. With that said parking at the trailhead is minimal but parking on the main road works and is definitely worth the views on this hike.

We are infrequent hikers and found this trail was a good match for our ability. We are 71 and 66 years and live in the Midwest so have little experience of high desert hiking. We did Pipeline from Cotonwood Picnic area to its terminus at another parking lot, ate lunch there and turned around and hiked back. We took the Yavapai Trail turnoff on the way back. It was a good section of that trail for us, mostly downhill and great views of the lake. Took us about 2 hrs, 45 min total. It’s very rocky, good shoes help, water is essential too. A terrific hiking experience for us!

Great views

If your in Sedona AZ it’s a must hike

Who rated this trail as MODERATE? I’m a a regular hiker who likes climbing and I found this hill challenging. And I also find myself being called back....

great hike! my 5 year old and I enjoyed it.

Most amazing views in Sedona! Hard hike with many layers to it. Do it! You wont regret it. Bring extra water for dogs and go early because you are exposed the entire time and it warms up quick

Great trail and so beautiful

I'm actually in love with this trail! The intensity is awesome & the view is amazing! You have to stay focused on this hike though, it's definitely one that you can make one wrong mistake and be done....obviously if you are the climber type hiker this will be your go too, I promise. haha. Oh and make sure you wear some grip shoes, you will slide on these rocks while climbing if you're in typical running shoes. Also, I can not stress enough about the water situation. I always have a 64oz camel pack and a few extra water bottles in my backpack. That's just for me. You have to replace what you sweat.

Parking lot busy. Worth it.

1 day ago

Plan was to hike Wave Cave today, no parking! So......did another beautiful hike to Weaver’s Needle considering I was more than half way through the dirt road drive....First Day Of Spring!!! Lots of green :)

This was a great workout. I would definitely label it as a hard hike though. This is not for people who are out of shape. The grade up the mountain is quite steep and pretty long. Beautiful views at the top. The only thing I didn't like was that the road was paved. It kind of takes away from the hiking experience. But it is an access road as well as a "hiking trail" so I understand why.

Did not care for at all due to lack of elevation gain and constant mtn bikers.

1 day ago

This was such a fun trail to hike!! I went with 3 other of my friends and it was one of the best days I’ve ever had. It was a pretty easy hike, not too strenuous at all.

on Jim Bryant Trail

1 day ago

The review by T Kay is right on. This is a hard trail. The first part will fool you into thinking it is easy. Then things change. Use your All Trails app to help you stay on track. However, be proficient at finding your way back in case something goes wrong with your phone or the app. The payoff of this trail is gorgeous views and getting away from people and the noise they make. You will cover some miles round trip so take plenty of water. Piece of trivia is that there is excellent cell reception in the canyon so you can call for help or a pizza if you need it. Remember to tip the pizza delivery person generously. Remote, away from other people, beautiful scenery, quiet. What more could a person need?!

on Casner Canyon Trail

1 day ago

Casner Canyon Trail is a tough trail. It is a continuous uphill trail becoming very steep in certain sections of the last 2/3rds going up. It is very rocky on the trail so have sturdy soled shoes otherwise your feet will be hurting at the end of the hike up and down. The first third of the hike is in typical interesting terrain through trees. However the last 2/3rds of the hike starts to get boring as you climb the side wall of the Canyon amongst scrub brush. This is where it becomes a grind climbing continuously up and getting steep. Very very good cardio workout if that is what you are looking for. Park .4 miles past Grasshopper Point heading towards Flagstaff. There is a small paved turnoff on the right where you will see a old small road with a metal bar gate blocking the road. There is a larger dirt turnoff directly on the opposite side of the road. Walk past the metal gate on the old road and take the trail on your left down the embankment. At the bottom, turn left on Allen’s Bend Trail and head upstream. Where the Allen’s Bend trail definitely ends make your way perpendicular to the river. Look just a little ways upstream for the log you will use to cross the river. Piece of cake. No worries. Walk perpendicular to the river to locate the next small stream. Find your way around the small second stream by walking to your left when you get to it. Follow the rough path that skirts along the side of the steam going downstream now that you are across it. Eventually you will come to the wash that comes from Casner Canyon. Just on the other side of the wash is the beginning of the trail which now goes left. Use your All Trails app to find the trail and stay on it. Otherwise you might take a wrong turn. Take lots of water and some food. Enjoy your extreme cardio workout and the view at the top. Be very careful coming down because the many small and big rocks can be like marbles and your feet can go out from under you quickly. If that happens, watch out that you don’t put your hands right on a cactus when you try to save yourself from falling backwards. I feel there are so many much better interesting trails than this one. This one is for folks who just want to check off a box in their effort to walk every trail in Sedona.

Definitely a challenge albeit it doesn't seem like it when you first start out. The beginning is beautiful with a great walk through flat desert but then, as another reviewer pointed out, the switchbacks start! After the switch backs, you get hit with cables and some moderate rock climbing. It's a lot of fun, in my opinion, but you just gotta be prepared. Bring enough water as I almost ran out on my way back!

This is a beautiful hike! Absolutely gorgeous scenery! You will cross the creek 13 times on the way in so you’ll definitely need waterproof shoes. Will definitely do again.

Easy trail, but lots of mountain bikers. Good trail if wanting to hike a short trail near the city.

If you’re looking for a trail that will kick your butt and have great views of the Superstitions. This is your kinda trail! The first part of the trail is a great incline to the top with some of the trail being very rocky. The other parts are taking big steps up into other rocks. Once at the top there’s a couple different ways to take but the overall trail is a big circle. I personally wouldn’t take my dog on this trail compared to others we have taken her on. I would love to do this trail during sunset or sunrise next.

Easy to follow trail with plenty of toilet stops and water stations. Add a little jogging to your hike and you’ll be done in 7 hours. Only needed extra layers for about 30 mins since the descent is rapid. Electrolytes are a must: salt pills or the ultima pouches will keep your body happy. Protect yourself from the sun, stay hydrated, and take lots of photos :) it’s a beautiful park to enjoy

Quite an enjoyable break from the usual desert scenery. Plenty of water, shade, and wildlife. Great for kids, more of a stroll than a hike.

There are only like 10 parking spots in a very crowded parking lot. I suggest stopping at the entrance and waiting for for someone to leave. I would consider this a moderate hike because of the rough terrain but not really any actual hand and foot climbing. It is fun because there are several things to see along the way. We did not end up doing the whole trail. This trail has great views of the red rocks and has lots of shade.

In the description it mentions a red rock pass. I did not see anything about this at the trailhead.

We got there around 9 and waited about 10 min. for a parking spot. But we planned on that and used the time to apply sunscreen. I would suggest this hike for those who consider themselves athletic. There were many people we watched go part way and then have to turn around feeling defeated. In my personally opinion the view from the top was not tons better than part way up but for me it was more about the accomplishment of making it to the top. At the top it is not flat like Camelback. It is much like the rocks you are climbing up to get there so it is hard to find a comfortable place to sit or lay. Climbing this trail is like going up stairs the whole time. I would suggest a stairmaster to train for this if desired. It is a great pretty quick workout. Be sure to wear well fitting shoes. I thought mine were till I was on the way down and my toes were pressing into the end of my shoes. Be sure to bring water.

To get to the trailhead you have to drive about 7 miles on a dusty gravel road. There is a unorganized parking lot and another over flow one a little bit down the road. We parked in the second one and walked back on the road. There are no signs for the Wave Cave Trail. So we just asked someone before starting. The beginning of the trail is hard to see where the actual trail is. The end of the trail is defiantly the most difficult. You will need both hands and feet. There are some spots with loose gravel on top or rock. I would consider taking traction covers for my shoes next time. Once we got to the top there were like 10 kids running around creating tons of dust! We did not even want to pull the camera out because of the dust. Eventually they left and we were able to get some good pictures. On the way down nearly all the kids were crying or complaining. Not a hike for kids.

Great sunset hike, be up at the top at least an hour before sunset.

When I first looked at this hike it stated it was an "easy" hike. It's definitely a "moderate" hike in my opinion because you're consistently walking up and there are some places where you have to walk in small crevices and walk up and over big and loose rocks.

Wear sturdy hiking boots and watch your footing. If you need to, take it slow, like we did.

The views up top are astounding, especially at sunset.

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