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Hiked this last week with my husband. We started later than we wanted (around 8:30 am) and turned around at the three mile resthouse. Drank 4 liters of water each and had plenty of salty snacks. Took 6-7 hours since we aren't used to the terrain. It was a challenge for sure but worth it.

Awesome trail. Didn't do the whole thing but I would definitely come back and do this trail again. Kind of crowded near the trailhead but it gets better as you go down.

A great hike! The Super trail as it raps around the south side of the summit is a little over grown right now, so bring pants. Also be mindful for snakes and large predators, We found quite a bit of large predator skat, looked like bear and mountain lion.

Amazing place. Worth every mile. Give yourself plenty of time and be prepared for some switchbacks! Also the trail is gravel at some points but all in all not extremely difficult.

I've completed this loop twice counter clock wise once and in March and May 2017 and would have to say the best way to go ending in the easiest/prettiest part of the trail. I've completed the AT 2016 and lots of trails in Arizona. Dessert backpacking is hard regardless and you have to be smart! That said I've packed 6lts first time no need maybe this time of year. I would say the hardest part of this trail is about mile 8 or 10 when you hit a dry river bed. I couldn't find the trail that route scout had so I found a trail that was marked with stacked stones on the right hand side going up the hill. This part of the trail is over grown with hidden cacti in bushes (Voice Over: “Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.”) to the shins. It was some of the coolest valley views all the way to coffee flats. Fyi no were to camp till you hit the stream 3 or 4 miles after the river bed. Distance from the spring before that is 7 to 8 miles if you want a good water source but you can find water puddles along the way. All along coffee flats you can find come good camping the the spring if you look.

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Beautiful scenery can't be enjoyed due to a poorly kept trail, requiring you to go off trail to make some decent progress even then the loop can't be finished realistically in one day due to the terrain. did 9 miles of this trail and had to turn around due to giant Boulder and fallen trees in the way making it difficult to keep a constant speed.

One of the best hiking experiences ever: This will make you a happier person overall, the level of accomplishment is high, you'll see views out of this world. I did this hike in 3 days. NR to Phantom Ranch in day 1, to Indian Garden in day 2 and to SR in day 3. I went solo during July and the hottest was 105 around Cottonwood. The only weird thing was that my two GPS went crazy around the "Box" the area North of Phantom Ranch. It was beautiful but intimidating, it looks like a labyrinth with no end, but you won't get lost because the Trail is very well maintained. I hiked even during the hottest hours because I did not want to miss a single view, and it paid off. Only do this if you are comfortable in the heat and enjoy it. If not, hike in the darkness but miss the views. I missed Ribbon Falls because the bridge was out of commission and Plateau Point which I kind of regret because I was exhausted. But I can always go back and I will! This is one of my three albums : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155596846852241.1073741843.642677240&type=1&l=43e1432de9 covering from Phantom Ranch to the South Rim. Some of the essential items in this hike are a camel pack, a plastic coffee cup and electrolyte powder. Not a good idea to put powder in your camel pack and the plastic coffee cup was very useful to mix the powder in the water stations.
Altitude changes : North Rim : 8200 ft, Cottonwood : 4000 ft, Phantom Ranch : 2500 ft, Indian Camp : 3800 ft, South Rim 6800 ft, all aprox. Distance between places average 7 miles.

Did up and down South Kaibab over two days, camping overnight at Phantom Ranch for a total of 19.6 miles RT. Most challenging hike I've ever done (still, even four years later) but completely amazing. Started before sunrise both days to try and beat the heat, and ordered the family style dinner at Phantom Ranch for the night at the bottom. As everyone else says, just prepare for the heat and for the fact that between Indian Garden (halfway down the canyon) and the bottom, there is no water available to refill. It's extremely challenging and in the summer it can get to 120 degrees F at the bottom of the canyon, so be prepared. We also had a rattlesnake at our camping site at the bottom along with fire ants, so come as prepared as possible.

Views are SPECTACULAR and doing this feels like an amazing accomplishment!

Day hike. 13 hours. Took Bright Angel down which added two miles but ultimately we were able to start earlier and didn't have to carry more than a liter at a time down since there is so much water.

Easy hike... beautiful view all the way back..!

Amazingly beautiful hike, trail was easy to follow and in good condition. We hiked all the way to the north end of Horseshoe Mesa for a stunning view on the inner canyon (probably about a mile past the campground, but trail is quite level). Trail is strenuous (especially your way back up), it took us about 5 hours to complete (without breaks). We only met three other hikers on the trail. Weather was not too hot for August with a nice cool breeze.