EDIT: We did not loop when we came back. I got lost the last time with multiple unmarked trails, so this time I did a down and back. You can easily get lost if you don’t follow the ribbons. So I strongly advise you to do so, or go with someone very familiar with the trail.

Pretty easy/moderate the first couple miles. Once you hit the rock face with the tied rope (yes use that rope to climb up over) it’ll start to get more difficult weaving through the trail with more mud, brush, as well as incline and decline. Awesome view at the top! Pano worthy. Be sure to follow the ribbons to get to and from the glacier and bring a windbreaker because once we got over the rocks and began our decent (rocks are pretty loose) it was crazy windy. We found a cave on the other side of the little waterfall, but realized you have to go up and around it to get to the inside. So we went down towards the water instead and went on top of the glacier that way. I hiked this trail with Nike running shoes a few years ago which was doable, but I broke in my first pair of hiking boots today and I highly recommend hiking boots to keep your feet dry and less likely to acquire an ankle injury or slip. Also BRING BUG SPRAY!! Happy Hiking! (: ps. They have nice bathrooms at the parking lot.