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Easy hike! Very well maintained trail. Not what I would consider a true hiker’s trail as the path is clearly marked and there are several man made assists. If you continue past the upper lake you’ll get to Devil’s Punchbowl.

Great trail, well used. Wide, flat, smooth.

Fun and great for the family. I hike this one with my grandchildren.

Great trail with outstanding views the whole way. Watch your step & Take your time. Bad knees should avoid as the downhill is steep.

16 Aug 2018 - Flat and well maintained trail. Perfect trail for walking the pups, great scenery, lots of pollen flying from the fireweed, smooth trail to run, and pretty awesome to watch the planes depart/arrive! Saw a couple people on bikes as well, it’s a pretty wide trail to easily share.

great stroll, highly recommend

7 days ago

Great bike ride!

My first hiking trip ever. We did the 7 mile hike to Caribou Creek cabin. Trail was nice, a little muddy in spots but nothing that wasn’t impassable. Cabin was amazing!!!

9 days ago

Great biking

Hard, but totally worth it! Went half way towards devils punch bowl but sadly the weather turned bad.

11 days ago


12 days ago


nice trail. not to difficult. I was a little bummed out when we reached the creek/river (that is the start of nugget falls) and that there was no access to view the falls. We really didn't get to see the glacier till the very end of the loop (started opposite of the visitor center). AJ falls was stunning! The stairs were kinda neat. the forest was amazing. Vistas were few. I give this trail a 5 out of 10.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail! My first real hike in a little long time (nope not saying how long). My avid hiker girlfriend and I settled for a total of 6.2 miles. I know she was wanting to do more, but I was thinking I still need to hike back so we turned around. Sure felt good to sit in our truck! No so much getting out of it. Lol. First of many beautiful hikes in Alaska for us!! Well groomed trail!

The person who told us about this trail really undersold it. It is amazing! One of the highlights of our trip so far! Fairly lightly trafficked, especially in the morning.

Almost everyone does carry bear spray and you should too (although we didn’t see any bear droppings). Adventure 60 in town rents it at $12 a day so pick some up before you hit the trail.

17 days ago

Apparently there was a bold black bear sighting on July 24th, so for protection I took a wet stick, a pocket knife, and some headphones. Luckily there was no bear sighting today, but there was a pretty aggressive ground squirrel that gave me a look at the top of the tree line, so look out for that guy!
The hike was amazing, but the best part was continuing past The Dome, along the ridge line all the way to Knoya Peak. This adds about 3 miles to the whole hike and the top of the ridge is some rocky terrain with some climbing required, but well worth it. The top of the peak had a nice little grass patch to sit and enjoy the views. Would hike again!!

The most beautiful view of Seward and Res Bay like i’ve never seen before.

20 days ago

Nice easy stroll. Went last weekend for a few hours, with my kiddos and wife. Beautiful lakes all around the area. A few slight inclines but nothing my children (2 &4) couldn’t manage. Nice place for a picnic.

Beautiful hike lots of atvs and bikes but they all slowed down for those of us who where walking.

21 days ago

Beautiful! Gorgeous day. Kids had a great time. Views were exellent. Didn't make it the full 25 miles around the lake but had a great time nonetheless.

Almost die. do not do this hike.

It’s a nice trail system to ski and walk on. The reason I give it a 4 is because it’s fairly boring and the trees don’t allow you to view much of the surrounding mountains. Nice for walking dogs, but I’ve seen several moose while on this trail.

My mom and I cross country ski on the trail every winter. It’s very easy and long which makes for a good workout. The parking is nice and spacious.

Pretty cool trail system. I enjoyed the fields and scenic areas. Very easy in my opinion. I would often go there when o wanted to do a quite and easy workout.

28 days ago

Great family hike. Lakes along the way. We didn’t make it all the way, but did 6 miles and the kids loved it. Steady traffic. We didn’t see any wildlife, but I would always recommend being prepared for it. Beautiful views. Minimal mosquitoes. Trail was mostly dry.Some mud spots and some spots where you had to cross small portions of water flowing over, still easy for kids with no adult assistance.

Nice walk starting near Anchorage downtown. excellent trail for biking and skateboarding.

Good easy hike, nothing too steep. If you do choose to go out on the spur at the eastern point of the loop you have the option to continue on several other trails. Reccomend keeping this app and your phone's location service on during the hike as a quick reference tool as there are a few forks where it isnt clear which way to go. Overall good time and great view of the city if you go out on the eastern spur.

29 days ago

Hiked around in July. Remember park opens at 10am. Nice greenery but definitely felt out of place walking. Would be more fun to do the Bowling Alley Trail on bike. Ski paths are wider and easier to walk and stay out of the way of bikes. Saw moose tracks everywhere but no moose!

mountain biking
29 days ago

We rode to the end of the lake by the Airstrip and a black bear ran out on the trail towards the lake so they are definitely out there! The trail itself was easy for riding and the lake is beautiful!

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