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Anthem, Arizona Map

Great trail. We live less than a mile from trailhead and have done this loop more times than I can count.

Nice views, tough climb on loose rocks in spots

Poorly marked. Easily lost.

Residential parking and the trail is almost completely unmarked, but the views from both peaks are great. I saw 1 other person during the 2.5 hours it took to complete the 7 miles, and for me that’s always a huge plus. Great hike overall!

Nice day, great hike

Nice views.

1 month ago

Great hike. Your know you are at the start of the loop when you hit a painted post. If you go right at the painted post, it a steeper climb, but I would rather go up the steep side vs going down it. Would hike it again.

2 months ago

No place to park.
It’s in a housing community.
Did not want to park in front of someone’s home.

it's a tough incline for the first two miles. very little traffic. saw a giant jack rabbit! the trail isn't maitenenced wear hiking shoes the whole loop of about 8 miles. at the top of the second peak is the flag make sure to open the Folgers can and sign the book :)

I love this trail ( rugged and provides great views) .
It will certainly get your lungs going .
Although the trail may seem confusing at times , a good reminder is that the goal is to get to the highest peaks, so follow the trail in that direction .
The trail is also a big loop ( either way will take you to the flag at the summit ).

2 months ago

I did this hike yesterday. I was surprised by the lack of signs. After the 1 1/4 mile or so trek in, I decided to go to the right, which I assumed was the more difficult east part of the loop. It was definitely steep, narrow, and challenging, and beautiful views! However, I also came to an other split in the trail and wasn't sure why since I thought I was on the loop. I went right again, and I was definitely on top of Daisy Mountain, going from peak to peak. But I never saw the American flag and coming down ended up in another neighborhood 2.5 miles from where the trailhead was. The fact that there were other forks and side trails with no signs made it confusing.

Went on this hike with 5 kids ranging in age from 4-18. Wish we would have taken the west loop as suggested for an easier trail. Wanted to get through it faster since left after noon and it warm, but east trail got cumbersome with steep climbs. Starting earlier or later in the day would have been better (it December). It was a very rocky trail and very long. I wish I (and all my children) had worn sturdier tennis shoes and that we had brought a picnic lunch for the top. Pretty views. More of an older person hike.

2 months ago

Began at 5AM to summit before the sunrise 01 JAN 2018. I took the left trail to the northside and full Moon provided light until I was on the northside. Summited 07:10 to greet the sunrise at about 07:30, pictures and view from summit. Proceeded to south peaks and down the south loop. Stunning day. Only person on either summit. Saw no one until halfway back.

2 months ago

Great day. Excellent weather!

reaching the top where the flag is stationed, is truly amazing. Great hike.

Beautiful scenery! Go east on the loop for the greater challenge. Go west to summit and return on same path if you want an easier hike

Great hike! Beautiful Desert landscape! It’s not well marked and can be a bit confusing. We made it to the summit with the rock pile. Then we saw the peak with the flag. We were not sure if we had made it to the actual summit. But then I read that there are two summits that are equal in height. We also could not distinguish the trail from one summit to the other in order to complete the loop. But nevertheless it was a beautiful hike and a great workout. At the fork in the trail where there is a wooden board sticking up, we went right. That route is a steep and rugged incline. I’ve read the left route is a smoother trail with a slow incline.

4 months ago

Great hike!

Started the hike around 6:45 pm in the dark, finished just after 9:00. From what we could see it was surreal, beautiful area.

When you come to the fork in the trail for a short steep trip to the top go right, for a longer gradual trip up go left.

Right pretty much goes around the butte in front of Daisy then loops around the side and goes straight up.

Left goes around the butte to the backside of Daisy, your cross a lot of little washes, and spend a lot of time down low in the valley but it’s pretty. You’ll cross a dirt road, don’t follow the road just go across it and there should be a few stones marking the trail entrance.

The trail is accurately rated.

4 months ago

Rocky and fun, great distance views.

I didn't quite know what to expect when I started since it seemed so flat at the beginning. Once you get to the loop it gets more exciting! Surprised there wasn't more hikers, what do people who live in Anthem do?

This is a beautiful hike!

6 months ago

I have made it to daisy mountain the past two weekends but have been unable to find the loop back, last week I got totally lost, this week I just went down the way I came up which is the longer part of the loop. I wish it was marked. still it is a great hike and I will be back.

7 months ago

A little hard to find the trailhead (Navigation/Livingstone Way intersection), but after that it was great. Flat at first then nice climbs. Loose rocks so would recommend hiking not running shoes. No one on the trails. No facilities or water (at least where I entered) so come prepared. :)

Great mountain close to Anthem. It is more than meets the eye so give yourself plenty of time.

great hike, minutes from home. will definitely do it again.

This was a great hike with some good views of the valley at the top. There are quite a bit of big loose rocks, we were able to complete hike in regular running shoes but if you have more supportive hiking shoes wear those. It was a breezy day so that saved us from the heat so make sure you bring plenty of water.

10 months ago

Felt it was a solid hike. Saw a lot of "hikers" that didn't look prepared. This is a rocky trail so good boots are recommended, running shoes not so much. Also I would carry more than 12oz of water. I followed the loop by turning left at the fork which I believe is a more gentle incline. Coming back it was steep.

Was definitely a bit tougher than anticipated but well worth the effort. Some difficulties picking the path in a few spots so would highly recommend having a good hiking app able to keep you going the correct way.

11 months ago

This trail isn't well marked, nor very wide. It is steep and you will feel the ups. Lower summit has a pile of rocks, but look across to the higher peak and continue on to the one with a flag. Sign your name in the book! Definitely worth doing. The perspective from the top is amazing. Took us 3 3/4 hrs start to finish with breaks.

on Daisy Mountain Trail

Monday, February 13, 2017

Trailhead located in a subdivision but parking on side street nearby was no problem. Did the full circumference trail. 1 very steep climb and 2nd moderate climb. We enjoyed the challenge but it is not for the inexperienced hiker and should not be attempted during the full summer heat. The views are decent and spring flowers were very beautiful. Very happy we traveled up to Anthem and did this hike

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