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Cooper Landing, Alaska Map

very easy hike with wide trail. great views of the salmon swimming up stream.

Excellent but tough!!

My first hiking trip ever. We did the 7 mile hike to Caribou Creek cabin. Trail was nice, a little muddy in spots but nothing that wasn’t impassable. Cabin was amazing!!!

This was a beautiful hike, pictures do not do justice to the scale of it all and even though you think it can’t get better, it does as you go up. It’s a challenging hike almost from the beginning, with breaks between short, steep rocky parts, but very feasible. We had poles which were helpful. Only the last quarter of the trail is exposed. We met 4 groups of hikers. Everybody was carrying bear spray, including locals, and we smelled bears twice.

9 days ago

Nice trail. Some steep sections. Beautiful lakes at the end of the trail. Couple of good view points. Places to camp

The most incredible views ever. Super steep hike so bring poles and be prepared to work hard, this is a tough hike and will take longer because of the steepness. Blueberries along the way, gorgeous wildflowers, and stunning views of Kenai Lake the whole time.

Beautiful views on the way as you climb to the top. The trail is pretty easy and well established. The incline wasn't too bad at all well worth the view at the top! My new favorite hike recommend it to anyone!

13 days ago

Except for a very short and steep climb to get to the main trail, the trail was very easy to hike. Very well maintained path to the falls. We did see signs (scat and tracks) that bears had been around recently. The view of salmon jumping upstream was amazing. Great views along the trail.

Nice hike kinda brushy. Moose and black bear seen on trail.

20 days ago

Skyline may be listed as Moderate here but I Can tell you it is one of the most vigorous hikes you can attempt. The elevation gain is brutal in some places and if the trail is wet there's real danger of a slip trip or fall. I wear mechanic gloves to protect my hands. Sturdy over the ankle hikers with steel shanks for support is what I use. Poles too. The views as you gain elevation are spectacular. The return works a very different set of leg muscles so be prepared for a workout on the way down as well.

Beautiful trail, and easy-but saw a mama bear and her cub just a few feet off the trail and had to do a sharp about face, good thing it’s a loop trail!

Absolutely some of the best views available in Cooper Landing. Great trail too, especially if it’s been wet past few days and the soil is more gravelly and shake so not super slick like Cecil Rhodes directly across the lake from Slaughter.

Keep an eye out as you hit the beautiful overlook at the rough halfway point—basically the gulch/valley floor—for dall sheep over on the slopes towards Coyote Notch. Can almost always find a few sheep grazing along and there are a few nice rams in there if you get lucky on time.

If you hit Juneau peak and just don’t want the views to end—simply keep going. You can ridgeline along to the end where you can easily look down into Resurrection pass, including Trout Lake.

Great hike for so, so many reasons. And one that you can do several times a season and still maintain excitement of what you’ll find—including the trippy little shoe sole someone wrote all over and tucked into a little tomb on Juneau Peak.

1 month ago

One of my favorites that I hike often and think of as the most honest trail around. It shows you right off what’s in store—and that is steep elevation change. The map in here and several other places show the trail terminating with a 3mi round trip and around 2550’. That spot is in the saddle not the summit. If you go to the summit, it’s about 4.8mi round trip.

Wonderful views from the summit.

I love Skyline as it’s simply a wonderful workout trail with great views—and the traverse just adds to both. Super gorgeous and a great trek for sure. Looking at the ridgeline from Skyline, it is deceiving, looking easy and mostly rolling ups and downs. There is significant ups and downs that can’t be seen from that angle, but you’ll discover them for certain as you go.

The views start out amazing and only improve as you progress. Make sure as you head down the last Ridge to look for the little obscure marker telling you to turn down for the upper Fuller Lake trail. Turn too soon, you’ll discovery sheet cliff walls that are unseen from the top on the lake side of the mountain and have to back track—turn too late and your miss the trail, and discover the fun of endless bushwhacking through y’all grass and alders with marshlands mixed in. As you head down that last Ridge, as the trail starts to disappear, just keep an eye where you place your feet and you will come upon a stainless eye-bolt screwed into the ground with a lite green metal tag telling you to turn there—do so and you’ll hit the upper lake trail just before the trees and it then zigs and zags along the tree line in the tall grass.

Great hike, but plan your exit for a shuttle back to the other lot. I wasn’t able to secure a ride, so had to add the 5.1 miles at the end of the day walking the ditch back to the Skyline lot for my truck.

Great short trail with just enough elevation to feel like you got a little workout and such a beautiful rewarding view at the end. High places overlooking Skilak Lake truly are breathtaking.

Kinda muddy, but so worth it!! The view from the top is amazing!! I definitely recommend this trail. Bring your gun and or bear spray we did see what looked like a bear paw print in the mud.

1 month ago

The falls are beautiful. You can also access the falls with a shorter distance if taken from a trail head off of Slaughter Ridge Rd.

1 month ago

Did this 38 mile trail in 2 1/2 days. Well marked with plenty of water resources, campsites and bear boxes. Beautiful views and easy elevation gain/drops.

1 month ago

Well-maintained trail and great views of the mountains and river are worth the walk. Comfortable viewing platform highlights dozens of salmon and high potential for bear and bald eagle sightings. Small parking lot (with bathroom) but lots of people on trails. Bring bug spray.

1 month ago

Great short trail! View was excellent!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very well maintained trail. The views are pretty nice.

1 month ago

Beautiful day and we'll maintained trail. Saw a black bear when parking and a young brown bear fishing on the river at the turn around point.

Amazing views at the end, very muddy and buggy for parts along the way. Nice gradual incline. We went a little past the main viewpoint to the top on a clear day, and could make out Denali in the distance (oppose direction of the lake).

mountain biking
1 month ago

I biked the from the Russian river camp ground to the cooper trailhead. then snug harbor rd back to rrcg. no car shuttle. if coming the opposite way, it's a big climb up snug to the cooper trailhead. the trail was in great shape, except between apsen flats and ressurection. either super overgrown, washed out (some bits were super washed out. i was standing in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of the washout, and the actual trail was at chest level) or straight up mud pits. either ends of the trail were great though. It's super beary to begin with. and the overgrown-ness made it feel even more beary. trailhead to trailhead took 6-7 hours. I'd do it again, but before it can get overgrown. or maybe early fall when it starts to die back. the dispersed camp sites are big enough for 1 tent. I didn't see a single other person on the trail. aside from the people between the rrcg and rr falls trail.

Gorgeous as everyone says! Quite steep, not just parts of the climb, but also the drop-offs from both sides of the trail as you approach the summit. Be sure to choose left when the trail splits to go to the summit; right will take you to the valley. Stop at the “cathedral” just past the trail split for a lovely break or picnic. On the way down we refreshed our feet in the creek and walked barefoot the remaining distance. Note: We parked at Wildman’s and entered the trail head at the end of Stetson circle. Also, I am SLOW it took us 6.5 hrs round trip, but I’m sure you could do it in half that or less.

1 month ago

Good Trail, great view at the top. But very steep! Hiking poles would be useful, we didn’t use any but it was definitely more difficult. The hike down is no joke either! But totally worth the views.

1 month ago

Great trail mostly flat but an $11 day pass is steep. Nice viewing platform of the salmon jumping up stream in late June to early July. Early morning at times bears can be spotted on the trail and fishing the salmon stream.

This was a killer on the legs, but the gorgeous view at the top made the pain 100% worth it!

AMAZING! It’s pretty tough because of how steep it is, but the view makes all of it worth it!! Definitely do it and push through to the finish because it’s so worth it.

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