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Super-challenging hike. About half way up, it starts to feel more like rock climbing than hiking. Tricky trail to follow. Only would recommend for experienced hikers in good shape. That said, very beautiful hike. Very special place. Lots of dramatic vistas. Happy we did it.

To the nice Canadians we met...we did find the way with the help of some locals.

One of my favorite climbs. Love the changing terrain. Challenging but very much worth it.

Beautiful and fun route

This is my favorite trail in the area.

went with my dad and two kids. we loved it! the spring is beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Very kid friendly. Easy hike for a first timer

1 day ago

Went hiking with wife, kids, and cousin on the first very beautiful day of the fall hiking season. Waterfalls were still running the day after very heavy rains which made it very refreshing to stop and admire the tranquility of the petroglyph area. One of the best trails for the whole family to be found in Arizona!

Very rocky. Wear proper footwear. Some steep inclines but worth the climb. Easy for the first .8 or so but as you get to the base of the saddleback, lots of boulders to get to water pools and petroglyphs.

If a trail can be rated by the number of times used, Siphon Draw to the Flatiron is my nearly 200-time favorite. As I get older, however, it kicks my butt pretty hard so I use it less frequently. Start early for shade most of the way.

Beautiful Sunrise Hike this morning with some friends....waterholes were full, no waterfall yet, not enough rain. Good Times!

Spent the night at the top was sweet. I do this trail about twice a month helps me stay in shape and it's a good time getting to the top.

This will always be my go to favorite trail. especially the day after a good rain.

This is one of my favorite trails. Great for dogs and kids

We did not realize how long this hike was..... we went counter clockwise. It is a truly gorgeous hike. We saw hundreds of butterflies, 3 tarantulas, a snake, and tons of birds.

8 days ago

I hiked in and camped near the ranch. Wonderful hike, quite moderate and enjoyable. The apples were all over the place as of early October!

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8 days ago

Plenty of apples this year (2018). I would try and make it up during October before they go bad.

good trail but watch for snakes

9 days ago

Easy, good views.

One of my favs! Quick hike with a great big cave at the end.... nice place for sunsets. It can get a little tricky after leaving the crosscut trail. Basically looking for cairns and footprints on your way up, but you can see the cave so it’s impossible to get lost here! If you loose the trail just head toward the cave you will eventually run back into the trail. No fee parking, but very limited parking!!

10 days ago

Awesome morning hike. I would rate it moderate to easy if you start at Saguaro Parking. Amazing views definitely worth the huffing and puffing on the way to the top!

10 days ago

Nice trail. Easy-Med. The petroglyphs were amazing to see! If you don't like people this is not the trail for you. There were a ton of people, loud with no "trail etiquette". Litter and graffiti on the rocks next to and over the historic drawings.

Gorgeous hike through the Canyon! It is rocky, so wear appropriate hiking shoes. Saw lots of butterflies. You can hear the water flowing through the creeks, and there is a small waterfall. Hiked about halfway to the saddle because the trail seemed to go on forever and the only sign is at the parking lot. The trail isn't too difficult to follow. I put carins in a few places just to make sure I stayed on trail. There was a lot of shade in the morning and the temperature is very nice in October. I wouldn't recommend hiking this in summer! I look forward to going back and hiking all the way to the saddle now that I have an idea of the time frame it takes to get there.

Great views. I was hoping there would be more than a small water dribble because of all the rain this week. The ponds were all full but only a slight water flow from pond to pond.

Amazing hike! We made it to the top in an hour and 39 mins:) running & jumping off the rocks on the way down was so fun!!! Definitely a tough hike but I loved every second of it!

Took us 5.5 hours total with a 30 min view at the top. Genuinely a difficult hike, not for beginners! Prepare to rock climb and foot loose rocks/gravel. Bring at least 1 gallon of water per person and maybe a Gatorade/snack! The only downside was not well marked after the first 1.5 Miles in. Remember the way you go up the mountain, the way down can easily throw you off coarse if you’re not careful. Best views in valley!

Started at 7am so the climb was great temps however the way back from 10am was hot especially at the bottom part. Amazing view at the top!

It’s a tough hike. Great reward at the top but coming down burns the thighs.

Peralta TH is my favorite in the Superstitions. The trail is lush and green on the way up. Amazing views from the top. Really just an amazing trail.

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