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2 days ago

Beautiful day and we'll maintained trail. Saw a black bear when parking and a young brown bear fishing on the river at the turn around point.

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5 days ago

I biked the from the Russian river camp ground to the cooper trailhead. then snug harbor rd back to rrcg. no car shuttle. if coming the opposite way, it's a big climb up snug to the cooper trailhead. the trail was in great shape, except between apsen flats and ressurection. either super overgrown, washed out (some bits were super washed out. i was standing in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of the washout, and the actual trail was at chest level) or straight up mud pits. either ends of the trail were great though. It's super beary to begin with. and the overgrown-ness made it feel even more beary. trailhead to trailhead took 6-7 hours. I'd do it again, but before it can get overgrown. or maybe early fall when it starts to die back. the dispersed camp sites are big enough for 1 tent. I didn't see a single other person on the trail. aside from the people between the rrcg and rr falls trail.

Gorgeous as everyone says! Quite steep, not just parts of the climb, but also the drop-offs from both sides of the trail as you approach the summit. Be sure to choose left when the trail splits to go to the summit; right will take you to the valley. Stop at the “cathedral” just past the trail split for a lovely break or picnic. On the way down we refreshed our feet in the creek and walked barefoot the remaining distance. Note: We parked at Wildman’s and entered the trail head at the end of Stetson circle. Also, I am SLOW it took us 6.5 hrs round trip, but I’m sure you could do it in half that or less.

Great trail mostly flat but an $11 day pass is steep. Nice viewing platform of the salmon jumping up stream in late June to early July. Early morning at times bears can be spotted on the trail and fishing the salmon stream.

This was a killer on the legs, but the gorgeous view at the top made the pain 100% worth it!

AMAZING! It’s pretty tough because of how steep it is, but the view makes all of it worth it!! Definitely do it and push through to the finish because it’s so worth it.

How long did this take to hike?

Great hike. Cannot push a stroller or pull a wagon because through the marsh there are boards to walk on. Just a heads up for families. My 2.5 hiked the whole way there & some of the way back. Easy hike.

1 month ago

Easy hike with great views of flowing water and small waterfalls. Paired this hike with Russian Lakes trail and it made for a great day and exercise.

1 month ago

It was a beautiful June day, sunny and warm. Very easy hike to the platform overlooking the falls. I saw a few salmon jumping but no bears anywhere.

really steep hike but worth the views, first hike in alaska and it was definitely breath taking (views and hike lol)

It was a great experience because of the beautiful blue river I got to see, and during the hike there was so much suspense as we came across a lot of fresh bear shit and a paw print. I loved how wild and rugged and dense it was in some parts of the hike. The suspense and paranoia was worth the view of the river.

Great hike. I thought it was pretty hard but that could be from doing the crescent lake trail the day before

Saw a bald eagle. Other than that, uneventful trail that is more like a dirt road. Too early for bear & salmon.

Lot of fun, definitely in bear country I saw a few fresh tracks on my way back.

Steep but rewarding! Beautiful hike! The road that you turn on is Stenson, we drove around a little before finding it because of conflicting directions!

The waterfall makes the hike 5 stars. It’s amazing. The trail to it is a 3 star; not a lot of great views, a lot of trees (which I love but for Alaska you want the beautiful views right!?) very leisurely hike to the waterfall. Some mud but not bad.

My favorite hike ever

one of my favorites. quick challenging day hike with killer views

It was a beautiful clear day! I just ran out of light so I wasn’t able to explore quite as much as I’d liked to have.

I’ve done this trail a few times growing up, it’s always beautiful. I would say it’s not even moderate, it’s well groomed and pretty easy hike. The falls at the end are worth it, and there’s a few side paths you can take if you find them.

Visited in May, no salmon yet. Still beautiful terrain. Wide path, easy. Spotted a porcupine, no bears, though many people do see bears!

9 months ago

Great hike, even though it was raining when I did it. It was near dusk so I didn't complete the whole thing, but I'd highly recommend it to families, kids, and those who want an easy hike. Wide trail, easy to follow, plenty of trees/shade. Always bring bear spray, I smelled them at one point. It's hard to mistake their smell!

9 months ago

The only reason I gave this hike one star was because it had had recent grizzly bear activity on it. In hindsight I should not have hiked it. There was bear "sign" right on the trail, especially down by the river, and it was steamy fresh--very unnerving. There was also mangled fish carcasses at the beginning of the trail, far before you reach the river, not to mention ten or so carcasses along the river. And the terrible smell from the bears was everywhere! The whole experience detracted from the hike and I didn't take any pictures or stop to enjoy the view. If bears weren't frequenting the trail, it would have been a great hike. I only did the loop from the second trailhead parking lot. It brings you gently downhill through thin trees and grassy undergrowth. It's pretty enclosed most of the way down until you reach the river. The mountain views from the river are very pretty, as is the rushing river itself. I wasn't able to complete the loop though because the trail was completely underwater for a large section and I didn't have wading gear. This underwater section was also choked with tall grasses, making it hard to follow even if I had decided to wade through. Another time of year may have been better to do this trail, when the river wasn't so full. Overall, easy hike, pretty views by the river, good shade and trees headed down. I was hiking alone, but I recommend going with a group of people who like to talk loudly! I talked loudly the whole hike, which is likely why I didn't see any bears, but it really took the joy out of hiking. Don't forget the bear spray!

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9 months ago

Think of this trail as being senior day at the grocery store. It is a well maintained and wide trail. Hell, you could bring a wheelchair down it. It is fun to watch the fish jump though.

9 months ago

Short trail with a waterfall, nothing too special.

Awesome walk. Super easy trail yet the distance can be kinda deceiving. Don't let the length worry you, it goes by fairly quick. Don't forget a gun or bear spray though. It is pretty common to see bears on the hike. Definitely recommend if you are a fan of cool waterfalls!

Great trail even in the rain it was a beautiful hike.

I'm 56. Great family trail. I would rate it easy not moderate.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Not a particularly exciting trail. Pretty straightforward. The trail branches off to other lakes that need to be added to the app...might do on another day, but definitely need more people.

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