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Short, nature walk. Views are okay for a short walk. Not something you would do twice. Trail does not get up close to falls for a good picture unless you climb make your way closer in mud.

1 day ago

Fun hike. We made it to the first bench and then home on a work night. It is very apparent that you gain elevation. The mosquitos, black flies and no-see-ums were annoying so definitely wear bug spray

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I did this on 7/2/2018. Really nice trail. Parking lot available and 2 unisex private bathrooms, not flushing toilets. Hike is easy and shady. If you stop walking, the mosquitoes will get you. Keep on walking. The path down to the waterfall is moderate. It's probably the "difficult" part of the trail. Great place for pics. Didn't get into the water because it was freezing cold. Have fun and be safe!

Here from Virginia on vacation. Enjoyed this short hike. Love hiking to waterfalls.

nicely kept trail. I didn't realize it passes righ next to residential land. a bit of a buzz kill. But I went in the fall and all the trees and bushes were bare and it might hide the houses when the trees fill out. It has some rolling hills but it has some nice pull puts with views to rest your legs.

9 days ago

Great hike! One of my favorites in Alaska so far. Beautiful view of Eklutna! The clouds were pretty low, so we couldn't see all the peaks, but still worth it!

Beautiful easy trail. The surrounding peaks, river, pond and waterfalls were breathtaking. Be aware....or should I say bear aware....we saw multiple black bears along the trail. We also saw many large brown bear tracks and another hiker we ran into confirmed he saw a brown mama & cub. Don’t let that scare you away though. We’ll definitely be back.

nature trips
11 days ago

I am not sure about easy trail, that first inclined was quite a start but yes, it was pretty easy to find. We only did the overlook that was 1.5 miles round trip and took 37 minutes total. The falls are far, the other trail is likely to get you a closer look.

Super nice! Even saw a black bear!

Very pretty view of the waterfall at the end. Took my dog with me, definitely dog friendly as there were a lot of other dogs there too. $5 to park

13 days ago

Beautiful! Can be somewhat challenging if you’re not a hiker but totally possible and completely worth it. The view is amazing!!

14 days ago

This was a great trail ended with an incredible view. Hike up was well worth it.

Short and sweet, the creek trail (lower route) is better then the overlook in my opinion because you get closer to the base of the falls. Overall it was packed with families and is a nice time.

This was a busy trail. Pretty easy with a little bit of incline. The mosquitoes will eat you alive if you don't where bug spray. We did quite a few trails while in Alaska and this seemed to be the one where all the mosquitoes liked to live. haha. Damp from the river/waterfall and full of people to eat. ;)

nature trips
16 days ago

It’s a pretty mellow trail to smoke a doobie on.

19 days ago

We did the full trail yesterday. No snow on the trail and the trail is well kept. We were slightly surprised the trail doesn't actually go to the top of a peak instead there's a bench with a view of the peaks. The first bench has a great view of Eklutna lake.

20 days ago

This hike is a leg burner for sure. Trail is easy and well worn in, almost like a dirt road. Elevation gains nearly 1,000 ft a mile and the whole hike is uphill. You have to go past the 2nd bench and get the amazing lake view. If you go all the way it’s around 6.75 miles and nearly 2,500 ft elevation gain but it’s worth it.

Hiking this trail was a definite challenge for me. I thought I was in good shape. I was but not good enough. I will be doing this again. My suggestions are : bring plenty of water, pack light, eat before you go, have trekking poles, and bring a camera. The views are well worth it

Even though the forecast called for rain, it was still breath taking. The clouds just kept rolling along. We had sun until we got above the tree line. Coming down we were just walking thru the clouds, and you couldn’t see any surrounding mountains. It was beautiful regardless. Such a great hike!

25 days ago

I have to say hiking this trail is quite a challenge for me. It took me 1-hr to get from the trail head to the first bench, and another 45-min to get to the 2nd bench. I’m not in a great shape and not as young so my heart is not as strong as it used to be. The trail is mostly uphill. The good thing about that is you get to go downhill on the way back. I love the view from the first bench. There is no lake view at the 2nd bench. You’d have to hike higher up past the 2nd bench to see the view. I gave up at the 2nd bench, couldn’t go any further, but was told the view up top is very beautiful. There were a lot of mosquitoes along the trail and they didn’t care about the 40% deet I sprayed on my whole body from head to toe multiple times, they still hover around me the whole way. The second I stop moving, they’d eat me alive.

trail running
30 days ago

Love this for jogging and views. I’m a beginning trail runner but I feel safe and run it two or three times to get the distance in. Just enough small hills to make it a bit of a challenge. Also, do take the side trail at the end to the base of the falls for a bit better view. Worth it.

Great trail, even for a beginner like me. But be ready for the mosquito swarms.

1 month ago

My husband and I loved this hike. If you have gone as far as the second bench, you really should head up the trail behind the bench to the overlook of the lake. Its not too terribly far and it's a fantastic view. Bring bug dope for the foresty part of the hike. Once you are out of the trees they aren't so bad. I think the "moderate" rating is accurate due to the constant incline until you reach the plateau above the second bench. Bring a lunch and enjoy!

1 month ago

Great views. Steep in some parts, but overall an easy and enjoyable trail. Did see a bear down at Eklutna Lake.

It’s uphill right at the beginning of the trail but not too bad. The waterfall is smaller than I expected. The hike up to the balcony view and down to the creek are easy and short. Lots of mosquitoes!

Great for kids!

1 month ago

Beautiful day. Not too hot. The trail follows the twin peaks trail but once you get to the second bench is where the trail starts to get to the peak. It was a challenge since we had 50lb packs on for training. We also did some impromptu self rescue training since there was still a pretty good snow patch off to the side of the trail about 4900 elevation. And at around that elevation we dropped our packs and headed up to the peak. There was some scrambling to get there but not bad at all.

1 month ago

This is an amazing hike to the top. It is pretty vertical climbing almost 1000 ft a mile. Once you get to the second bench do stop there, continue up the trail to the right it’s well worth it. The views are amazing.

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