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A great hike not very hard but very pretty. We did it in the spring so saw no water in “river” but still a pretty Trail

Nice trail with good views

It's a fun, but tough hike. Definitely longer than 13.2. My watch said 16.3 miles round trip.

March with Michael, took 70 minutes walking fast to get finished before sunset. Great panoramic views.

Great easy hike, beautiful canyons and vistas

off road driving
4 months ago

Getting out to Chimney Rock itself is relatively easy if you’re used to off-road driving. But the rock isn’t the end of the line. There is a lot of trail left to travel after you pass that point. You can pick some fun lines or take bypasses. You encounter some light rock crawling, sand washes, a little moab-like area, hill climbs, and if your lucky you’ll stumble across a great little water hole. It’s an oasis, tucked away from those unfamiliar with the area. Lots of pinstripes to be earned on this trail!

3 March 2018. This was a much more difficult hike than advertised. Snow early in the week left wet conditions over the entire trail. As mentioned, the distance was closer to 15 than 13 miles. The climb to the peak was calf deep in snow with steep muddy trails and slick rocks. I spent nearly 12 hours doing the full out and back in one day. An extreme difficulty hike if trying to accomplish in one day.

Beautiful trail. I took my dog and walked the whole trail. It is an easy trail but very little shade.We came across a Javalina but with the Boarder Collie stare down it ran away.

Great hike. This was our second time using this trail. We also added in the mountain viewpoint trail & was not disappointed although this part of the trail is steeper & a bit harder to navigate with some of the rock "steps". The view is worth it though. We stopped to catch our breath a few times.
Did this with two teens & a dachshund.

Great hike for me and my two small dogs. The views are incredible you forget you’re so close to the highway.

A very nice hike, though not an easy one. Great landscapes, the trail starts in pines and ends among saguaros. We planned to start at the Mount Lemmon trail head, but the road leading to it was seasonally closed, so we had to find another starting point. We drove to Summerhaven, then turned right on E. Carter Canyon road and went to the Mint Spring trailhead. There we left our car (we had left another car earlier at the Sabino Canyon recreation area). Finding the new starting point took some time, so we started our hike later than we expected - around 9-30 AM. We walked the Mint Spring trail up to the nice spot, where 5 trails go in different directions. There we took the Wilderness of Rocks trail #44, and from its southernmost point went another 2.4 miles to the Romero Pass. Then we took the West Fork trail, and at 4 PM went to Hutch's Pool. We rested there for about an hour, bathed, and then walked the remaining distance up to Sabino Canyon rectreation area. It became dark at about 6-30, but we had headlamps, so it was not a problem. It is a must to carry plenty of water. We carried about 3 liter per person, and it was barely enough.

Went on this hike on 01/13/2018, on a beautiful sunny day, 70 degrees. Make sure you take a right at the sign before the trail begins. It is a little steep towards the top but the views are amazing.

Very Easy and nice views!

7 months ago

Completely worth the 1 hr. drive from Tucson. 16.2 miles over various, rocky terrain wore me out..

Cairns will help you out when you need it. It helps to have some experience in noticing them.

great trail. Stay on right side when entering trail for best views. Bring lots of water and a hiking stick.

Great hike! Trail is a little rocky.

This park is a 5 star because of the nature center and cave. The trail is very well marked and pretty easy. Saw a couple deer, heard quail and saw a wild pig. Great hike.

trail running
Sunday, July 16, 2017

Definitely an easy difficulty. Take the free trail map in the welcome center if you want. I ran it at 10 am and I was the only soul around. It was 87 degrees so not too hot, I had a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of water and I was fine. View at the top is pretty decent, its just slightly more steep to get there. I definitely had my eyes peeled for snakes the whole time. Most of the trail was Rocky.

off road driving
Friday, June 02, 2017

Riding on the UTV out to Chimney Rock is always a great experience for our family. Not sure if I agree with the hard trail rating. I think it's more of a moderate trail if you drive around the mud holes and go whenever the weather has been dry for a period. We usually never run into many people on this trip, so, be sure that you are prepared. Cellphone service is spotty to non-existent.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Got a late start on the day (8:15a). AllTrails lists as a 13.3 mile out and back when in truth, this hike is 16.2 out and back.

The trailhead starts on private, fenced property and is accessible from the second left dirt road. You should park you vehicle in the large open "round-about" the moment you pull in. From there, walk down the second left "road" all the way to the car turnaround. There is a fence that can be opened to access. You will see the trail marker directly in front of you. Make sure to close the fence behind you so you don't release the livestock. The trail map that AllTrails provides is not accurate (although it does get you on the actual trail eventually. This map sends you up a large washout.

Pack extra water, you will need it. Once you hike through the lowland areas Rincon wastes no time and shows some short, but serious elevation climbs.

The trip to the summit has some nice vistas, but this is not what I would call a scenic assent compared to many other southwestern trails. You will find yourself needing a few breaks over the final 1,200' assent as the switchbacks are very tight and the grade is very steep. This is not s technical climb but make sure you drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. A lazily placed foot can result in a serious injury here. We nicknamed this trail, "The Angry Trainer". Every time you think you're getting a breather, it torques up the grade and try's to sap your energy as if to be saying, "come on you pansy, gimme 10 more!!".

Once you hit the summit, you'll get the feeling of sitting on the worlds ceiling. The summit is solid stone and void of trees. The only plant life are a scant few bushes that call this Peak home. While we were there, we shared the view with millions of ladybugs. As they swarmed over us, it felt strangely like those jellyfish like creatures from Avatar. Very tranquil experience. Make sure you stack a rock on the pile before your decent as a symbol of you conquest.

This is a long hike (took us 9 hours out and back not counting time at the top for lunch, snacks etc.). If you can make this summit, there's not much you can't do (short of a 14er).

1) Pack extra water. I recommend an extra liter over your normal consumption.
2) Start early. By 7am.
3) Bring along layers to accommodate for temperature fluctuations (we did our hike on 23 May and had perfect weather).
4) Enjoy the summit if weather permits (it can be pretty gusty). Full 360 view makes you feel a like your kind of a big deal, lol.
5) Put a few Dos Equis in your Yeti and keep it at your vehicle. You'll thank me for that one when you reach the bottom.
6) This hike actually is about the destination, not the journey, and well worth the belt notch!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

This was a nice dessert hike. The trail is fairly easy, but it was a bit warm and I think it was closer to moderate for the kids. There is an option to hike to a summit off the main loop, which I did by myself while others rested. I'd say that was moderate to difficult and not kid or dog friendly. Good hike overall. I could see doing it again if I was doing a caverns tour.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 07, 2017

The trail is easy to follow. My dog and I completed the trail in 2 hours. The views from the top are nice.

Pretty easy but scenic and enjoyable.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2 hours. Right side more scenic. Not sure if theres a fee for trail day use. interesting rock formations.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

I would rate this as a moderate hike due to loose rocks on trail and some of the inclines.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

short trail but still a good workout

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike!! A great rock trail with some hill climbing and great vistas. Saw deer. Trekking poles were helpful. Wild flowers are just starting. Recommend.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This was a fun hike, and a little challenging! Definitely worth it, I took my dog and he loved splashing around in the washes. I'd recommend it!

Too rocky for my toddler. I carried her most of the way.

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