4 months ago

Loved this trail. Hiked it a couple years ago on 4th of July weekend. A bit steep and slippery for the first mile or so but flattened out some after that for the majority of the hike. It alternates between a couple steeper climbs and slow steady climbs at the summit and the slopes down to the lake. The summit of the trail is the high point in a valley with amazing peaks surrounding the entire lake. The views to the north were cloudy as there was a rainstorm that way but to the south, it was clear and blue and amazing. You could see all the way out to the ocean in Seward. It was quite crowded as it was a holiday weekend but very few people were camped. Most go up and down or up Lost Lake and take Primrose Trail down. I went up and down Lost Lake. I had a blast hiking the trail. Definitely take food, water, and an emergency shelter but you don’t really need that much gear. A trekking pole was useful but not necessary. I looked like a fool hiking with my full pack. I was testing gear for my thru hike of the PCT. Good trail to do it on. Long enough to get a good days work out of it but short enough that you could come right down if you needed to leave or had gear failure. I started up at noon and got to the lake around 7. Hiked a leisurely pace and stopped a lot to take pictures.