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2 days ago

Was on my way to disc golf when I decided to do this trail instead. Only had running shoes with me haha, def bring boots as it tends to get pretty muddy at parts. Loved this trail, I was the only one out there today and it was so peaceful. If you don’t plan on camping at near the top I’d recommend starting earlier than later. I started about 2pm and by the time I’d gotten back to following the creek it was rather evident the bears were out as there were multiple fresh piles on the trail haha, also the road to the trailhead closes at 9pm so def be down before then or your car will get booted apparently. First 2 miles are simple and flat, very beautiful along the creek. The rest of the way is up and I mean up. Felt like there was about 2500 hundred feet of gain in around the next 2 miles. Views are worth it and there are some great soft spots to just lay around up near the top :)

on Mount Roberts Trail

3 days ago

views can't be beat

Theres a hidden switchback that takes you right up to the glacier. Absolutely breathtaking.

5 days ago

Epic. The hike was perfect, brought my dog... she’s pretty worn out from it but she loved every minute of it out there. Being on the Glacier was something else. I highly recommend this hike.

Fantastic hike to the ice caves and on the glacier. We had a professional guide for our group age 7 to 69, guide was critical to being on the glacier safely

10 days ago

We came in on a cruise. You can take the city bus and get off at the stop after the visitors center. Than walk a mile down the road past the camp ground to the trail head. The hike is amazing. Climbing down the the rock face at the end was a little daunting. But wow getting to set foot on the glacier with no one around was an unbelievable experience. You need to be very confident in your scrambling skills to do the final climb.

nice trail. not to difficult. I was a little bummed out when we reached the creek/river (that is the start of nugget falls) and that there was no access to view the falls. We really didn't get to see the glacier till the very end of the loop (started opposite of the visitor center). AJ falls was stunning! The stairs were kinda neat. the forest was amazing. Vistas were few. I give this trail a 5 out of 10.

20 days ago

Thought this would be easy at first since .5 miles is smooth gravel with wide paths but then it slowly got more difficult after the trail split. Took the “View Point” trail which turned the man made path into nature made. The path took you up and over tree limbs, steep rock hills and then eventually into climbing up cliffs until you see the glacier. We decided to keep going until we climbed onto the glacier and got a sample of it’s water. I would highly recommend taking a bottle or cup with you to try the water and make sure to wear really good boots or you can easier slip while climbing and hiking this trail. This trail gives you a great view of Nugget Falls, glacier caves and surrounding mountains. Bring warm clothes to change into once you get to the glacier and bring a snack to get you back home.

Beautiful trail with plenty of great views for photos. Trail is mostly all 2x4 boards that are put together to create steps. Make sure you are ready for tons of stairs. Going done is rough due to the boards but the cabin and view from the top is worth it. Went during dry spell and 74 degrees outside but could tell that the trail would be slippery if it wasn’t for the boards. Reached cabin in 1hr 15mins which was perfect.

Started at Basin and got all the way to Gastineau Peak. It is a very well maintained and highly populated trail considering you will run into many tourists. If you stop at the tram, great job! But you’re really missing out if you don’t at least get up on the ridge line! It gets pretty rocky after you pass the cross toward the ridge, but there were many tourists walking in running shoes and even Converse who still made it close. As always, I recommend going on a clear day so you can see the views from up top! Next time I’ll head another mile or so past Gastineau to Mt. Roberts Peak!

That summit view is worth the hike! Definitely recommend as others did after a few dry days due to a lot of steep loose rocky inclines.

Prepare to climb some rocks and roots! This has been the most difficult hike yet for me. The meadows are absolutely gorgeous and it helps that there is a boardwalk in the beginning, but just know after the boardwalk you’ll be going up, up, and away! The top is breathtaking, especially being able to see the backside of Douglas.

Make sure to have your poles. Trail was muddy and slippery.

Kept a slowish pace starting at 7:30 am start and reached the top around 10. Mist at the top, light breeze. Mid /low 60’s.
Great hike, lots of washed out sections exposed roots good for climbing when needed. Trekking pole were very helpful on the way back down.

The trail is fairly easy to find once at the rocky outcropping where West Glacier appears to peter out. Just use some intuition and keep a keen eye for the tape. If no tape then reassess, as it was simply missed. Once past the outcropping it is very well marked up through the trees all the way to the summit. Best when dry from a few days of sun, as mud and slime would slow both ascent and descent and there are plenty of opportunities to hose up an ankle. My Fenix 5 put it at 4337 ft, and just under 12 miles out and back. Last 1000 ft of vert can be discouraging if mind is set on a walk in the park. Didn’t see any bears or sign of bears, and encountered 7 others in various groups above tree line in early July, so I’d say it is fairly well trafficked, at least in dry conditions. I am no Strider, but this is my favorite hike.

Challenging hike that rewards you with fantastic views and snow toward the end to help you cool off after some hard work. Hiked it dry but can see how mud would make it much more difficult. Lots of dogs on the trail, and if a cruise ship is in town, lots of people coming down from the tram station on the first half of the hike.

Be prepared to scramble and climb tree roots!
This was a really fun evening hike! Started at 5pm and it was a great time to catch the evening light on Juneau, Mt. Juneau and Mt. Roberts.

1 month ago

This is as described and may want to reconsider with small children(

1 month ago

Fantastic day, amazing conditions and views for miles!

1 month ago

Some muddy spots, great views and awesome workout

1 month ago

I’ve never seen so much moss and rich green-ness ! Stunning. The hike did not give view of top of the Falls but it does trail close to the top and you can hear the roar of the water. There are a series of steep switchbacks and a bunch of stairs (over 100) — for that reason, I would rate this moderate. Took us about 2 hours (we went pretty quickly ).

can't find it

1 month ago

Epic hike! Loved every minute. Lots of different landscapes and very challenging at points. Well maintained and easy to navigate. Follow the ribbons. June 2018.

This trail is amazing! We went on a Monday in late June and the cruise ships from Seattle had just come in, so it was busy around the tram station, but there was almost nobody once we passed the cross on the way to Mount Roberts, and very few people in between the trailhead and the tram station.

From the trailhead it’s 2.5 miles of all uphill to the tram station, and then 3 miles almost all uphill to Mount Roberts. We nearly made it to the top of Mount Roberts, but we couldn’t quite get all the way there because there was too much snow. But the views were totally worth it, especially from the top of Mount Gastineau (the peak right before Roberts). Definitely worth the trek, although lots of hard work!

1 month ago

Easy nature hike

A very easy hike! Took around 2 hrs. Pretty waterfall!!

Great hike!! Around 4 hrs round trip. Trail is easy at beginning then gets harder around the end. Follow the ribbons!! At the end it gets very unstable on the rocks so would advise hiking boots. The view is worth it at the end

wow I did this hikeon june 19th 2018. it starts off with a mile and a half of following a old road. it gets narrower and narrower and eventually crosses the river where you follow for 3/10s of a mile then look to your right and see obscure little Trail that goes straight up. Find the rope pull yourself up, and climb for the next two and and a half miles in thick old growth forest. you reach a little meadow then climb 2 more miles up into trees and hit the first summit point. it opens up and you can see all around you if it's clear day. the peak is right in front of you and the ridge you follow is on the right. I would recommend you do this hike on a clear day because you can see so much more around you and the views are spectacular. .

1 month ago

It was one of our first hiking experiences in Alaska. We went with a local guide who went a bit faster than we had hoped for but the views and scenery were fabulous. It was a moderate hike with some more difficult areas than others. I’d recommend it for the more physically fit people. There was some climbing that we didn’t know about beforehand but it was well worth the blisters once it was said and done. Our fit bits ranged around 5 miles each way. Some more distance than others. Tons of steps to count.

2 months ago

This hike was awesome! Definitely gets more difficult towards the end as you get near the glacier. We stopped about 200 ft short of the glacier because the incline and loose rocks got a little sketchy. The trail head is easily accessible near the bathrooms (also nice) at the Mendenhall Lake Campsite (i.e. other side of the lake from the visitor center). The markers (yellow and pink ribbons) are INCREDIBLY helpful and located nearby most of the confusing spots - if you go in a direction, and don't see a market for a few minuets, you're probably going the wrong way. Also, when you see the climbing rope, it is only to get you from one rock to another - you are not intended to climb up it! Look for the little pink ribbon to your right and head that way instead. Awesome trail, would highly recommend it for people looking for a good workout.

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