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7 days ago

Kinda confusing to find the trailhead but there are great views of Matanuska glacier from the top. Very steep and often muddy. :P Directions (since we had trouble finding the trail, I figure others might too) you can see the lions head from the road in both directions. Stop at the base and there's a big gravel area that says no trespassing. Take the gravel driveway down to the right and there's a gate with an AT&T sign. Call the number and let them know you're going on in. Then follow that gravel driveway up to a couple of buildings and basically poke around until you see a small opening in the brush, that's the trail. On the way back down, there are lots of trails that meander through the brush. We definitely took a different route down than up! Luckily we came out at the gravel driveway. Our friend took a slightly different route through the brush at the end, and he ended up maybe a hundred yards up the driveway. So don't get too hung up on trying to find the correct route because there isn't really one. :D