5 days ago

I did this trail with my mom and brothers on July 10th, so our group ranged in age from 18-50 years old. Because of the range of skill levels in our group, we decided to only partially complete the hike, stopping and turning back at the fork leading to Clemons Cabin giving us an 8 mile round trip hike. Even without seeing the whole trail, this was one of the most beautiful hikes I have been on. The transition from the initial, covered woods section to the meadows was fantastic giving a glimpses of many mountain peaks in the vicinity despite the heavy fog of the day. Many flowers were in bloom and the air was fragrant during the meadow walk. Shortly after stopping for lunch we did see a few bears- what appeared to be a mother and two cubs. We kept our distance and made sure to tightly seal our food waste in our packs and they didn't give us any trouble. The day we hiked was following several days of rain, so the trail was rather wet in some parts but not enough to waterlog your boots. We encountered maybe ten other hikers and two mountain bikers throughout the hike. All in all, it was an easy hike with little change in elevation when completed only halfway. I will be back to hike the whole trail some day.