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10 hours ago

Ice is plenty think enough right now to walk across straight to the glacier. Fog made for a fun walk back, but the app made it very helpful staying on track.

ok to walk your dog, or to cool down with after doing the Twin Peak trail...it's not scenic though until you're on the road in front of the lake.

1 day ago

This trail was an absolute blast! My family and I completed it a leisurely pace of five days. The drop over the golden staircase into Canada was absolutely breathtaking!

Trail fades / not packed / not visible at about mile 2.4.

3 days ago

If you're visiting Seward for the weekend or while on vacation, it would be kind of silly to include Two Lakes trail in your plans. It doesn't really have any scenery. I would only include this in my plans if I was physically incapable of doing the better hikes in Seward like the Bowl or Harding Icefield Trail or Mount Alice. For something like a quick walk after work or dinner or to get the dog some exercise, it makes more sense. Went today and ice covered about half the trail. Spikes/cleats are recommended, although good footwear and a slow, careful pace may be good enough.

5 days ago

Pristine Alaskan wilderness. Breathtaking views from the overlooks and summit. I did this climb in January and the last mile was 3ft deep snow. The last mile was 'hard' but the rest of the trail was moderate. I am a complete novice when it comes to hiking and was definitely under-prepared. Still this was the best hike I've ever been on. It took me about 3 hours but I was pushing the pace on the way up and basically running on the way down to beat the setting sun and my dying phone battery. If your in Ketchikan, Alaska and in decent physical shape, do yourself a favor and do this hike. 5/5 would recommend.

5 days ago

Nice easy winter hike with a lot of animal tracks. We saw fox, lynx, and rabbit tracks and 6 moose.

on W Butte Trail

8 days ago

The view is amazing. There are actually two trailheads. One is the more difficult side for more experienced hikers and the other is the easier one for those still somewhat new to hiking.

on Eklutna Lakeside Trail

8 days ago

Great if you have a family and small children and want a trail that’s easy for everyone.

great views

great hike that's easy for a quick hike

Beautiful, challenging, rewarding hike with amazing views. Be sure to go beyond the shelter for great views of the ice field.

on Angel Rocks Trail

14 days ago

16 days ago

Great little trail. It's pretty easy with great reward.

We first did this hike in June 2018 with two other families, 5 kids and 5 dogs. Outstanding time was had by all. This is a must hike every summer! The views of the glacier are nothing short of astounding and the payoff at the lakes edge is spectacular!

19 days ago

Easy but beautiful hike! River and ridge views.

My favorite and almost private trail to enjoy cross country skiing

23 days ago

Completed 12/28/18

Beautiful Day, low fog on the Inlet and Knik, but nice and clear all throughout the hike.
You start off pretty high up like Flattop sort of, since you take Mile Hi road and switchback up most of the elevation (2000ft?) idk...the trail starts with a few switchbacks through the treeline, but opens up pretty quickly. After a brief steep incline, you're on the ridge and can basically casually walk to the top. I just hike in boots with Korkers, and it was a breeze. Views of the surrounding mountains and Eagle River are just fantastic!
Alltrails says 4.3 miles, but they don't show it going to the actual peak...it may be that actual distance, but regardless this hike seems like a stroll compared to say Bird Ridge. I wasn't tired at all at the top.
It's a new favorite for sure.

The views after braking through the steep initial incline is pretty spectacular. Overlook pretty much all of Skagway. TONS of bear sign so be aware of your surroundings. I would love to do this hike again!

Good views, you have to go on a few different trails to see all the different views

I do not recommand during winter. Especially on rainny days like today.The trail was not groomed and we couldn’t find our way. We turned back because of the rain, and to difficult to find through the snow. Maybe easierif you have snowshoes! The road stopped before the entrance of the trail.

Very rewarding hike. It’s moderately difficult especially if you aren’t in shape, but it’s worth it. The view was spectacular. Would definitely hike this trail again.

We hiked this trail one way with 4 adults 4 kids and a doggy. We staged a car at CHS. Great hike! The views were beautiful! We did it in October which was a little chilly and a bit slick with snow on the steeper parts.
Will def do this again sometime! A soak at the end of the hike is perfect in fall!!!

29 days ago

Very easy! Made it a little past mile 3 with groomed trails then had to start blazing our own. Turned around maybe a mile and a half from the end due to deep snow and a darkening sky. It was a gorgeous day with incredible 360 views. And the sunset on the mountains, just no words to describe it! Will go again in summer and hopefully find the hut :)

Fun hike!

1 month ago

great trail!

1 month ago

Easy trail IMO, less travelled even in the summer months, you can rent cabins along the trail. Rain jacket, mosquito repellent, and fishing rod are musts.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with views that last for days. Portage Glacier has receded over time and the icebergs floating on Portage Lake are almost non-existent, but it’s still gorgeous!

Beautiful with snow in the winter. A bit icy so be careful!

There was at least 6 inches of powder everywhere on the trail. Take spikes for the first 1.5 miles up to the turn. Recommend taking snowshoes for after the turn as not many people are going up that route, so there's even more powder.

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