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Apache Junction, Arizona Map
2 days ago

Easy to moderate hike- it’s one of my favorites. It gives you a little work out, and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the superstitions on the steady incline up, and the valley on the way down. This hike I can do in just under an hour. Definitely recommend checking out.

Love this trail! Definitely recommend downloading the map and following it, as there are multiple points where other trails cross and it can be a little confusing. Beautiful views of the superstitions, and a good work out. Takes me about an hour and a half. Gorgeous views the entire time.

2 days ago

I would rate this hike as easy. Went around noon, at that time of day there is almost no shade the entire trail. So I definitely recommend lots of water. The hike up is a very slow incline. You won’t miss the petroglyphs, they definitely are worth the hike. I’d say the hike down is more beautiful, as you can see the valley. Rocky trail.

I absolutely love this hike, did it my 16 yr old and 13 yr old , all made it to the top through much perseverance, it was tough but worth it

Real nice! Started early...5:30 with a headlamp :) This is my fourth time to the top...and I'm FINALLY able to stay with 20 feet of the trail. lol I noticed the markings were more noticeable on the descent. I was moving really fast, and I made it up and down in just under 3 hours. Probably my favorite hike in the area,. Worth all the stars,

Beautiful hike! Went nice and early to see the sunrise. Had the mountain ourselves!

I’d like to go out and try this one again when it’s not a high of 107. Warning to other future hikers on this trail, the majority of the trail is actually marked as the Crosscut Trail, NOT Prospectors View (hence 4/5 stars, it was a bit hard to follow). This trail starts outside of the Lost Dutchman state park, does a loop through the state park, and takes you back out. It was truly beautiful and scenic, I’d say easy-moderate. We saw a regal horned lizard on the trail which was really neat and somehow a first for me (a life long Phoenix resident who has done a considerable amount of hiking in the city). Can’t wait to get back out on this trail!

Love the Superstitions!

Great hike ! views on top are amazing ! Same comment as most other reviewers:
1- in summer, start really really early and take plenty of water (I drank 1.5 gallon).
2- I got lost going up .. and coming down. This trail is really not well marked (which as other commented is disappointing since you have to pay to get in the park).
Apart from that, it is an amazing trail.

Everything I wanted. We went early afternoon and it was way too hot but cooled down perfectly once the sun went behind the hills. So go either early morning or mid afternoon. It is gorgeous and fun climbing around on the top.

The drive is spectacular winding around the mountainside. You need to be prepared for dirt roads that are sometimes single lane. Views couldn’t be better.

Great hike! Beautiful views. I hiked it in the afternoon. Make sure to bring plenty of water and prepare for a about 12-15 feet of rock climbing vertical. I am pretty sure I went down a different way then I came up and got lost a couple times going up. Difficult to follow the trail. Other hikers said to hug the left side going up. Even though I had a hard time finding the trail, it was my favorite hike in the valley so far.

One of the best hikes in the area due to its close proximity to town while still offering tremendous views (best at sunset) and a feeling like you are actually in the wilderness. Bonus: free parking and you'll usually have the trail to yourself. Challenging enough to give you a decent workout, but easy enough that most people can handle it. Sturdy hiking shoes/boots are recommended as you there are some area of fine, loose gravel and others that are a bit rocky and uneven where you'll appreciate having good ankle support (that said, my young kids did it in cheap sneakers!). Highly recommended for some stunning sunset views, as well as when the saguaros are in bloom.

Amazing! Did it with my 12 year old son and husband. Challenging. View at the top is amazing! We did get lost on the way down, I got cuts on my legs, stomach, arms, everywhere! We slid down some dangerous rocks. We decided to go back up and try to go on the right path. It led us back to where we got lost. We risked it and followed a path that probably wasn’t the right one. We ended up on the other side of the mountain. A 6 mike hike ended up to be 10 miles. Thankfully we got back just as the sun set, so we weren’t out there past dark.

AWESOME HIKE! Definitely an appropriate moderate rating. I went on 8/25 hoping to see the waterfalls in action since monsoon season has been pretty wet this year, but there were only pools of water, which were still lovely to see and had hundreds of butterflies and dragonflies all around. Take some time to read about the petroglyphs so you can truly appreciate how remarkable they are. There is virtually no reprieve from the sun on the entire trail, so by all means, bring plenty of water and take periodic rest stops to cool down. To date this has to be one of the best hikes I have gone on. You'll be glad this is an in and back out trail because the view is so gorgeous going both ways! I spent about 3 hours, drank through 3 liters of water, took a couple hundred photos, and will likely come back in cooler weather!

One of my favorite hikes of all time. I sometimes fly out to Phx from Dallas just to do a solo hike here. Bumpy gravel road to the trail head but worth it. Rewarding trail with an awesome view of Weavers Needle when you get to the top of the canyon.

28 days ago

Flat Out An Amazing Experience, go Hike It!

28 days ago

Great Loop Trail, great workout and Moderate. Surreal Views As Well!

1 month ago

Nice walk/hike at base of Superstition Mountains.

Super fun and challenging with amazing views, but the lack of signage or even cairns after the basin was awful. I was lost for 2 hours, scrambling up rocks I definitely shouldn't have been.

This trail was pretty tough but then again I just recently started hiking! The view at the top was awesome!!!!

This is a great challenge. I do this hike every year in January or February.

This is my favorite hike in the valley. It is a good challenge and you can also backpack on top flatiron.

1 month ago

There are nice views along the trail and at the end, where you'll find the petroglyphs. The petroglyphs aren't subtle, either, so you'll have no problem finding them. :)
I wouldn't recommend hiking this trail if you don't have proper hiking or trail shoes. You do need the grip here and there.
There is a nice sized parking lot, too, so unless you're hiking this in peak season on a weekend, you'll find a spot.
If you go during monsoon season, be mindful of a flash flood risk. At the end, where you'll find the petroglyphs are pools and a waterfall. Don't get caught in there if it's raining. The rocks would be too slippery to confidently be safe.

Fantastic trail. Remember to stay night over in your sleeping bag

1 month ago

This ended with a spectacular desert view of Weever's needle along a straightforward but rocky trail.

Once you get off the 60 and get all the way down Peralta, it becomes a long winding dirt road. This road goes on for a good 20-30 minutes depending how fast you drive. It's maintained but very washboard like with a ton of bumps and small washes (last time I lost a fog light b/c I didn't use locking washers lol). My 2WD pickup makes it fine and so can most cars.

Once on the trail it's very clear where to go. There's shade in the morning but once the sun comes up it's pretty exposed. Overall good trail, but a decent amount of rocks.

At the saddle, you can see the needle, but there's a WAY better view if you head to the right, towards the only pine tree you'll see out there. Just head to the right and you'll see a trail that heads down to it.

I recommend going early in summer, I started around 5:40am and it was very nice out, even in the sun. Definitely bring plenty of water (~3L) and sunscreen for the return as it does get hot around 9:30. For the rocks, I definitely recommend boots or hardy trail runners, something with a toe guard-- I stubbed my foot so many times on bigger rocks. Also, if you enjoy hammocking, there is a good rock anchor point next to the pine tree that makes for a breath-taking siesta spot.

Overall solid trail, very few people even on a weekend, and great views of the desert!

1 month ago

Silly Mtn is just across Hwy 60 from our RV Resort and every time we pass the parking lot we see many cars parked there. Finally my hiking group walked over from Canyon Vistas RV Resort and hiked the loop you see here, plus every "cross path" for a total of about 6 miles. The group marked it Easy to Moderate but there wasn't much in the easy category... but the scenery was a big surprise and I'm glad I did it!!!!!!!

favorite hike so far, absolutely beautiful! + parking is convenient and trail is well marked. you will have to drive a dirt road for a few miles but my compact car had no issues.

Nice hike by the Superstitions. Enough of a challenge in 90 degrees weather. A couple of tricky spots crossing other trails so keep an eye on your map.

We went early morning in July, I mean 6 a.m.. the beginning of the tail is in direct sun light. once you get to larger rocks, it's more shaded as the sun hasn't come over the ridge yet. BEAUTIFUL. lovely views. we only went half way (per the trail on the map here)

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