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First over night backpacking trip with Girls Who Hike Ak! It was a great hike. Awesome views, not horrible weather. Started at Primerose.

8 days ago

I did this trail with my mom and brothers on July 10th, so our group ranged in age from 18-50 years old. Because of the range of skill levels in our group, we decided to only partially complete the hike, stopping and turning back at the fork leading to Clemons Cabin giving us an 8 mile round trip hike. Even without seeing the whole trail, this was one of the most beautiful hikes I have been on. The transition from the initial, covered woods section to the meadows was fantastic giving a glimpses of many mountain peaks in the vicinity despite the heavy fog of the day. Many flowers were in bloom and the air was fragrant during the meadow walk. Shortly after stopping for lunch we did see a few bears- what appeared to be a mother and two cubs. We kept our distance and made sure to tightly seal our food waste in our packs and they didn't give us any trouble. The day we hiked was following several days of rain, so the trail was rather wet in some parts but not enough to waterlog your boots. We encountered maybe ten other hikers and two mountain bikers throughout the hike. All in all, it was an easy hike with little change in elevation when completed only halfway. I will be back to hike the whole trail some day.

Sunday, July 1, 2018 - Beautiful views above tree line on a barely cloudy day. Bugs were fairly calm and a few people were on the trail. Did a thru-hike to Lost Lake Trailhead from Primrose and highly recommend it - the views of Resurrection Bay and Seward were a highlight, as well as the lake itself, which still had ice floating throughout. The climb up was a little tougher than I’m used to (it was also the first hike of the season for me), but worth it 100%. Already thinking of another trip up to camp out by the lake.

13 days ago

Sunday, July 1, 2018 - Beautiful views above tree line on a barely cloudy day. Bugs were out in rather full force, and a decent amount of people were on the trail, as well, including mountain bikers. Did a thru-hike to Lost Lake Trailhead from Primrose and highly recommend it - the views of Resurrection Bay and Seward were a highlight, as well as the lake itself, which still had ice floating throughout. One spot crossing a small stream-fall near the Lost Lake Trailhead which has given me trouble before due to an intense fear of heights was much, much less worrisome from the other side and seemed to barely be an issue.

15 days ago

Great hike, but I definitely needed my trekking poles for this one. The beginning is pretty steep but it gets better. This hike isn't really called the "bowl.". It's actually the Mount Marathon hike and consists of three portions--the Jeep, the bench, and the skyline trail. Beautiful views at the top and snow within reach, too.

17 days ago

Beautiful trail! Lake was still frozen when we did this last week of June. Will definitely do it again :)

Stunning, with changing views that add to beauty. Start hiking along beautiful forest stream, opening up to canyon with many waterfalls -- look back to views of Resurrection Bay. Following trail to ridge above Lost Lake, where we ate lunch. Bring windbreak for ridge. Saw black bear midway.

Beautiful hike! Still some some close to frozen lake. Would definitely do this again!

Beautiful hike with sprinkles of rain. We couldn’t make it to the top as there was still your a bit of snow right at where the tree line starts to thin out, possibly 1/8 to 1/4 mile from the top. Still a great hike!

1 month ago

Did it on June 3rd. Awesome hike and views but only did the first 5 miles because the mountain was still fully snow covered and snow shoes were needed.

6 months ago

Loved this trail. Hiked it a couple years ago on 4th of July weekend. A bit steep and slippery for the first mile or so but flattened out some after that for the majority of the hike. It alternates between a couple steeper climbs and slow steady climbs at the summit and the slopes down to the lake. The summit of the trail is the high point in a valley with amazing peaks surrounding the entire lake. The views to the north were cloudy as there was a rainstorm that way but to the south, it was clear and blue and amazing. You could see all the way out to the ocean in Seward. It was quite crowded as it was a holiday weekend but very few people were camped. Most go up and down or up Lost Lake and take Primrose Trail down. I went up and down Lost Lake. I had a blast hiking the trail. Definitely take food, water, and an emergency shelter but you don’t really need that much gear. A trekking pole was useful but not necessary. I looked like a fool hiking with my full pack. I was testing gear for my thru hike of the PCT. Good trail to do it on. Long enough to get a good days work out of it but short enough that you could come right down if you needed to leave or had gear failure. I started up at noon and got to the lake around 7. Hiked a leisurely pace and stopped a lot to take pictures.

8 months ago

I did the Summer trail up and back, even though it's winter, because they say that one is a little bit shorter, sounds good to me, was going to come back the winter trail but I couldn't see anything with all the snow on the ground and didn't want to get lost like I did last year on another trail, so I played it safe an went back on the same one. Plus there wasn't another soul who did the trail that day even though it was a Saturday except for some people who did the Summer trail up and looked like they went to the cabin. So, you start out this trail in the beautiful green mossy forest right by a stream the whole way, with a water fall here and there. Looks like people like to walk their bikes up and ride them back down because there were a bunch of tire marks in there. Doesn't seem like it would be worth it to me but to each their own. Before too long, the trees mostly go away and you're walking along kind of a brownsih muddy hill side, although there are two clumps of trees as you go that would make great campsites, even better if they weren't so close to the trail though. Once you're done with that 2 miles or so, you're in kind of a valley area that is somewhat steep as you get closer and closer to the lost lake. This part is probably the prettiest when it isn't extremely cloudy, cold and foggy with very deep snow like it was for me, deep snow without any foot prints or anything. You'll eventually get to the lost lake , looks really really big and probably has some good fishing in there too. If it weren't around 15 degrees up there with super deep snow I might have walked all the way over to it, but I just got to where I could see it and then turned back on account of the conditions, my legs were killing me from walking through that deep snow. Luckily I was able to follow my footprints back, to see some kind of a canine animal or something had also used my footprints to make their walking less strenuous, there were these paw prints all over mine. Never did find him. So, this trail is probably great in the Summer time when you can see all the beautiful mountains all around you and if they aren't covered by fog like they were for me. Plus, it would be great to camp around that lake and explore some of the water falls and maybe even mountain peaks around the lake. Also, word on the street is that the cabin around there is very nice with a heater and everything. Supposedly you can also just keep on continuing right on past Lost Lake and end up back at the road, like 15 miles north of where your car is parked.

9 months ago

Probably one of my favorites. I loved the views once you were past the tree line. You can see glaciers in every direction. Had great weather. Camped near the lake and did lots of hiking around the area. Marmots everywhere, tons of blueberries as well. Loved this trail, would highly recommend

9 months ago

Taz Tally's hiking book said this was one of his favorite trails in the Peninsula and I'd have to agree with him! Sadly, I didn't make it to Lost Lake, but rather did the loop of the summer and winter trail. I went up the Summer trail and came back the Winter trail. The summer trail is amazing and offers lush, shady, hiking among mossy trees and rocks and creeks. It gently inclines but nothing strenuous at all. You top out above the trees and follow the contour of a mountain high above the river, with towering mountains just on the other side of that river. Wonderful views! The contour rises up to the ridge line of that mountain where the views open up to a grassy meadow dotted with short-ish spruce trees. There is a sign here where the trail splits. Going left will take you to Lost Lake and going right will take you to Dale Clemens cabin. The signage here is very misleading. It does not indicate what trail is the Winter trail, nor does it give mileages to the lake or the cabin. Turns out, it's about three more miles to the lake from there. We had wanted to take the Winter trail back, but also wanted to see the cabin first. We didn't know that the cabin is actually located on the Winter trail. From that sign, we turned right to find the cabin, not knowing we were on the Winter trail. We assumed the cabin was not far from the sign, but I'd say it's about 2 miles down the Winter trail before you reach it. Very misleading. We were debating whether to turn around and get on the Winter trail since we weren't finding the cabin, when we met a trail runner who told us that we were on the Winter trail and that the cabin was still ahead of us. Regardless, from that sign, the Winter trail traverses the ridge of the mountain through a grassy meadow with stunning views of the glacier-topped mountain range opposite you. The trail to the cabin is beautiful as it's mostly along this ridge. The cabin itself is below the ridge and offers a great view of Resurrection bay and Seward. Renovations were being done on the cabin when we were there, it was a beautiful log cabin on stilts with an outhouse nearby. From the cabin, the Winter trail becomes clearly unmaintained falling steeply down the mountain with no switchbacks. For some reason it followed the stream channel, making the trail horrendously muddy. If I hadn't had waterproof hiking boots, my socks/feet would have gotten freezing mud on them. Very slick too, so do bring your hiking poles. In reality, we shouldn't have taken the Winter trail back, but rather should have hiked to the cabin, turned around and taken the Summer trail back. But besides the terrible slick mud, it was an amazing hike!

mountain biking
9 months ago

I bikes this trail for the first time on 9/17 and it was by far the most challenging and technical trail I've done yet.

The trail was too steep and rocky to bike so I had to push my bike up half of the trail. Coming down there are numerous large steep drops on the trail. The vast majority of the trail is speckled with large wet and muddy rocks and roots; which are more akin to small logs. I had a ton of fun zipping down this trail and since it was my first time on it I'm shocked I did not crash.

If you are an inexperienced rider please wear a helmet and use extreme caution, or you will crash going downhill.

10 months ago

Beginning of the Trail is pretty average, but once you get up above the treeline the views are amazing. At the beginning of the trail you can choose the winter trail or summer trail.

Winter Trail climbs quickly to the ridge line, and offers amazing views of Resurrection Bay. It is extremely muddy. Not difficult except for mud.

Summer trail climbs slowly to the top, seemed better maintained, and was easier.

They join up about 3.5 miles in, so you can do one going up and the other coming back.

Beautiful views. Lots of off trail scouting.

Flies and mosquitos on the trail can be pretty rough, so I would bring insect repellent. All in all, great trail with incredible views of multiple glaciers and several lakes.

I'd give it 5 stars, but DAMN the flies were bad. I did Primrose Trailhead to Lost Lake Trailhead point to point, instead of there and back from Primrose. The trail, the views, the lake(s), astonishingly vivid--beyond-real beautiful. The flies on the second sunny day in a rainy summer? Maddening in a real sense of the word.

Plenty of traffic--most hikers overnight near Lost Lake, there were a dozen or so mountain bikers (how do they even?), and a few who did my trip. Good thing, because my ride fell through, and I was able to hitch a lift from the trailhead back to Primrose campground. Thanks guys!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A favorite for sure!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beautiful hike!! Like walking in Scotland

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Amazing!!! Backpacked in and stayed the night at the lake, Northern lights and stars were amazing! Next day hiked past the lake and west down the valley, scrambled up the shale pile to be eye level with a glacier. So perfect!

trail running
Friday, July 29, 2016

Probaly the best hike I've ever been on. This trail is actually a loop, so I suggest starting at the lost lake trailhead and ending at the Primrose campground. We camped over night and it was spectacular. We had great weather and the views were to die for. If you do the loop it's 16 miles. Its not very steep which makes it a nice easy hike.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

It's as gorgeous as anything I've ever seen!

Monday, December 28, 2015

One of the most amazing hikes of my life!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Very nice hike great views.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Very well maintained trail with stunning views!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Superb hike. Just of note: the trail map here shows the "Primrose" trail, which heads southwards to the lakes (from trail head at mile marker 17) and is not the official "Lost Lake Trail" (which leaves from a trail head off mile marker 5 and travels NORTH to the lake). Both are super. We went in and back out via Lost Lake trail and it was spectacular and memorable. Perfect fall day.

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