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1 day ago

This was my first hike in Alaska. Went on a mostly clear day and had some really pretty views. Could see the city. I didn’t bring my dog but could have. Not too steep.

2 days ago

Loved hiking this trail 03-18-2018. We hiked to the hand tram with our 1 year old even though it is closed during Winter season. Snow was nicely compact and there was quite a few other groups hiking in the area. We noticed ski areas as well as signs leading the way for other trails. Use caution when hiking the bridge section, careful not to step on the sides of the bridge or else you'll be up to your hips in snow! We saw lots of snowmen on the trail and could see signs of spring approaching as the squirrels were running about, making noise and chasing one another. Very peaceful.

I was born and raised in WA and have done plenty of hiking in UT, so I’m no stranger to snowy hikes. That being said, my Anchorage-raised cousin, his pug, and I enjoyed the hike (although I would absolutely love to see the falls without the snow). My only word of caution is that when the snow gets packed down and hard, it can be very slippery. Try walking on the of the trail in order to keep your footing. I would also highly recommend waterproof pants.

Uphill the whole way. Oof. Great views from the top, of course. Did round trip in 6-ish hours, including summiting, visiting shelter, eating lunch, and taking photos.

it's like I'm a kick-ass Billy goat jumping across all the rock formations. Love this trail.

cross country skiing
8 days ago

Great place to ski. Trails are wide and well maintained. The lake trail was awesome. If you come make sure to visit the nature center.

Great afternoon winter walk. We took an hour and a half doing the loop. Pretty busy with fat bikes and cross country skiing but not to the point that it took away from the walk. No animal sightings. I look forward to walking this trail in the spring and summer!

Went there on January, it was snowing a lot, it got pretty hard, but amazing hike

We hiked this trail in July, 2017 and the trail itself is wonderful. It is well maintained and starts at an easy access point just outside of town (Skyline Trailhead). From here, you will follow a well defined trail with log bridges and log stairs as appropriate through many switchbacks up the East side of Mt Ripinski. The temperate rain forest is a delight to experience and very different if you are used to hiking in the lower-48 states. This trail is very accessible for those arriving in Haines for a day visit on a cruise ship although it offers interesting terrain that can satisfy even experienced local hikers. The highlight of the hike is a short southerly path which will take you right to the edge of the Haines Cliffs, which are one of the most readily visible landmarks within a short hike of town. Careful, watch your step on the ledge!

14 days ago

Fantastic, well maintained trail that was truly enjoyable to hike. Fairly highly trafficked so don't expect much privacy. The views are nice. In the summer season, you'll get to watch the flight-seeing planes flying along the valley below you. The trail can be hiked round-trip. If you aren't quite up to this, an easier option would be do a one-way hike and ride the Alyeska Aerial Tram the other way (be sure to check the schedule to see if it is running). If you hike up, the ride down on the Tram is free. Alternatively, pay for the Tram ride up and take the relatively easy hike down.

I loved the trails but a little overwhelming as to which one to go on, they do have maps ect though. Beautiful scenery and quiet, but not too quiet if you're a person hiking solo you'll feel safe.

20 days ago

Nice Easy Hike from Alyeska Resort to the Hand Tram that is (unfortunately) CLOSED IN WINTER.

Wonderful little hike especially for children and dogs ❤️

Wonderful hike

21 days ago

used spikes because of enough ice under snow pack, but didn't need snowshoes. only person on trail, but trail is clear and easy to follow. fun to hike from downtown Juneau to the top of mountain and back to town for a good cocktail afterwards. view from top would be epic if the snowfall and wind came in during the missed of hike.

a buddy and I made this climb on 27 Dec 2017. Great hike......I recommend crampons for the decent. The views and silence were amazing.....we also saw some goats near the summit.

Great trail to get a workout on

Great, quick, family friendly hike. Little out of the way to reach but worth it. Trail was maintained and easy to hike even in tennis shoes this time.

The view is phenomenal. Hike is hard, so it'd be better if one is physically active.
Carry good amount of food and water and avoid hiking in rain if you don't have proper supplies.

1 month ago

Hiked on 2-10-2018 for the first time. Just moved here from GA, no experience with hiking at all. This was our first hike here in Alaska.

It took my boyfriend and I about 3 hours to complete. We brought our 10 month old in the baby backpack. We kept a nice slow pace, pushing through a couple times on the steeper parts. Weather was nice, however the sun was not out this day. Once we got about 100 yards to the summit I decided to hang back on the rocks with baby. Basically 2 options to the summit - fresh deep snow or rock scrambling. I was not comfortable with either. Boyfriend did reach the top. It started snowing and was quite foggy at this point. Still a beautiful experience. We wore our micro spikes for extra traction - not much ice at all. However we found ourselves wishing we had trekking poles. Met 5 pairs of hikers along the way, 3 of those brought their dogs along. It was a great time.


1 month ago

Was a lot of fun to do once but I wouldn't do it again unless I wanted the exercise, there's really hardly any views until you get to the top. Worth going once for sure.

A most beautiful place

A most beautiful place

A most beautiful place

amazing trail, yesterday climbed, on winter has good snow , reach to the 3 peak ,i needed use crampons, the snow is strong and very uphill

Strenuous uphill, very beautiful and nice trail.

Hiked 1/21. Lots of snow, trail splits off at one point where you follow the main trail or just a track of footsteps, but both will get you there. A lot of post holing. Easier if you’ve been to the lakes and know where they are.

Hiked this trail in August 2017. Just being in Alaska with boots on the ground soaking it all in is enough for me. What an amazing place. Great hike!

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