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July 17. Excellent hike. Really one of my favorite of all time. Appreciate the writer who explained the upper and lower trails. When we got to the split, we went to the right which takes you on the trail higher up the hill. Much of the trail is made of flat rocks which I’m not used to hiking on but got used to it. Nice flat ridge for quite a while. The valley views were amazing. The cloudy weather made every view different. Crossed two waterfalls. Reached the cabin and lake. Very pretty. Hiked down on the lower trail. A little steep at the beginning but then is evens out. Waterfalls and great valley and mountain views. Exceptional hike.

3 days ago

Nice walk, not too many mountain views because you’re in the tree line. The snowshoeing here is great in winter!!

Was a little confused how to get to trailhead. There is free parking at end of Alberg Street on the right. I went through the ski only entrance in woods then 5-7 mins later Winner Creek trail is on the right into the woods. Lovely nature all around. Nice views along Seward Highway to get there.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. I’m a beginner and found this to be super hard with all the incline but I pushed through it anyways. Highly recommend! Didn’t see any wildlife but the trails were in great shape.

Really nice hike to get the dogs out on and beautiful scenery. Hand tram was fun and a definite good workout for the shoulders and back.

This is a simple hike/ walk in the forest with a fun tram to check out!
Bring bear spray just Incase AND bug spray

Easy hike with great views! High traffic in July with people and dogs. Not too much of a line at the hand tram but worth the wait. Lots of fun!

10 days ago

One of my favorite hikes! Never gets old

Not the best weather today but still very pretty. Hiked up to the lake and back down. The trail is very straight forward until the split and either way means crossing some snow melt run off which could mean wet feet if not creative enough. Windy but absolutely beautiful views all the way up.

Heavily trafficked and long wait at the hand tram. Easy hike.

Great trail and incredible views. It was crowded due to the holiday weekend but it didn’t detract from the experience. When the trail splits, the one to the right is an easier climb (less steep) but a bit longer. The glacier is another 0.3-0.5 miles past the cabin. Saw a goat on the far side of the river as we returned. Bring plenty of water, it was very warm the entire time we hiked. Still had snow at the top.

16 days ago

Super busy but manageable. Novice hiker and thought it was plenty long with rolling inclines, not all that easy if you're just looking for a casual stroll. Tram going towards Crow Creek was packed (30+ min wait), coming back the other way was no wait. Overall it wasn't bad but there are better trails out there to enjoy Alaska with less people.

Did this hike on our last full day in Alaska (Saturday June 30th). Arrived at the parking lot around 10 and it was full with a very loud group of maybe 30 teenage church group kids. That alone almost made me leave as the last thing I wanted to deal with was listening to them all the way up. Luckily we made off on the trail quickly before them and I think they took the lower path while we went for the upper.

The hike up was super foggy. Like 100ft visibility at best. We didn’t see the cabin from the path or anything more than a few feet out. But once we hit the crest coming over to raven glacier the sky opened up. It was pretty amazing and stopped us in our tracks. We proceeded to hike out to a great viewing point to have our lunch. We didn’t see another person for quite some time and even when we did they were hundreds of feet away from us, so it was still very peaceful.

We explored the area for maybe and hour or a little more before heading back down. On the return the fog had lifted quite a bit and it was like an entirely new trail. We now saw the lake, the cabin, the gorge below. None of this was visible on the way up and it was really cool to see all this “new” terrain appear. I hope to return someday to do the entire path to eagle river.

One of the easy beautiful hikes close to Anchorage.

2 bears about 5 mins into the trail behind the tram at 8 am. They took off in a hurry.
This trail has some really great stuff, but it’s SO crowded. By noon it’s mobbed with people. This is not a peace and quiet type of hike.

Beautiful trail. Forest, river gorge, bridges, hand tram. We hiked from the trailhead behind the Aleska Tram, past the hand tram, to the Shuttle Bus stop and rode the free bus back to town. Loved everything about it.

DO THIS HIKE! One of my favorite hikes I've done in Alaska and that's saying a lot. There's just something really special about this one. This took me about 3 hours round trip. I'm a more experienced hiker but also couldn't stop taking pictures. There was snow (06/28/18) once you get to the top but very doable in hiking boots.
This upper trail/lower trail thing was way less clear than I had anticipated so I thought I would clear some things up. Nothing is labeled upper/lower. There is a sign for the mines to go straight or Crow Pass (I think) to the right. I went right/up because I expected a label. I realized what had happened on the way back and many people apparently knew what I didn't by going on the lower one. You just follow the mine trail and continue straight when it veers to the mines. But honestly... I would do it the way that I did it again. Also, Crow Pass doesn't actually even start until after the cabin when you're at the top- just in case that was confusing as well.

Hiked up to glacier and it was great. We went the lower trail(stay left) and came back down via the upper trail. Make sure you come prepared with the right gear(rain and cold weather) and bring a can of bear spray. We saw one black bear across the river and Dall sheep. Still a lot of snow up by the cabin and on the upper trail. I’d recommend trekking poles if traversing the upper trail.
Great hike!

I did this in mid June, no snow shoes. Started out in shorts, bundled up before reaching the glacier, as the temperature dropped about 30°. Extremely windy and cold at the top, rainy at the bottom. I took the high trail and it was very steep and quite terrifying; easy to slip on the rocks or snow patches. Next time I will take the lower trail. Coming back was much easier, saw the gold mine ruins.

Beautiful trail.

Still a lot of snow. Lower path was difficult to find at times, but looked to be the easier route. Was able to make it to the hut and back. Great hike!

For the thru hikers, the pass is a snow field and probably won't be easily traversable for another month without snow shoes.

1 month ago

This trail is fairly easy, almost entirely gravel, and doesn’t have any really steep inclines. It also offers some fantastic views of the river, as well as the lush forest surroundings.

1 month ago

This is a great trail, appropriate for all skill levels. The hand tram and Snowcat bridge make the hike extra special. We started at the Alyeska hotel end (park at the hotel, and the trailhead is located at rear of the hotel by the tram station). We did an out-and-back, which totals about 6.4 miles. The hike wends through the beautiful and lush Chugach forest. Concerned about bears? When we went, there were so many people on the trail that the wildlife (other than birds) stayed in hiding. Our fellow hikers were for the most part friendly and pretty laid back. The trail is impressively well maintained. All in all a great hike.

We love this trail! The end gets a little tricky—you need to know where the parking is that you left your car at. There are 3 exits so you need to know which one to follow. Can be a little steep, but our kids love it. My 2 and 4 yr old can’t walk the whole thing but they walked at least half.

1 month ago

Gorgeous Gorge. Definitely would recommend this one for the easier goers. Some incline but not bad. Hiked it on Thursday afternoon and it was only slightly busy.

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1 month ago

Hiked on 6-1-18, enjoyed beautiful weather and a serene forest walk. The forest ground is rich and dense with green ground cover—the beauty is in the details of this trail. No wildlife observed, we saw about a dozen people in three hours, the trail is clear and mostly easy walking with the exception of lots of incline near the creek. The Gorge is a beautiful sight, and there are lots of opportunities to get near the creek along the way. Afternoon well spent!

1 month ago

Hike is gorgeous and easy. You can climb down the rocks and get right next to the waterfalls. Went on 5/26 and the hand tram was open, but there was a pretty big line so we just turned around. Only issue is how heavily trafficked it was, but that's to be expected on memorial day weekend.

on Winner Creek Trail

1 month ago

Truly amazing hike along the river!! Will definitely be back for this one!! Bridge and hand tram are fun extras!! Beautiful!!

1 month ago

We started at the hotel. Great hike. Bridge and tram were fun. Hiked about 3 miles and hitched a ride back to our car.

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