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Anthem, Arizona Map
trail running
8 days ago

Great terrain

11 days ago

Good hike up in the Anthem area! Not too busy and a nice challenge to get the blood pumping. Only ran into a few other friendly souls on the trail and no wildlife to speak of. Good views of the city and nearby mountains. A nice intermediate level hike!

5 months ago

We had a great time. It’s my third time and my 9 year olds first time.

5 months ago

full disclosure I did this with a touch of a hangover so it may have influenced my mood but i was pretty disappointed in this one. first 1.8 miles is a jeep track over rolling terrain, there are a couple of unmarked forks here but it wasn't hard to guess the right way. once the actual climb begins I went up the right (south) side. the trail was sort of difficult but not in a way that was entertaining, just a trudge up steep loose rock and dirt. the views from the top are expansive but unless you are looking for a place to have a great view of an outlet mall or a housing development they weren't worth the climb. if the trail is really convenient to you then it makes a decent work out but otherwise I'd skip it.

Great work out. Gorgeous views.

To answer the previous post.... yes, I think you could definitely bring dogs on this trail. I forget what a great workout this is, especially if you head right on the loop! There is a wooden post that marks the start of the loop. Stay to the right if you want a steep ascent. However, once you reach the top of Daisy Mountain, the descending hike can seem interminable.

curious as to how dog friendly this trail is. has anyone trekked it with a pup?

Very good hike, but the Anthem trailhead (only accessible inside the pearly gates) on Congressional is best if you don’t want to mess around with 2 miles of relative flatness. 2.2 miles to saddle then climb to peak. Great views.

Great views

I really would like to say this trail is worth five stars but, as others have noted the trail is poorly marked. However, views once on top are great which is the reason for four stars.
I started out from the trail head (which others have noted, there is zero parking unless you do not mind parking in front of someones house), at 7:20 am and returned have completed the loop at 9:35 am. I believe had I not gone off trail twice, I would have completed the loop in about two hours.
The trail (when on it) is well maintained. The first 25 minutes are on a two track trail. Once you reach the wooden post to decide whether to go left or right on the loop, the trail switches to a single track. I went right to complete the loop. The trail does not really get difficult until about 35 minutes in to the hike. Then it starts to climb steadily to the top. Unfortunately, on my way up I lost the trail and ended scrambling to the top. I probably should have back-tracked to find the trail.
Once I got the top, the views from the peaks were great. A little hazy, but you could see long distances in all directions. After deciding to head down from Daisy Peak, I crossed over to the peak where the American Flag and Chairs are located. I highly recommend taking a break here and enjoying the views while sitting in the chairs. Also, make sure to write you name in the book on the top.
On my way down from the last peak, I once again got off trail and had to scramble to find the trail. The trail down (Left at the post) appeared to be much easier then going right at the post. This was not because I was going down, more so because the rise was more gradual.
All in all, I will definitely hike this trail again.
Pros - Great views, trails in good condition
Cons - Poorly marked trails, parking

poorly marked, liked the hike once you get to elevation

6 months ago

Fun lollipop trail that rewards you for your efforts. Starts out as double track. Once you get to the "loop", in which there's a large wooden post, it changes to single track. If doing the loop HIGHLY RECOMMEND going RIGHT at the wooden post, as it's easier and safer to ascend loose, steep rock. If you going out and back to the summit, go left at the wooden post, as this side (north) of the loop is in much better shape. No matter which way you go, the views are expansive from the summit. Someone has even brought up a couple lounge chairs.

Great trail. We live less than a mile from trailhead and have done this loop more times than I can count.

Nice views, tough climb on loose rocks in spots

Poorly marked. Easily lost.

7 months ago

Residential parking and the trail is almost completely unmarked, but the views from both peaks are great. I saw 1 other person during the 2.5 hours it took to complete the 7 miles, and for me that’s always a huge plus. Great hike overall!

Nice day, great hike

Nice views.

8 months ago

Great hike. Your know you are at the start of the loop when you hit a painted post. If you go right at the painted post, it a steeper climb, but I would rather go up the steep side vs going down it. Would hike it again.

Beautiful desert landscape. Did it as a trailrun. Only minus: some target shooters.

8 months ago

No place to park.
It’s in a housing community.
Did not want to park in front of someone’s home.

it's a tough incline for the first two miles. very little traffic. saw a giant jack rabbit! the trail isn't maitenenced wear hiking shoes the whole loop of about 8 miles. at the top of the second peak is the flag make sure to open the Folgers can and sign the book :)

I love this trail ( rugged and provides great views) .
It will certainly get your lungs going .
Although the trail may seem confusing at times , a good reminder is that the goal is to get to the highest peaks, so follow the trail in that direction .
The trail is also a big loop ( either way will take you to the flag at the summit ).

9 months ago

I did this hike yesterday. I was surprised by the lack of signs. After the 1 1/4 mile or so trek in, I decided to go to the right, which I assumed was the more difficult east part of the loop. It was definitely steep, narrow, and challenging, and beautiful views! However, I also came to an other split in the trail and wasn't sure why since I thought I was on the loop. I went right again, and I was definitely on top of Daisy Mountain, going from peak to peak. But I never saw the American flag and coming down ended up in another neighborhood 2.5 miles from where the trailhead was. The fact that there were other forks and side trails with no signs made it confusing.

Went about 2.5 miles which were for the most part pretty flat. Trail has a lot of rocks on it for the first mile so hiking boots would beat the cheap worn out shoes I had on my feet. Beautiful desert landscape!

Went on this hike with 5 kids ranging in age from 4-18. Wish we would have taken the west loop as suggested for an easier trail. Wanted to get through it faster since left after noon and it warm, but east trail got cumbersome with steep climbs. Starting earlier or later in the day would have been better (it December). It was a very rocky trail and very long. I wish I (and all my children) had worn sturdier tennis shoes and that we had brought a picnic lunch for the top. Pretty views. More of an older person hike.

9 months ago

Began at 5AM to summit before the sunrise 01 JAN 2018. I took the left trail to the northside and full Moon provided light until I was on the northside. Summited 07:10 to greet the sunrise at about 07:30, pictures and view from summit. Proceeded to south peaks and down the south loop. Stunning day. Only person on either summit. Saw no one until halfway back.

9 months ago

Great day. Excellent weather!

reaching the top where the flag is stationed, is truly amazing. Great hike.

Beautiful scenery! Go east on the loop for the greater challenge. Go west to summit and return on same path if you want an easier hike

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