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Juneau, Alaska Map

wow I did this hikeon june 19th 2018. it starts off with a mile and a half of following a old road. it gets narrower and narrower and eventually crosses the river where you follow for 3/10s of a mile then look to your right and see obscure little Trail that goes straight up. Find the rope pull yourself up, and climb for the next two and and a half miles in thick old growth forest. you reach a little meadow then climb 2 more miles up into trees and hit the first summit point. it opens up and you can see all around you if it's clear day. the peak is right in front of you and the ridge you follow is on the right. I would recommend you do this hike on a clear day because you can see so much more around you and the views are spectacular. .

1 day ago

It was one of our first hiking experiences in Alaska. We went with a local guide who went a bit faster than we had hoped for but the views and scenery were fabulous. It was a moderate hike with some more difficult areas than others. I’d recommend it for the more physically fit people. There was some climbing that we didn’t know about beforehand but it was well worth the blisters once it was said and done. Our fit bits ranged around 5 miles each way. Some more distance than others. Tons of steps to count.

2 days ago

This hike was awesome! Definitely gets more difficult towards the end as you get near the glacier. We stopped about 200 ft short of the glacier because the incline and loose rocks got a little sketchy. The trail head is easily accessible near the bathrooms (also nice) at the Mendenhall Lake Campsite (i.e. other side of the lake from the visitor center). The markers (yellow and pink ribbons) are INCREDIBLY helpful and located nearby most of the confusing spots - if you go in a direction, and don't see a market for a few minuets, you're probably going the wrong way. Also, when you see the climbing rope, it is only to get you from one rock to another - you are not intended to climb up it! Look for the little pink ribbon to your right and head that way instead. Awesome trail, would highly recommend it for people looking for a good workout.

EDIT: We did not loop when we came back. I got lost the last time with multiple unmarked trails, so this time I did a down and back. You can easily get lost if you don’t follow the ribbons. So I strongly advise you to do so, or go with someone very familiar with the trail.

Pretty easy/moderate the first couple miles. Once you hit the rock face with the tied rope (yes use that rope to climb up over) it’ll start to get more difficult weaving through the trail with more mud, brush, as well as incline and decline. Awesome view at the top! Pano worthy. Be sure to follow the ribbons to get to and from the glacier and bring a windbreaker because once we got over the rocks and began our decent (rocks are pretty loose) it was crazy windy. We found a cave on the other side of the little waterfall, but realized you have to go up and around it to get to the inside. So we went down towards the water instead and went on top of the glacier that way. I hiked this trail with Nike running shoes a few years ago which was doable, but I broke in my first pair of hiking boots today and I highly recommend hiking boots to keep your feet dry and less likely to acquire an ankle injury or slip. Also BRING BUG SPRAY!! Happy Hiking! (: ps. They have nice bathrooms at the parking lot.

10 days ago

I love this hike! Up the steps from the end of town, through a little neighborhood to the trail head.

It is a bit muddy at times. Best done with a good pair of hiking shoes but sneakers work.

Easy, kid friendly walk through the woods.

14 days ago

My favorite trail in Juneau!

beautiful, recommend you do it on a dry day as the whole Trail you follow a creek up the mountain and gets very slippery. the first part of the trail well maintained and then as Creeks are it goes straight up lots of roots lots of pulling yourself up sometimes on all fours. the last part of the hike is high Meadow following a ridge through patches of snow tilll you reach the top. I did this on June 4th and there is lots of snow still. I saw the sun set up there. you're pretty exposed from the top If the wind starts to blow or the rain starts to fall so be aware of that. recommend you do it on a sunny day.

20 days ago

Nice gentle climb, beautiful valley, and
the waterfall and river were fantastic. we only went 2 miles in, but it was just the ticket.

Last two days have been excellent. Saw a yearling black bear today, he was not very observant and i had to make my presence known which can be dangerous.

There is a natural spring before the water tower on the main trail. On a sunny dry day look for the very very small puddle 3/4 the way to the tower.

Muddy! Beautiful forest, quiet and peaceful. Few outlooks , worth the trek

Beautiful views. Go early to avoid crowds

27 days ago

Nice hike to view a waterfall. Well maintained trail. Actually saw a family pushing a wheelchair on the trail.

28 days ago

We booked this hike as a cruise ship excursion and it did NOT disappoint. Our guide, Lilli with Gastineau Guiding, provided information on the plant life along the trail as well as historical knowledge of the area. We had incredible views of the glacier and hiked past several waterfalls. One of the best parts of the hike was a hidden trail that showcased rusted ruins from a failed hydro power plant. It's a great half-day hike, with several very steep inclines.

1 month ago

So there actually is no trail from west glacier. I looked for a while, followed my gps to where is should have been, there’s nothing. Maybe past tree line there’s a bit of one, but honestly you don’t need one then. Spent a good 2 hours pulling myself up the side of the mountain by alder bushes. Expect to be climbing on all fours if you hike this trail.

1 month ago

Awesome trail with access to Mendenhall glacier at the end.

Great trail, nice....easy once your at top it's like you never wanna leave.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite hikes,I do like to hike it as much as I possibly can.
The top is so amazing, great view of the valley. In all directions, you can see everything on nice days!

Well worth the planning to get here! We also saw Cinnamon black bear just outside the glacier! He caught a salmon right in FRONT of us!!

I would not recommend the trail unless you plan to use the cabin. It's not terribly interesting compared to many others in the area.

Love to take my dogs here and enjoy the views

This was a great trail beautiful green moss everywhere. I think it should be rated moderate. It could just be me though, my knees are kinda bothering me after this hike

2 months ago

Hiked this trail a week ago. It was a good challenge. Trail was fairly well-marked.

I didn't have spikes and I wish I did. From the start, the trail will be very muddy. As you ascend you will walk across alot of ice and then snow and ice/mud. I slipped multiple times on the way down. You can get up and down without spikes, but you will have a more enjoyable/easier time with spikes.

OK for a short hike (so many other more beautiful trails). Lightly trafficked; we lost the trail a few times; needs more ribbons (but you really can't get lost with the water always visible). Be sure to do both Glacier Trails!

2 months ago

Just did this trail last week, 4/14/18. Great trail but we should have had our boots on. Once past the cabin the trail was super wet. Will do this trail again this summer.

2 months ago

Hiked it a couple weeks ago and was thank full for our spikes. Super hard hike but enjoyed the challenge. Next time we continued on to the cross

Easy hike. Breathtaking scenery!

Easy, Gorgeous after first big snow of the season!

Moderate++ in the rain for this 57 year old (who's in decent shape). Unmaintained is the key word here, but trust the ribbons - they will guide you. The views are fantastic!

Beautiful hike. Not as scenic as West Glacier Trail, but definitely worth it. We even crossed paths with a wolf! Take the short trail to Nugget Falls. Spectacular!

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