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Gorgeous views. We got there fairly early making it before the real heat kicked in. I loved this area and plan to hike it’s nearby trails in the future.

Hiked this a few weeks ago and will do it again this Saturday. Trail isn’t marked once you get past the 10’ wall.

This is a good trail to hike two hours before sunset in the summer. The canyon is mostly shaded in the late evening and there are very few people out. I had the trail to myself which would never happen in the winter. The trail is easy to follow and the view if Weavers Needle from the saddle is one of the best.

Moderate to hard, boots recommended, and at least 3 liters of water. Started at 5:45am and reached the saddle at 6:30, just after the sun crested the range to the East. Most of my ascent was in the shade, thankfully.

Views were spectacular! Lone tree is just beyond the saddle and definitely worth the extra 20ish minute hike, although the trail was a little difficult to follow at times. Take the trail over the saddle, and as it takes it’s first hard left, go straight through to the right and up instead of taking the switchback left and downward.

Total time was about 3 hours with a good half hour rest up top, at a fairly quick pace. Absolutely one of my favorite hikes in the East Valley.

The difficulty for this hike was definitely not hard. Just the Peralta trail which is .1 mile shorter along the same trail is rated at moderate which is about right. Took me about 1 hour 45 mins from trail head to the lone tree (end) and probably about 1 hour 15 mins back so 3 hours total hike not including venturing around for half an hour on the saddle. Used up about 2.5 liters of water. Boots recommended, but that goes for just about all of the supes.

Great views doing this hike. Got a good view of 3 sisters driving towards the trail head and once you reach freemont there is a great view of Weaver’s Needle.

Challenging hike with fantastic views!

Easy hike, definitely miss marked as “hard”. This trail is moderate at best!

I did this trail unexpectedly as I was planning on doing the three sisters. But I parked in at the wrong spot and took off up the trail I thought was correct. Before long I realized my mistake - oh well maybe I should up grade to PRO...

Anyway, this was a good solid to hard hike for me. Started off around 9:30. Should have begun earlier as it warmed up more than I expected that day. No biggie. This track is a little more rugged in places than my normal climbs on south mountain (Holbert, Mormon Loop, Geronimo, Devastator) but there was nothing as demanding as the steep parts of Echo Canyon @ Camelback.. Probably could use the up grade from Brooks runners to climbing shoes due to the rocks, but they did fine - no slipping.

Lots of people on the trail: couple scout troops, families even some dogs - but definitely more than lightly traveled on the weekends.

Overall great trail, great views from the saddle and on the way up. Will do this one again but would head off to the needle to extend the hike to 8 or nine miles or only after I get those 3 sisters in.

Wow, what a great hike! We started at 6am going up Siphon Draw to the Flatiron Summit and then across Ridgeline Tr to Peralta Rd. Going this direction kept us in the shade going up to Flatiron. While this hike isn't particularly long (12.2mi by my GPS), it is very difficult. You will get poked, scraped and jabbed often on this unmaintained, single track trail. Navigating this trail is pretty easy by following the cairns. It is beautiful, rugged and remote. We didn't see a single soul all day after we passed Flatiron. If you're looking for a true, tough AZ hike, this is it. Awesome!

My wife and I did this hike Saturday May 12th. Temps were to be a high of 88 in the valley which made it very nice up top at the 4900' level of the ridgeline trail. We ascended up Siphon Draw and exited out the trailhead on Peralta road. For the most part this trail was well marked to follow it through the rockey terrain where an actual path became less defined. We did get off trail a couple times and its easy to do so. If you don't see a rock cairn pile back track and get back on trail. Good news was that I had cell coverage (Verizon) the whole hike to get position data and reference my locations. GPS and/and or map location service is highly recommended. Just before we decended we got off trail pretty good and really was thankful that we could determine position to get get back on the trail.
Views were spectacular as we expected as we have been up Siphon Draw before and hiked Weavers Needle loop off Peralta trail. As for the difficulty its well deserving of an Expert rating. My wife and I both agree its more difficult than the Grand Canyon since the trail is not a nicely groomed path and this makes it tougher on your body.
As for time we left Lost Dutchman SP at 8:45a and made it to our parked car in the Lost Dutchman TH overflow parking lot at 8pm. Parking there added 0.7 miles at the end of the hike. getting offtrail likely added another 30 min to the journey too. I enjoyed the hike tremendously and caution that you be prepared for a physical challenge and take lots of pictures. We had a little more than 1 gallon each of water which seemed adequate. We rebuilt quite a few rock cairns markers which are necessary to stay on trail so remember to pay it forward for the next hiker behind you.

I rated this 5 stars due to the views and how many landmarks you see along the way that call to be explored.

That being said, trekking through boulder canyon sucks. Especially in nike runners (my mistake). Definitely use boots on this trail and be prepared for lots of rock hopping.

Experienced Hikers Only. Most of the trail is marked only by rock cairns. Have a hard copy of the map. Bring at least 4 liters of water and start as early as possible in the day. Expect 8-10 hours based on experience. Noticed that I had cell service throughout most of the day. Amazing trail with incredible views. Be safe!

Went up Peralta to the saddle. Great hike got there around 5:15a and it was empty. Once we got the the first vantage point, went on to “The Tree” worth going all the way. Some shade at sunrise but after that it’s a baking beauty. Tough trail but doable for most everyone. Take water, none on this trail. No scrambling and very well marked!

Adventures are awesome. We traveled to the medicine wheel, saw an owl, explored the area. Will return to the cave and to the see the views of Salt River. The heat is arriving and this trail requires a map. A great adventure!!!

The Superstition Peak 5024 trail starts at the Siphon Draw trail head at the Lost Dutchman State Park and follows the well traveled route up the Siphon Draw towards the Flatiron. This is a challenging hike, and a significant amount of scrambling and some climbing including the 10' Wall guarding the Flatiron is required.
After passing the Wall, continue heading up straight and to the left toward the summit instead of turning right towards Flatiron. If you have made it past the Wall, it is a relatively short and easy hike to the summit - though a bit of path finding is required to navigate the hoodoos, including some that have fallen so you must pass under them.
From the summit you can enjoy 360 degree views including the city and Flatiron below to the west, the Superstition ridgeline and distant 5057 summit to the south, and Four Peaks, the Superstition wilderness and Weaver's Needle to the east.

3 months ago

Awesome hike. closer to 12 miles not 11.5 not that it makes a huge difference. Once you hit the ridge it's a bit of choose your own adventure of going boulder hoping or staying low on dirt.

Great view from the saddle!

This is a gorgeous hike!!! There were hardly any other people out when I went, so it was a very nice experience. The view of weavers needle is superb. The desert is just glorious in these parts. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Oh, and I saw a collared lizard right off of the trail! I wouldn’t rate this trail as difficult though- more like moderate. But that doesn’t matter- highly recommend!

Superstition Ridgeline Trail hike: How to describe this day hike...? Superlatives wouldn't convey the masochistic pleasure of the physical challenge. Chronicling the challenge would diminish the magnificence of this trail.

Respect to the real mountain climbers for whom this would be just another routine day. Very happy to have done it, but once is probably enough... unless a friend wants to try it and I happen to feel a bit sadistic.

Phone died five hours into the hike - and with it my AllTrails app. Total distance, end-to-end, with a short detour to Flatiron Summit (and a couple of wrong turns along the trail), came out to 20.4 Km, according to my Suunto watch.

A few pointers for first-timers: stay to the left, in the ravine, on the way up to Flatiron Summit. A few trails go off to the right but they lead nowhere. Be prepared for a long, arduous hike - and bring a lot of water. The hike isn't super long, but the elevation changes slow you down, especially on the way down to Carney Springs at the end of the hike.

3 months ago

I say it’s easy till you climb up, then it’s boulder hopping, I had to return for family or else I would of stayed longer. . The views take your breathe away, don’t do this trail in the heat. Bring more water than you think is required, bring snacks and enjoy. It was great to hike with some fearless souls. I will be back!!!!!!

Completed this epic journey solo today from the Lost Goldmine parking lot going up through Carney Springs. Hit the south 5057’ summit in just under 3 hours, then hiked the ridgeline and made it to the north 5024’ summit in just over 6 hours. Went down from Flatiron through the Siphon Draw to the Mining Camp restaurant in just under 8 hours total. GPS clocked 12 miles and just over 4,500’ elevation gain due to the two detours to the summits.
Great hike and fantastic weather for this late in the spring! It was 39F when I parked at sunrise and never got over 80F. It’s almost April, right?

3 months ago

My husband and I did this 3/24 Amazing views yet brutal and long. cairns are everywhere which makes it easy to get off track. I wouldnt do this without gps. I tracked it closer to 15 miles from Flat Iron to Carney springs.

We did this hike over the weekend. In my opinion it's not that hard..... just really long. We clocked 13 miles total roundtrip. But most of it is flat, so it's not crazy taxing. The only real elevation gain is the very end when you climb the battleship. There are a few places where you have to do some rockclimbing. Nothing to where you need ropes, but if you aren't comfortable with 3-4 move bouldering, this hike will be scary for you. The top of battleship is worth the scramble! Gorgeous views of the superstition wilderness! I brought a gallon of water and finished it by the time we reached the car.

This is my favorite hiking trail in the Phoenix area. Very do-able, just takes a while to complete. For me about three hours round trip. I’ve seen young children to elderly people at the top, observing the awesome view of Weavers Needle. Dog friendly, however, my ten month old Lab was a little tired the last mile. We came prepared with food, so with a bite to eat and a break, she was able to finish the hike on her own. Between the two of us I had three liters of water on me. Several shady spots on the path as well. Highly recommend!

Beautiful. The hike out to the first lookout is only 2.2 miles, but it’s easy to keep going and turn back depending on how long you want the hike to be. Clear path and no climbing. There were only a few stretches of steep hiking, but otherwise it was not too strenuous. I would say this is a fairly easy hike, even for beginner hikers!

A group of 4 of us hiked the "Superstitions Death March" on March 1. The hike truly lived up to its name and was both spectacular and brutal at the same time. We started at Carney Springs and came down Flatiron. The views were spectacular and the trail well marked. Recommend a minimum of one gallon of water.

I hiked this trail yesterday and I fell in love with it. The views, the little cave, etc. Magical!

This was a hard hike for sure! The trail down to the mountain itself isn’t bad at all. Once you get to boulder canyon trail follow the tips and stay left so you don’t miss the turn for battleship, although I will say we never really found much of a trail. We made our way up without a path and once we got to the top we saw what looked like a trail. You have to climb a little to get to the actual top, it is not too bad though. We followed the cairns we found at the top down and somehow got lost again lol but finally made it down. Amazing views overall. It says 10.8 but we clocked 12 miles.

Great view, a few technical parts but nothing worse than flatiron

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