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THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC TRAIL. YOU MUST PAY $30 per person to get close to the ice.

5 months ago

No luck here, weather was overcast so very low visibility. Highly recommend going if the weather is clear which is hard to tell since it can change drastically from side of the tunnel to the other... Saw a coyote and some marmots but definitely missed the view.

Well worth the trip,we explored for a while and enjoyed it very much!

Really enjoyed this place. I roamed around for four hours in the rain and it was worth it :)

It was beautiful and amazing! becareful though! Wear proper gear and hiking poles are highly recommended. It's extremely steep so be prepared. There is wild blueberries along the way, so be prepared to run into bears. Bring your bear spray! Overall the view is very scenic and I highly recommend this hike!

6 months ago

Super great hike!!! Absolutely amazing scenery around the lakes. Trail was a bit muddy and slippery in spots, but nothing real awful.

super easy to get right up to the glacier. Great views, lots of tourists.

6 months ago

9/14/17. Rainy and 50deg. Unfortunately really poor visibility - would definitely recommend going on a clear day if possible. The first mile or so is really well marked - in fact you're walking on boards most of the way - but it's also really overgrown. There is an observation deck that seems to mark the end of the established trail since after that there isn't really much 'trail' to speak of, so only venture past there if you're comfortable with no trail. In most cases we found ourselves walking in the streams because the ground around was too slippery. We would have pushed on further but the visibility was really bad and just didn't seem worth it. Our total time was 2:50 and was essentially all moving - just a few short stops for photos etc. even though the moving time on the app shows closer to 2:15.

This hike was full of diversity. The trail starts out as a well kept and maintained path then switches to a few switch backs as you go up and make your way to a boulder field. Boulder hoping was a bit tricky for me only because I was wearing my son other wise I imagine it would not have been bad at all as my husband hoped easily across. After making it across the first section a nice lady told us to continue to stay right on the way back. it was good advice! The lakes are beautiful!! The hike hike is relatively easy. The boulder jumping and length would be what makes it a moderate/hard hike.

Super fun trail for my dogs and I

6 months ago

This is a great place to do a first overnight hike if you've never done one. The views are beautiful. There is some boulder hoping you have to do but my 30 pound dog did pretty good, had to only pick her up a few times on the steep rocks. On the way out we found a route to avoid all the boulders and it was still beautiful but cut our time down significantly. It is rather heavily trafficked path.

6 months ago

I have one reactive dog and one super friendly dog. We have been looking for more challenging, less populated trails to explore and I. loved. this. trail. I agree with the person that described it as the Lord of the Rings lands- it's absolutely gorgeous. Everything you want in a trail. Until... the boulders. One person commented on a crossing with rocks.... well- I thought we had crossed it- water flowing with calmer creek and stepping stones across. My two 90# dogs did that with no problem. Then (what I'm guessing was) about 2.5-3 miles into the climb.... the boulders (which is what I call them) However, my dogs saw them as "HUGE, GORGEOUS boulders, but with deep holes between them that hungered for dog meat. No water ran underneath- just holes into a deep unknown space". Needless to say, I had to turn around and sadly (not reallly sadly because the entire experience was INCREDIBLE) head back because my huge puppies basically formed a silent boycott to crossing. I will lay eyes on you, Reed Lakes... just puppy-less. This place is a "must hike" imho for the "moderate" trail seekers.

6 months ago

Great day for a great hike. I took my two dogs but I don't think I'll do it again. they had a hard time with the boulders that are over the creek. It was beautiful and well worth it.

6 months ago

Absolutely spectacular hike, with something for everyone. Less experienced/conditioned hikers can go the first several miles which are mostly flat and be treated to some spectacular views of the mountains, as well as get up close with the beaver dams. Those looking for more of a challenge can continue with the rest of the trail, heading upward via switchbacks and boulder-hopping. You'll alternate between flat areas and ascents, which makes the entire hike feel really well balanced. The two lakes are gorgeous and surrounded on all side by glacier-carved mountains, giving the entire thing a very Lord of the Rings vibe.

Went on a Monday morning and only saw a few others on the trail all day. Not too buggy at this time of year. Highly recommended for almost anyone.

Amazing view. Great experience.

it's a nice way to spend a few hours. not necessarily a trail since you can wander all over the glacier depending on your comfortability and fitness but awesome none the less. entrance fees to get in, guide if you want one and camping if interested. nice and warm on the glacier in August

I gave it 4 stars, because there were no orcs, elves, dwarves, Rangers, Gandalf and Gollum weren't there, and Smaug. Other than that, I love this place!

Another beautiful site in Alaska ;). Did this one in the winter. Will try again in the summer.

on Reed Lakes Trail

8 months ago

Amazing views! We went when the fog was rolling through, but as soon as we made it to the top the fog cleared and there were blue skies!!

Amazing place. love the natural blue in the ice.

First Glacier we had seen and it was beautiful. Glad we decided to check it out. Unfortunately you do have to pay a fee to drive to the trail head which took away from the wildness of the experience.

Wasn't quite what I expected, but was a good time nonetheless.

If you walk out there by yourself or get a guide, you will not regret it!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

One of the best views that I've ever experienced! Getting to it involves a lot of route-finding, but that isn't too difficult above the treeline. See my "recording" for more details.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

My favorite hike in the Anchorage area!

Trail is only available for guided tours during winter months. Call ahead.

Monday, October 10, 2016

We did this hike on October 9th, 2016. It is actually a 9 mile round trip to the upper lake from the trailhead where you park your car. I think the reference to the 11.6 miles as described above may be if you hiked up Archangel Road from Hatcher Pass Road. It was definitely fall time and overcast skies. Thin ice on the ponds and the upper lakes had a few inches of ice on them. It was challenging in that the trail was very muddy and super slippery especially on the steep inclines, and coming down the steep, slippery trail was really exciting!!! The boulder field was actually kind of fun. You just have to look at where you are going to pick the best traveled path. We had a dog with us who is very long legged and agile, like a cat. He did just fine, although he was hesitant to jump from boulder to boulder in some areas. It was better if we were all ahead of him, and he would follow. I think I would love to do this hike again when the trail is dry and the foliage is colorful (summer or early fall). It took us 6.5 hours from trailhead to upper lake and back. We made a few short stops to rest and eat. I personally would not take little kids more than the first mile or so as I would think it would be really challenging for them and they would tire easily. And the boulder field isn't for little ones and it would be hard for an adult to traverse the field while holding or packing them. I would say the description of Moderate as shown here is adequate for a dry day. It is more challenging when the trail is muddy and slippery.

Friday, September 30, 2016

We had no experience ice hiking or climbing, so we hiked the Matanuska Glacier with Nova Glacier Guides - they supplied crampons, ice axes, mountaineering boots and an awesome guide. Although the glacier is public park land, access to the face is through private property. They charge a fee, but also provide a nicely maintained road down to the access area and a floating boardwalk across the thick mud. It only takes a short while to get accustomed to walking on crampons and soon you feel as sure footed as on any trail, maybe more so. There's no wildlife on the glacier, but just seeing the ponds and rivers on the surface of the glacier, the fissures, it's pretty incredible and not to be missed if you have a chance. Just 2 or 2.5 hrs east of Anchorage. If I were to do it again, I'd pay more to take as long a hike as Nova would be willing to do, awesome experience.

Friday, September 16, 2016

amazing gorgeous hike .. great day hike or over night as there is awesome camping at lower lake!

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