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We really enjoyed this simple trail with views of Lake Powell. The hanging garden at the end is pretty interesting since it is in a desert. Stay to the right on the trail to see the garden.

Part of the path strays towards the lake and has great views, but if you are aiming for the garden, stay to the right.


Very easy and quick hike with some good scenery along the way. When you reach the hanging garden portion it's pretty interesting to see the contrast between the desert and the plant life.

13 days ago

The wind whipping through the area was amazing. This short hike is good for a quick tour but isn't that rewarding overall.

This was my second official hike and it was amazing! Encountered a rattlesnake but other than that the view was beautiful.

14 days ago

Flat, boring trail with a nice hanging garden at the end. Super easy hike, would be good for kids. Not much good scenery until the end unless you wander off the trail.

Not well marked. Sometimes we did not even know where the trail was. Very limited water views. Disappointing.

20 days ago

Completed the Escalante route in late April 2018 with my son. What a wonderful trail! Regarding safety, it was quite comfortable for us in every aspect (though the Papago Wall gave me pause - more of a steep pitch than I expected). Our biggest near miss was with a rattlesnake about 18 inches away as I walked past with it unseen, sleeping under a low ledge next to the trail between Papago and Hance rapids. Hearing its loud rattle and turning to see it coiled and raised to strike was quite scary, particularly considering the rescue implications if I had been bit. We did not find the stretch from Cardenas to Papago intimidating, in spite of other trip reports. It really was quite comfortable walking. Poles are a must, but I never backpack without them on any trail. The most challenging part of the trip for me was hiking down Tanner midday in the heat – we weren’t able to get started until 9 AM and hiked until 4:00 arrival at Tanner beach with few shade opportunities. The hardest part for my son was hiking up from Horshoe Mesa the last day to the rim with a terrible sore throat. I started the trip with a terrible cold - he ended with it. So it goes! Temperatures down by the river were in the upper 80s during midday, and we carried 4-5 litres of water each, particularly important heading down the Tanner trail. Better to carry more than you need than less, as I learned last time I backpacked in the canyon! We adopted a successful strategy for beating the heat: started hiking by 5:45 AM, hiked until about 10:30, stopped to nap, read, sketch in the shade until about 4:30pm, and then hiked until dusk. Wouldn’t do it any other way - that midday heat is so depleting. We left at 9:00am on a Monday morning, and camped at Tanner Beach night 1. We hiked Tanner-Escalante Creek and rested in shade till 4:30, then hiked to Hance Rapids to camp for night 2 (thus doing the entire Escalante portion in a day). Day 3 hiked to Hance Creek, rested, then up to Horseshoe Mesa for night 3. Topped out on the rim at Grandview about 10:30 AM on day 4, Wednesday. A kind tourist couple gave us a ride back to our car at Lipan Point. My son and I both wore Altra Lone Peak trail shoes, and we’re so glad we did. They kept our feet comfortable, not too hot, handled the terrain really well, and were far preferable for us than hiking boots. The Escalante Route is definitely an expert trail, but if you are an experienced backpacker, it’s comfortable and really wonderful. Route finding skills (cairns are primary guides on this trail) and map + good trail beta printed out are a must. I’ve done a number of trails in the canyon, and this was my favorite.

fun place to use your 4x4 desert hills,water what ever you want to do, you can do it. alot of views and every now and then you will see a Lincoln Town car out there crazy.

Would rate this trail easy. Extremely beautiful. We encountered three rattlesnakes!

24 days ago

The bomb!!

Did this hike at the end of April. Road getting out was pretty serious. Definitely need some ground clearance. We were expecting to pay $25 bucks to on the Havasupai reservation but nobody was at the gate so we just went through. Great views at the trailhead. As should be expected, the trail is steep with lots of loose rock. Very easy to slip. Took 4 liters going down and cached 2 at the edge of the esplanade. Also had a filter to refill at the river. We camped at the river on a nice little beach. Had packed an inflatable raft to cross to the north side which we did (had to put in about a 1/4 mile down river to avoid some rapids). Explored the north side a bit before heading up river and crossing back to the south. My garmin recorded almost 8 miles to the river. Left at 4am to hike out and caught sun on the first climb and the esplanade. Lots of good shade on the second climb. It was a good hike with great views. I think it took us 3-4 hr going down and 6-7 going up (with an hour break at the esplanade).

We went early to avoid heat and foot traffic. The beginning of the hike was in shade which was nice. Hiked to shoreline access which it really wasn't and path gets tight. Either go to Burro or stop at campers cove and return. Path gets busy after 10 am. The views are nice of the lake. Met a few rattlesnakes sunning themselves to boot.

Fun, beautiful, water to cool down by or in, lots of twists and ups & downs. Be sure to bring lots of water. We gave a couple bottles up to people that were struggling.

1 month ago

It was fun. Yesterday my friend and I really enjoy it a lot. Like the below say there’s narrow trail a lot cactus by the trail but you can walk thru just to be careful. There is couple climbs I was nervous about but friend of mine help me guide. Not too bad tho. Just my balance was not too well I will definitely come back. Perfect weather tho 80s. There’s shade where you get surrounded with tree it’s beautiful

Love it, beautiful view.

Scenic views of lake and surrounding hills. Used very little, overgrown.

Awesome trail. I rate easy trail with moderate elevation.. Bonus we seen the wild horses on the end of our hike playing in the lake.

off road driving
1 month ago

Best place to get some Arizona pin stripes on your truck.

Despite the beauty of the water, this trail is not well maintained and trash is omnipresent. Loud music and very little reason to ever go back. The one star is for the roadrunner that we saw.

1 month ago

Picturesque in sections. Good diversity in landscape. Powerboats can be noisy. Wild horses at the trailhead were a highlight.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. It's moderate, fairly easy in spots, with amazing views of the lake the entire time. It can be narrow in spots, but everyone was friendly in letting our group by. Lots of places for taking a dip or enjoying a picnic. We ended up hiking just over 7 miles without even realizing it! Make sure you buy your Tonto pass before you get there!

One of the great benefits to hiking Butcher Jones is you get to hike alongside Saguaro Lake, me and my friends arrived at the trailhead around 10AM and it wasn't too hot, just enough of a breeze to make it enjoyable. It's a lightly trafficked trail, perhaps it was because we went during the week. There were certain parts of the trail where we did get bottlenecked behind large groups of people, so if you're a fast hiker definitely try to get ahead of those big groups to avoid getting behind the pack. The trail has a light elevation gain, so it's a good trail to get your hiking legs back under you. Definitely worth the hike especially if you like looking at lakeside views.

It was a great hike. We took 10 kids and we were able to complete it. We swam in the river at the end. There were bathrooms on both ends of the trail. I loved the rope and ladder to help us get through the crack.

1 month ago

Hiked down a week ago in 4 in of snow. Take your time. Gorgeous hike!!

1 month ago

Easy and nice trail has beautiful views.

This was an amazing little gem of a hike right outside the Valley! We brought our small dog and had a wonderful time enjoying the views. We went the whole route and felt the very end of the trail was not as beautiful as some of the other views we saw on our way. This would be a great location to spend the whole day and kayak, swim, or have a picnic after you finish the hike. We felt like it was very worth the $8.00 price tag.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Perfect spring day to hike this trail- water felt cool and refreshing too

Great trail and so beautiful

This "trail" was not really a trail. No signage, no markers.
Just dirt trails that bifurcated everywhere. The area suffers from years of neglect by the Forest Service. But, if you want to see horses, they are certainly around.

2 months ago

A big group of us all took our dogs and we had a wonderful time on this trail. It’s not difficult and I would personally rank it as easy as opposed to moderate. You also get a nice view of the lake the entire hike which is where we stopped to eat lunch. At times, the trail is very narrow with cacti everywhere so I would recommend wearing long pants or being extra cautious in those areas.

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