1 day ago

Local favorite for a reason! If you are not physically active daily then it's a tough hike but the trail is very clear, well maintained, a d heavily trafficked so an excellent trail to get in better shape. If you are questioning whether or not to try for the summit see how you do in the first mile up Perseverance. If that section is difficult, once you turn on to Mt Juneau it gets much harder. You can always enjoy a much easier and still very beautiful hike to Gold Creek. That being said, the summit is very rewarding and worth planning on hanging out for an hour or more. also worth hiking further down the ridge. I only go on Sunny days as the trail can be muddy and slick when rainy and it's a narrow trail. Would not recommend for people with heights issues! Mt Roberts Trail is less exposed and does not have the dramatic drops so probably much easier to start with and an easier hike up.