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So hard but worth! Definitely recommend.

Beautiful close up falls. Many other opportunities for hiking. Can follow the South Fork to the confluence of Eagle River.

Amazing hike. Fingers crossed you don't have fog the whole time.

2 days ago

Very beautiful views at the top. I would rate this as hard because of the steepness of the trail. A climb of 3,000 feet in about 2.5 miles one way and about 5 miles round trip. Make sure continue to Devils Punchbowl as well. You will have to do a bit of rock scrambling to get to Devils Punchbowl.

scenic driving
3 days ago

Stunning views from start to finish.

Awesome hike! I did this in 2 days but it would be great to spend several extra days on the ridge exploring. There are some steep parts but very doable even for those not in great shape. Several boggy areas but all are easy to go around or through on well placed rocks or board walks. Great variety in the terrain and views, it was never boring. I did see a family of black bears near the trail, marmots, moose and tons of ground squirrels. Definitely the best way to see Denali. Be careful on a clear hot day the sun is brutal even with sunscreen. There are plenty of snow melt streams for water, near the end there are lakes. Do not forget the bug dope, there are lots of mosquitoes in some parts. There are 3 pit latrines along the route. Little Coal Creek trailhead is just a parking lot/outhouse/trailhead off the highway - hidden from the road. Byers Lake is a pretty big campground.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike; trail has nice switchbacks with moderate incline; be prepared for weather tho because the base may be hot an the closer you get to the summit it gets windy and cold. the trail gets steeper the last mile or so but the veiw is well worth it

Knocked this out with a group of 6 and 2 doggos yesterday, weather conditions were a bit iffy (light rain most of the day before and during) which made the transition from trail to boulder crossings/bouldering a bit sketchier for some of the group. Stopped at lower reed lake for some lunch and a great view then took off. One of our party ended up falling and spraining (or small break not sure yet) an ankle with a pre existing injury. Ended up doing a lot of buddy and team carry variants for about 4 miles to the trailhead. Shitty situation but good lessons learned for individuals and group ie; route selection during transitions, kit considerations for medical etc.

All that aside, can’t complain will def return to hit upper

Steep first 500 ft but the lake is totally gorgeous! Once you get to the lake trail its such a fun walk: picnic spots, tiny off trail islands, good rock skipping, wildflowers, a cliff jumping stop, rock scramble and various other cool views. Great way to see a beautiful place very close to the main downtown if you're bored with the countless jewelry stores and tourist traps downtown.

mountain biking
5 days ago

I biked the from the Russian river camp ground to the cooper trailhead. then snug harbor rd back to rrcg. no car shuttle. if coming the opposite way, it's a big climb up snug to the cooper trailhead. the trail was in great shape, except between apsen flats and ressurection. either super overgrown, washed out (some bits were super washed out. i was standing in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of the washout, and the actual trail was at chest level) or straight up mud pits. either ends of the trail were great though. It's super beary to begin with. and the overgrown-ness made it feel even more beary. trailhead to trailhead took 6-7 hours. I'd do it again, but before it can get overgrown. or maybe early fall when it starts to die back. the dispersed camp sites are big enough for 1 tent. I didn't see a single other person on the trail. aside from the people between the rrcg and rr falls trail.

Make sure to have your poles. Trail was muddy and slippery.

5 days ago

Nice little hike, nevertheless it’s strenuous and steep. Took me less than 1.5 hours to reach the upper lake. Beautiful Alaska!

7 days ago

Short walk. Very beautiful view! My friend and I found a less traveled trail that took us down to the falls. Fun & great for some pictures.

Kept a slowish pace starting at 7:30 am start and reached the top around 10. Mist at the top, light breeze. Mid /low 60’s.
Great hike, lots of washed out sections exposed roots good for climbing when needed. Trekking pole were very helpful on the way back down.

The trail is fairly easy to find once at the rocky outcropping where West Glacier appears to peter out. Just use some intuition and keep a keen eye for the tape. If no tape then reassess, as it was simply missed. Once past the outcropping it is very well marked up through the trees all the way to the summit. Best when dry from a few days of sun, as mud and slime would slow both ascent and descent and there are plenty of opportunities to hose up an ankle. My Fenix 5 put it at 4337 ft, and just under 12 miles out and back. Last 1000 ft of vert can be discouraging if mind is set on a walk in the park. Didn’t see any bears or sign of bears, and encountered 7 others in various groups above tree line in early July, so I’d say it is fairly well trafficked, at least in dry conditions. I am no Strider, but this is my favorite hike.

Short and very sweet hike to the falls! It’s just wonderful walking under the huge trees and massive field of big leaves! Feels like a scene from Jungle book!

Challenging hike that rewards you with fantastic views and snow toward the end to help you cool off after some hard work. Hiked it dry but can see how mud would make it much more difficult. Lots of dogs on the trail, and if a cruise ship is in town, lots of people coming down from the tram station on the first half of the hike.

8 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike.

I only made it to the lower lake but it was so gorgeous the whole way. The scrambling had me thinking about turning around. I can’t fathom why people put their dogs through that, many pups were crying and being carried across, hopefully more from fear...please don’t take dogs, those boulders are terrifying. I am glad I persevered though, the lake was gorgeous, mostly covered in ice but such s brilliant blue/green where it was clear. Just amazing views and colors, really should be rated as hard imo.

Be prepared to scramble and climb tree roots!
This was a really fun evening hike! Started at 5pm and it was a great time to catch the evening light on Juneau, Mt. Juneau and Mt. Roberts.

Nice easy quick hike! Worth the views.

on Wolverine Trail

10 days ago

It’s a tough hike but very rewarding.

10 days ago

This is as described and may want to reconsider with small children(

10 days ago

Fantastic day, amazing conditions and views for miles!

Amazing views. We went to the top which is for sure a difficult hike. It was fun and my wife and I did some trail running on the few flat parts but most of it is large steps, unsteady terrain and steep drop offs. I would not bring kids or older individuals not accustomed to hard hiking.

Power line trail is pretty easy however the hike to the hidden lake is more difficult. Semi-steel incline up on some rocks but pretty views! My dog was with me and he did great

Such a pretty view!! Lots of stops on the way up with beautiful views

13 days ago

Some muddy spots, great views and awesome workout

14 days ago

Great evening hike! One exception is the trail is confusing when you reach the base of the hill( before getting to the top) as which path to take going it up over the boulders can be a challenge if you have bad knees or back. It’s beautiful once you get to the top. I plan on this to be my go to hike for the summer. I am 58 out of shape took me a hour to get up to the top, lots of places to stop and breath.

trail running
14 days ago

This was a great run, beautiful views throughout. The burnt-out area around McHugh was extra cool.

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