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Good afternoon hike

3 hours ago

Such a beautiful hike! Great for picnicking at the lake up top. Good hike for children- smaller kids should be carried on the second half that ascends up to the lake. Trail is narrow and not level. We are always treated to small wildlife and the water is so pretty.

Loved the view, easy trails to walk on.

must see if you’re near Seward

Loved this trail! We did it while I was pregnant. Beautiful views

Easy hike! Very well maintained trail. Not what I would consider a true hiker’s trail as the path is clearly marked and there are several man made assists. If you continue past the upper lake you’ll get to Devil’s Punchbowl.

Fun hike; two kids in tow- 4 year old and 2 year old. Carried the 2 year old in a backpack. Rolling hills- easy enough. Beautiful scenery. Some bear sign, saw no bears. We hiked in mid August after the weather had cooled significantly and the mosquitos were not as bad. Fun hike for family.

10 hours ago

Amazing once you get through the crowd of people at the beginning picking berries. Pretty steep all the way up. Once at the top, the trail continues along the ridge where you can see everything!

Great trail, well used. Wide, flat, smooth.

Super pretty. First timers should pay $100 for the guided tour and equipments rental. Could be muddy, slick and dangerous. Stay safe and have fun!

20 hours ago

Recommend bringing trekking poles. Very steep on the way up, if you take the right entrance. Left side could be used for both up and down if you don’t mind walking a little longer and stay on the safe side. Amazing view on the top though! Could be a great work out trail!

21 hours ago

Was on my way to disc golf when I decided to do this trail instead. Only had running shoes with me haha, def bring boots as it tends to get pretty muddy at parts. Loved this trail, I was the only one out there today and it was so peaceful. If you don’t plan on camping at near the top I’d recommend starting earlier than later. I started about 2pm and by the time I’d gotten back to following the creek it was rather evident the bears were out as there were multiple fresh piles on the trail haha, also the road to the trailhead closes at 9pm so def be down before then or your car will get booted apparently. First 2 miles are simple and flat, very beautiful along the creek. The rest of the way is up and I mean up. Felt like there was about 2500 hundred feet of gain in around the next 2 miles. Views are worth it and there are some great soft spots to just lay around up near the top :)

23 hours ago

So much fun doing this hike today! This is my all time favorite trail. Just make sure to wear good hiking boots and good mood. Expect to get muddy or wet on the legs. Pretty rocky and fun hopping around. Beautiful scenery will not disappoint you as you put work into the hike. Parking is $5 cash. Would bring truck since the way up is kinda rough. Bring lots of water to drink. Snack may not be a bad idea since it took 5 hours for me and my husband to complete the hiking. Will do it again!

Fun and great for the family. I hike this one with my grandchildren.

Easy trail for the whole family. Hand tram is fun but bring gloves. No steep hill.

Easy and VERY busy trail. Easily accessible.

1 day ago

We parked at the unpaved lot / harder side and I agree that it was a moderate hike. My wife had our dog and I had our 4-year on my back. It was pretty much straight up the entire way and got a little sketchy on some of the rock climbing sections. There were many slippery parts from recent rain so be careful (especially if you’re carrying a child). Also, part way up we stopped at some blueberries and snacked on a few. Trekking poles would also have been useful on the way down. The view at the top was definitely worth it though!

Went all over not just by the buildings. Hiked up to the cross and in back by the yurt and A- frame. . Will be beautiful in the fall.

1 day ago

Good trail! Walked in casually with friends at a leisurely pace. Taking our time, we got to the top in just under an hour and the views are definitely worth it!

1 day ago

Fantastic hike!! definitely not for the faint hearted, the walk is pretty steep and the air gets very thin but it's worth it for the views! FYI the ski lift looks like its shut but there are two so keep walking down and you'll see it; $15 for a trip down - we were dead on our feet so were more than happy to grab it. Lots of wasps around the top for anyone allergic. A must hike!

It was a little wet, but worth it.

The first bridge to go clockwise was out, so it seems I stayed right and took the hard way. very steep climb that just kept going. I could see the tors, but couldn't really get to them. It was beautiful, but I have now idea how long this was since everyone seems to say different numbers here. It took me 90 minutes coming down the hill from where I stopped and I was going at a pretty fast clip.

on Mount Roberts Trail

2 days ago

views can't be beat

Great views of Eagle and Symphony lakes. There are about 3 campsites down towards Eagle lake and 3 or 4 more down near Symphony lake. You cannot camp in or near the shelter because of terrain. There is one tree for shade in the area. If camping there in the summer, bring your own shade. The rock scramble easily adds a few miles worth of effort to the hike.

Great trail with outstanding views the whole way. Watch your step & Take your time. Bad knees should avoid as the downhill is steep.

2 days ago

Both the mapped trail and the trail here are wrong. Took me three hours blazing through thick wood to explore both of those.

Great for toddler hikers. Lots of birds and flocks of geese late summer as fall approaches.

Nice trail surface for walking or trail running. Wet spots likely in rainy weather. Groomed for Nordic freestyle and classic skiing during the season. Options for longer loops on UAF trails, though some can be swampy!

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