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Amazing hike! The trail is indeed moderate until you get to the terminus of the Reed Lakes trail, but the scramble up to Bomber Glacier is very tough - steep and sketchy rock slide-outs. If you give the glacier a shot, give yourself lots of time to tackle it safely. You will be rewarded with some incredible views.

One of my favorite hikes in Alaska!

13 days ago

Ranks as one of the steepest hikes that I’ve been on. Too bad the cloud ceiling was so low that I couldn’t see anything. I’m guessing that the views would have been outstanding.

July 29. Great hike with amazing views. Give yourself plenty of time and bring plenty of water. If you plan to make it all the way to the end, be prepared for a narrow trail on the ridge next to a steep scree slope that requires a bit of scrambling. The descent is quite rough on the knees. Overall great hike. Enjoy!

It was definitely more difficult than I anticipated toward the end. Wanted more switchbacks. But we made it! pack in more water than you think. We ran out.

we just did unguided option - that's about 1 mile in & out. Great experience to be and feel glacier. Great views and sound of melted water beneath the glacier is amazing.

$30 seems expensive for a hike however, understandable as this is privately own. i do recommend guided tour ($100) if time permits.

This is an intense hike, I’ve done this trail 5 times now and it never gets easier. A majority of the trail is hiking straight up until you finally get out of the tree line and head straight across the several false peaks to the summit. It’s a several hour hike and definitely bring water and snacks. The view is totally worth it though! You can over look the whole Valley, all the way to the coast.

It’s a nice trail system to ski and walk on. The reason I give it a 4 is because it’s fairly boring and the trees don’t allow you to view much of the surrounding mountains. Nice for walking dogs, but I’ve seen several moose while on this trail.

21 days ago

This hike was breathtaking, recommend waiting for a clear day. Bring a change of socks or breathable footgear as the decent seemed endless on the feet and knees. Trail is not clearly marked toward the end of the ridge line, Cairns aren’t always visible. Stay right on the way up and be prepared to scramble a bit! Overall, well worth the effort but it is taxing so be prepared! We ran out of water half way down so bring a gallon per person minimum

We headed out today for an after dinner hike. We wanted to get a preview of what Lazy Mountain had to offer. Took the Lazy Moose Trail for about an hour up, then turned around and came back down. It had just started a light rain on our way up, so no bugs and decent footing. Rain stopped in less than an hour, and no rainfall for the hike back down. Unfortunately someone had taken a horse up that way and had torn up the trail, tearing chunks away with each hoofprint. The trail has recently been cleared and maintained for the season and it was nice and open. The way back down on the same trail was slightly more slippery due to rain that fell during our ascent. There are 7 in our party, five kids ages 5-15, and two semi in shape parents. Everyone did great! We can't wait to go again and make the full climb to the peak!

Booked this through Adventurous Wino’s and had an excellent time. Our guide was Allison, she was very informative and fun. The trail is moderate, my cousin and mother in law had no problems and they both have knee and hip problems. Loved this and would absolutely do it again.

So intense and so beautiful!!!!! What a workout!!!

I loved the hike, I went last year and planning to go back again ❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago

Steep and a tad difficult, but definitely worth it. 4 miles each way, so 8 total. Don't let the false peaks fool ya!

Went with a group of 5 with varied experience (from a homegrown Alaskan to a first time visitor), and we all managed to make it to tracks end. Steady, rolling steep inclines made for a good challenge. Most made it on the ridge peak (advised for more experienced hikers) where it does get a bit more technical, lots of shale etc, but got turned around for various reason. If uncomfortable with heights/climbing etc that portion is not for you. Descent was just as steep and rolling so hope you don’t skip leg day. Advise to consider your water, if you’re thinking “should be enough” bring a little more. All in all fantastic experience with amazing scenery, would def give it another go!

Just awesome, a few different routes it looked like to get yourself up there, one being more difficult than the other according to the signage. Took the harder one so I’ll have to go back and try the other and see how that is. Either way, nice challenge, steep all the way up and down, the work to get to the top makes the view all the more worth it!

1 month ago

Simply put, this was amazing....one of the best experiences in my life.

For a more lengthy description.... for me, this was a hike of a lifetime. It was “one down on my bucket list”, and yes, I’ve heard of and plan to hike Kesugi, AT, CDT, and PCT.....in a perfect world.

Prelude: This was my experience. Yours may differ. My reasons for a hike like this are my own. It wasn’t a race, nor was it for bragging rights. The best views are what’s important to me on a hike. That’s just one of the reasons why I did this hike. I’m in good shape, not just decent. But I’m not part goat either, like some people, so I use poles.

The reviewer’s description is on point, with respect to difficulty. The first 3 miles of switch backing brush will wake up your thighs for sure. It was 02 July 2018 when I started this hike. The path was well marked with distance markers, not to be confused with elevation markers, up until about 30k. Where there was water in the brush, there was mud. Tall brush too, around the curves. Stay vigilant.

Once you’re out of the brush, you’ll come to what I call “selfie rock”. Say goodbye to the roots, and hello to the rocks and soft tundra. The path up......AND I DO MEAN UP, to the ridge line is beautiful and aggressively taxing. There were so many times I stopped, smiled and laughed. This truly is an Alaskan gem.

Once you’re on the ridge line to the ‘summit’, on a day like I had, words can’t describe the beauty. Keep pushing. You’ll lose the trail, find the trail, and climb over rock formations that you’ll think twice about yet do anyway.

And that’s where I lost it. I think I was somewhere around 5400 feet in elevation, climbing (not hiking anymore...the sign at the entrance DID READ something like ‘experienced hikers only beyond this point’), when a rock that shouldn’t have broke in half under my feet, broke in half. According to the app, I was less than 1 mile away to the summit, but I decided to turn back.

I ran into a few people who passed me on their way down. They said this wasn’t technically Pioneer Peak, but rather a false peak, and the true Pioneer Peak was two peaks after the app tells you to stop at. Heartbroken (again). Big thanks to the guys that let me follow them off the ridge, and to the woman in the red jacket that prayed for my leg. It helped after you all left.

App said over 7k calories burned. I consumed 2gal of water, one from existing water source from way up top. FYI, make sure if you use a lifestraw, that it fits your jugs or use ziploc bags.

I would do this again in a heartbeat. Follow me to see pics and other info if you wish. Cellphone died with a little over a mile left to the parking lot.

Hope this helps someone.

Take care.

1 month ago

Great challenging trail that hits you with steep inclines just a few meters out of the parking lot. Steep incline the whole way up and the false summits definitely trick you if you are thinking your done. Views at the top definitely well worth the pain of hiking the incline. My lab and me both enjoyed the hike

If you enjoy STEEP incline and STEEP decline (NO JOKE) this is absolutely for you. 1 star because the views, other than that, not my cup of tea. Enjoyed the challenge though!

Great views! Difficult trail and really paying for it but still worth every bit.

1 month ago

This trail is steep and difficult. We actually went up the Lazy Moose side about 4.5 miles one way and down the steeper side about 2ish miles. Round trip 6.60 miles according to MapMyHike. There are serval false peaks that get your hopes up but the view at the end makes the pain worth it! I would not recommend this trail if it has been raining as the few muddy spots we encountered were very slick. We encountered a moose on our way up the Lazy Moose trail definitely keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings!

2 months ago

This trail is a great workout if you like a constant incline. We seen a bear in the very far distance during this hike. The view at the top was well worth it, just be prepared for a serious day hike. Bring a jacket (tie it around your waste if you have to) as it can get super windy at the top.

2 months ago

Pretty steep all the way up. Went up and down the steeper route. Would recommend going down on the Lazy Moose Trail. Hike is really only worth it if you go all the way to the top and not stop at the first picnic table.

It was an interesting experience to hike on a glacier, but not quite as thrilling as I had expected from my research. The trail and glacier were fairly well populated, so it didn’t necessarily have a really isolated, backcountry feel like many hikes do. If you have the time (and money) while in the area, it’s an interesting stop, but I wouldn’t call it a must-do Alaska experience.

Went up hard steep route due to a moose and switchback on way back. Busy trail — too many people for me. Ok trail but was expecting more . Won’t do it again but crossed off our list .

Beautiful hike. The trail splits at the beginning, to the right is the easier, less steep trail but it's 4 miles long to the top. To the left at the split is the harder trail that is quite steep but only about 2 1/4 miles to the top.
At the halfway point of the shorter trail, the two meet at one of two picnic tables and its about a mile to the peak from there.
We took the longer/easier trail up then the shorter/steeper trail down all in about 3.5 hours with a 30 minute stop at the top.
I would rate the short trail as hard, physically, and the long trail moderate. Both are well kept trails though, mostly dirt, and then some gravel/rocky sand up closer to the top.

2 months ago

In my experience, I would rate this as hard compared to some other hikes I have done on this site that are rated comparatively. I did this hike last fall with my husband and 17yo son. We took the steep side and it was super steep and muddy/slippery. A lot of it is brushy at the lower elevation which is not my cup of tea. The view is nice once at the top, especially of Mat Peak!

2 months ago

Took the more difficult route up. Made it to the summit (2.2 miles) in 1hr 20mins, but was moving fast! Great views! The trail was in good condition...tacky enough to keep you sticking to it. Maybe a little slippery in some spots. Took the longer, easier route back. Somehow ended up on the horse trail for the very last portion. 3hrs, 6.3 miles round trip.

2 months ago

I would rank this trail as more difficult than moderate. It’s seriously steep going up and steep coming down. The view is totally worth every step you take. If you get to the first picnic table just keep going! The worst part is over. At least in my opinion anyway. Happy trails.

Nice smooth hike!!! Nothing like a breath of fresh air

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