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Great trail with outstanding views the whole way. Watch your step & Take your time. Bad knees should avoid as the downhill is steep.

Hard, but totally worth it! Went half way towards devils punch bowl but sadly the weather turned bad.

10 days ago


nice and easy very well trafficked and definitely not hard, a nice trail for a rainy day (as long as you're wearing waterproof shoes)

15 days ago

Beautiful trail! My first real hike in a little long time (nope not saying how long). My avid hiker girlfriend and I settled for a total of 6.2 miles. I know she was wanting to do more, but I was thinking I still need to hike back so we turned around. Sure felt good to sit in our truck! No so much getting out of it. Lol. First of many beautiful hikes in Alaska for us!! Well groomed trail!

Very well preserved trail with stunning scenery! The trailhead campgrounds are also incredible. A must for any travelers.

Beautiful trail with plenty of great views for photos. Trail is mostly all 2x4 boards that are put together to create steps. Make sure you are ready for tons of stairs. Going done is rough due to the boards but the cabin and view from the top is worth it. Went during dry spell and 74 degrees outside but could tell that the trail would be slippery if it wasn’t for the boards. Reached cabin in 1hr 15mins which was perfect.

Almost die. do not do this hike.

buddy rented the cabin and it was rad, beautiful sunset and sunrise

My mom and I cross country ski on the trail every winter. It’s very easy and long which makes for a good workout. The parking is nice and spacious.

28 days ago

Great family hike. Lakes along the way. We didn’t make it all the way, but did 6 miles and the kids loved it. Steady traffic. We didn’t see any wildlife, but I would always recommend being prepared for it. Beautiful views. Minimal mosquitoes. Trail was mostly dry.Some mud spots and some spots where you had to cross small portions of water flowing over, still easy for kids with no adult assistance.

28 days ago

Hiked around in July. Remember park opens at 10am. Nice greenery but definitely felt out of place walking. Would be more fun to do the Bowling Alley Trail on bike. Ski paths are wider and easier to walk and stay out of the way of bikes. Saw moose tracks everywhere but no moose!

29 days ago

Quiet hike would suggest bear spray!

This trail is a large paved path about the width of one lane of a road that runs along the highway. I would consider this to be an easy trail. Good for kids biking. It is pretty exposed so wind can be a real problem (brrrr), but the exposure does provide some gorgeous views of the Cook Inlet! I wouldn’t call this a “hike”, more like a walk.

This is a wonderful place to bike or walk. We use these trails just about everyday!

Perfect spot for hikers and bikers of all levels. Wildlife is abundant! This is a great spot to see moose and other critters.

Beautiful hike to a lake on a well maintained trail. Very peaceful and serine. Easy access from cruise port. Ended up going all the way to Upper Reid Falls for a 5.5 our pack trip. Well worth it.

First over night backpacking trip with Girls Who Hike Ak! It was a great hike. Awesome views, not horrible weather. Started at Primerose.

Tons of trails in the area, well maintained, nice walk, bring bug spray. My wife, son and I went on a geocache adventure and hit many of theses trails. Nice area, I'll be coming back.

Enjoyed the hike but turned around about mile 4.5. The trail was very muddy and mucky. The other hiker did not have waterproof boots on.

Regardless, the scenery was lovely and the weather was perfect.

1 month ago

The trail is poorly defined, but we were able to pick it up in places around the edge of the meadow. Very marsh like, so wear waterproof boots. Great view of the mountains in both directions when you are towards the middle, and true to its name, we saw 6 moose and didn’t even do the full loop.

trail running
1 month ago

Needed a little climb to prepare for Mount Roberts so this was close and easy to access. Pleasantly surprised that there were boardwalks over a lot of the boggy area. Didn't find the "top" of trail but enjoyed the sights in between. Even saw a yearling? black bear!

Steep first 500 ft but the lake is totally gorgeous! Once you get to the lake trail its such a fun walk: picnic spots, tiny off trail islands, good rock skipping, wildflowers, a cliff jumping stop, rock scramble and various other cool views. Great way to see a beautiful place very close to the main downtown if you're bored with the countless jewelry stores and tourist traps downtown.

road biking
1 month ago

Enjoyable walking or biking, but can be very windy

mountain biking
1 month ago

I biked the from the Russian river camp ground to the cooper trailhead. then snug harbor rd back to rrcg. no car shuttle. if coming the opposite way, it's a big climb up snug to the cooper trailhead. the trail was in great shape, except between apsen flats and ressurection. either super overgrown, washed out (some bits were super washed out. i was standing in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of the washout, and the actual trail was at chest level) or straight up mud pits. either ends of the trail were great though. It's super beary to begin with. and the overgrown-ness made it feel even more beary. trailhead to trailhead took 6-7 hours. I'd do it again, but before it can get overgrown. or maybe early fall when it starts to die back. the dispersed camp sites are big enough for 1 tent. I didn't see a single other person on the trail. aside from the people between the rrcg and rr falls trail.

Sunday, July 1, 2018 - Beautiful views above tree line on a barely cloudy day. Bugs were fairly calm and a few people were on the trail. Did a thru-hike to Lost Lake Trailhead from Primrose and highly recommend it - the views of Resurrection Bay and Seward were a highlight, as well as the lake itself, which still had ice floating throughout. The climb up was a little tougher than I’m used to (it was also the first hike of the season for me), but worth it 100%. Already thinking of another trip up to camp out by the lake.

Such an awesome trail, great to have this app to help me keep on the right path.

Did basically the loop outlined here. Well maintained, but felt pretty boring for the area. Nice if you just want a flat area to roam instead of all of the peaks nearby. We did cut into the air field at one point and came upon a moose, which was really cool.

I don’t think I would categorize this as a “hike” simply due to the fact that there is next to no elevation gain/loss, but it is a very nice nature walk.
The trail travels over the top of some old abandoned train tracks with portions of rail still exposed and various derailed train cars for viewing as you pass by.
At several points along the trail, you can exit and walk on the MatSu riverbed.
Recommended for a pleasant, low impact stroll.

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