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Great trail. Pretty intense at parts, deep incline and rocky. Bring water, snacks and shoes with a decent grid. Also, be aware that it is pretty cool considering the wind and altitude. Incredible views. Highly recommend.

I really liked this trail as an easy walk to escape the city. It is all paved, but there are some opportunities to go into the woods if you like (near Earthquake Park for example). It also has the outer planets of the Solar System trail that starts at downtown Anchorage which is very cute and educational. I got up to Neptune -- next time I will make it to Pluto (six hours from the sun in downtown - I started too late).

The last 200 feet is very difficult. I got to see some moose on a side trail and the view was outstanding. It was a heavily trafficked trail, but I knew that going in, from the other reviews. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a challenge.

Very nice trail in Autumn and I look forward to skiing it.

3 months ago

I really liked this trail because it brought us to the beautiful lake!!! Lake was an amazing especially if we are talking about Autumn! We did not make a loop around the lake because we had poppy just 8 weeks old! You can see here pictures when she was doing the whole trail by herself!!! I am so proud of here!!! It was very interesting and kind of easy!!! We did not run still because of the poppy Aurora!!! Mom Destiny and Dad Ice, their poppy Aurora and uncle Bandit were on the trail also!!! 4 Siberian Huskys - that is how we did it!!! Almost 14 km for poppy!!! Good job Aurora!!! Our girl!!!

Super quick and easy jaunt. The big lake is stunning .. like glass!

Easy, quick, beautiful hike!

mountain biking
3 months ago

This review is from someone who tried to bike from Primrose trail head up to the lake and back. Apparently, most individuals who bike it prefer to start at the Lost Lake trail head and through bike up to the lake and down to Primrose. We kept wondering why everyone was passing us the opposite way. Otherwise, the rating would be different. We bit off way more than we could chew trying to bike up this way. We are definitely not very advanced mountain bikers and we had to carry our bikes up a lot of the steeper/root-filled sections. Didn't make for the most awesome experience. However, the views and riding at the top by the lake are phenomenal and the ride back down was most supreme. So, definitely don't recommend trying to bike up from Primrose unless you've got some experience and skill. Other than that the trail was absolutely wonderful!

Easy, well marked trail with the first quarter mile of asphalt. Bring a jacket if it's windy... the breeze off the glacier is cold!
Since the glacier is receding, the overlook gets you close, but not quite up to it. can still get great pics.

3 months ago

The ease-ability to reward ratio on this hike is fantastic. Our group of three went out and back in around 3hrs but, only spent ten to fifteen at the lake. Real chill and gradual for the incline, nice views throughout, and a lovely reward of a pristine alpine lake at the end. Love!

Highly recommend this loop trail for a gentle introduction to the park. I can only imagine how busy it is in the summer, but we had it all to ourselves. Saw beaver noses and enjoyed the views and getting to walk along the Nenana River. Also 4 willow ptarmigans.

Very easy and quite enjoyable. There's an unmaintained narrow path that rises beyond the bridge that gives nice views back along the river.

We walked in from the north the first day to where the trail sharply rises, past the suspension bridge, along Riley Creek, and above it. Very pleasant with nice fall colors. A very doable couple of hours stopping to take pictures and enjoy the foliage, including some amazing mushrooms. The second day we started at the south trailhead and walked to Lake 1 (after that the trail rises sharply). This was a great walk. Just a bit of a climb at the outset, but one foot in front of the other gets it done. After the turn to the west all the car noise from the road disappears (nice views of Nenana River along that bit). Not required to take the spurs down to the lake shores to make the walk worthwhile as there are good views from main trail above each lake. We took 4 hours, but took many pictures and did not walk fast. Highly recommend coming from the south for folks who want to see the lakes and want a manageable walk.

Long, hard trail. Get a friendly local to drive you in their 4x4 truck or quad up to the end of the dirt road, it’ll cut your hike in half and start you up where the view is already good!

This trail was a bit difficult but so worth the steps and struggles (carrying a toddler)! Ha-Ha!!!! I loved the overlook of the lake and our son really enjoyed the views too! I am so glad we finally got around to do this trail and did not stop at the second bench of the Twin Peaks trail.
I would say this is a "must-do" hike, at least once. ;-)

3 months ago

Hi guys!!! We did it with two my Siberian Huskies Woooooo

This is a short, but very beautiful and family friendly.

3 months ago

Took the shorter trail to the left on the way up, very slippery with mud and very steep. Amazing views at the top. Took the lazy moose trail on the way down and we were happy we did. Not steep or slippery at all, round trip with breaks took us 4.5 hours

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. We hiked it during peak fall colours. Stunning.

I loved this hike. Only a small step and rocky portion at the top! Great views

Beautiful hike with lots of beautiful scenery

Well worth the hike! It is absolutely beautiful and the Lake is amazing!

There is no way to get to the trail, it’s all neighborhood watch signs and no parking anywhere. Waste of time

Nice short hike for all ages with elevations. Busy on weekends. Dog friendly.

Jeep trail tough for an out shape gal but all the way to the end of skyline....soo worrrh the view

Arrived in town on a cruise so our timing was critical. Walked to the trailhead and started up an a clear day. Understand comments about mud none for us by it hadn't rained for a few days and it was still damp. After passing the tram station we were soon above the tree line and views kept getting better all the way to Gastineau Peak. Stopped there as it was relayed to us that though the ship leaving the harbor may be a beautiful site it is one you don't want to experience.
A great hike for those who are sure footed and not afraid ofheights

Beautiful scenery & very well maintained trail! Easy hike. Take your kids they should be able to complete it. However be careful. We Crossed paths with a hungry bear (just a black bear which poses little threat to humans) eating salmon in the river the trail runs through.

this is a beautiful beautiful area. you follow this granite creek up to some beautiful waterfalls and if you're brave enough swimming holes. the trail keeps going after the big waterfall at the end of the Maintained Trail". the trail goes up and around the backside of Mt Juneau. This is a long and strenuous hike, the ridgeline is pretty easy to follow and marked very well with karen's. There are some beautiful glacier lakes.

note- the trailhead to decend down Mt Juneau is that the white building structure looking down into the canyon. I went back and forth to the front of Mt Juneau to the back looking for the trailhead down it. I could not find it and spent the night up there and found it in the morning.

3 months ago

This trail absolutely stunning, everything from marshes to following rivers, to deep old growth forest, too high above tree line ridges. I did not finish it, and kept going past the mileage on this app. After you pass the abandoned cabin you keep going up as marked by flags. I would like to go back and see where exactly ends. I would say the trail to the abandoned cabin is at least 8 miles.

Good views like every other mountain in the state, this app labels it as hard but it’s definitely not. It should be rated as moderate.

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